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    A call to prayer for Ukraine:

    A CALL TO PRAYER FOR UKRAINE: “And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it…” 1 Cor. 12:26 You may have seen in the news recently that Ukraine, a former Soviet republic sandwiched between Russia and the European Union, is in the middle of massive street protests. These...
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    Let's Talk Thief

    I played condi-thief with p/d on my way to 80 and it was fun. I found having lots of stealth greatly enhanced quest completion without having to kill champions (looking at you, Orr!) along with map completion. When I started playing again about 2 weeks ago, I switched to a power/crit build...
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    I think HotW path 1 is the easiest and fastest, in my opinion. Every time I've done a HotW PUG we always just blasted through it. I don't know the level requirement but since it is in a higher level area, probably too high. Can't remember which path has underwater fighting. I'd suggest AC...
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    Daily Tips

    I'm a cheapo and so I don't do the reactor for kill variety. Instead I found that if I keep a character just outside of Rata Sum in Metrica, I can pick up 100% kill variety going North before hitting the swamp (last kill is always the krait in the water). Takes about 5-7 minutes max with...
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    Monthly Tips

    I stopped playing awhile ago when the Steam winter event hit, but until that time, I pretty much salvage everything unless it sells on the TP semi-decently (ie over 30s; price of 1 ecto when I stopped playing) until I got the required amount. Then nearly everything was vendored except the TP...
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    Does this go in GW2 or SWTOR forum?!?

    It goes in both forums! Hahaha ... that's so cool. Made me laugh :)
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    Dynamic Crafting Guide

    Nah, I just figured out what I thought would be cheapest, put in buy orders, and did chunk combines through the tiers. Something like this which would have let me buy it all at once would have been killer. Good point about the mid-skill level, but then you could just rework the tier level...
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    Dynamic Crafting Guide

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    Guild Wars 2 in the months ahead

    Nice. I saw the video pop up in my YouTube sub box, but I didn't know these details. Still not enough yet though to pull me back in yet from my Steam winter sale loot :D Maybe soon, though. What is culling? I know what the word means, but not how it applies to GW2 and WvW.
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    LoE League of Crafters Simple and easy. If you have any more questions, let 'em fly. Better than some of the long-winded stuff I tend to spout sometimes.
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    Gamer's father hires an in-game hitman

    Best out of context sentence ever ... "No one wants their dad trailing round behind them dressed as an Elf, after all." I've dealt with video game addiction during my 8 year stint playing games in high school and college. After getting married and broken from the habit, I can verify that there...
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    I need a white or blue back piece...any ideas?

    Sadly, they made all those starting pieces soulbound. I tried to snag a thief hood because I deleted mine and the trick to transfer it didn't work.
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    I didn't have any problems with LA, nor with getting kicked either. However, I'm assuming that I log off before the highest server population.
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    Temples in Orr

    Yay! Well done :)
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    So how are the Tixx dungeons?

    The Toypocalypse one is much different and harder than the others. Still not too hard unless you are trying to keep all 5 dolyaks alive through all 10 rounds (for an achievement). Check out Dulfy's guide: