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    External HDD?

    I bought both an internal and external 160 GB for backing up photos. This way I can offload the photos from the main drive and I have two backups. I can pass the external around to different computers quite easily. My wife hooked up the external to her Mac and is able to use the photos she...
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    Are people scared of updating software?

    I just updated to Windows XP SP2 on one of my computers. It was last month because I was having problems running something and thought SP2 may fix the problem. It didn't. It was something like three years since the last update. I held off, because for a long time, the HD was full. I have...
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    Wrist pain sucks.

    I had wrist pain years ago. When I switched to a Microsoft natural keyboard the pain left.
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    Men's Forum Grand Opening

    I would love to be a part of it as well. Thanks.
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    Christmas present emergency!

    ZT2 is not childish, but Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is another excellent choice. It's very similar to Zoo Tycoon 2, but with Roller Coasters instead of zoo animals. Basically, RCT3 and ZT2 are two of the hottest simulation games and they both have many similarities. I have really enjoyed RCT3...
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    Christmas present emergency!

    Gift card somewhere? Amazon? I highly recommend Zoo Tycoon 2. And it appears to fit your sister's computer system. My two girls have been going zonkers over the demos these last several weeks. I got them the Zoo Tycoon 2 Collection for Christmas.
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    Wanna, wanna Wii!

    Someone at work had been looking for a Wii for her son. She called and called. Searched and searched. Got up early. She eventually told her son he will just have to wait. She found out about one store (Fred Meyer's) which gets shipments at random times. They don't know when the shipment...
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    Dell Home vs. Small Business

    Thanks. That explains it. I never did register a business the first time I signed up with them, but I bought through their Small Business department. I am always getting ads from their SMB group. I found a 20% off Inspiron Dell Home coupon code, which brings the two prices within about...
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    Dell Home vs. Small Business

    Does anyone know the difference between buying a Dell laptop from Home/Small Office versus from Small Business? It's the E1505 vs. 6400. They appear like the same exact machine. When I price out my two identical models, the Small Business version is significantly ($300 or so) less expensive...
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    Dell Laptop Monitor descriptions

    I recently returned my laptop after my HD crashed. I'm now in the market for another laptop and have been looking at Dell's...and possibly Toshiba. I am getting rather confused with all the different monitor styles these days. The previous laptop had a glossy screen. I really liked it at...
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    HL1 anthology $1

    They've already changed the price. It's now up to $7.90. What is wrong with playing old games? If it is fun with good gameplay, then who cares how old a game is? Half-Life is a classic. It was an important step in the 1st person genre and the immersive nature of gameplaying. I still...
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    Wow! That is gonna be a sweet laptop for a good price. I've had an HP 5237cl for around 2 months and must say, I really enjoy the HP. The only negative is it has an Intel integrated, but ATI/Nvidia would have pumped up the price over my limit. I don't know what size battery is on the 9000...
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    Getting to know people.

    I'm SSquared. Also, somewhat of a retired gamer, but things are slowly creeping back in. I stopped playing games 1.5 years ago as my photography really took over. Last game I played was Sid Meier's "Pirates". Recently bought a laptop, though, and have been looking around for good, free...
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    Left Behind Eternal Forces Demo

    Anyone try it yet? Some of the guys over at ChristianCoders have given a short synopsis.
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    Anyone looking to buy a laptop?

    That's a nice laptop. Should make someone REAL happy. Hopefully it'll sell quickly.