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    The Great Gift Pile trade thread

    -50% Max Payne 2 Not interested, so up for trade ^^
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    Valve Gift Grab 2011 – L4D2

    I'll keep those wednesdays in mind. And keep a eye on my connection. For some reason, lately I have trouble connecting to The Fish. @Whon: Thanks! I'll add you. Maybe one day I will come up with a vaguely original name for steam, "oh noes" being my standard in-game name..yes, I lack creativity.
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    Confused about Entertainment(Movies,Games) and Appearance

    I see it as that there is a difference between the fictional and reality. In fantasy fiction, in the worst case, you can only find something vaguely semi-accurate to reality. As example, in Harry Potter magic consists out of fake latin sounding words, usually one or two. That's about it. They...
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    Help with The Great Gift Pile achievements

    xD Such is life ;) Killing Floor - Already did that one. Easy to get, because you don't have to play in a Christmas map; the zeds are Christmasy on every map. I just used a offline map on easy. I almost always pick Mountain Pass for solo, because it is easy to kite and run. Spiral Knights -...
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    I Bought This Game On A Steam Sale And I Have No One To Play It With

    I almost forgot I bought that game. I would like to try out Hoard, but I can't play it. Graphical corruption is having a party in my game. I will have to try out some of the solutions mentioned on the publisher's forum first.
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    The Great Gift Pile trade thread

    At the moment I have: -50% Valve -50% Oddworld: Abe's Exodus -50% GTAIV: complete -25% Deep Silver (publisher Dead island, etc.) Bad Rats 3 coal The only coupon looking mildly interested is GTA. Then again, I'm not completely sure if my computer could run it or if I would even like...
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    DC Comics or Marvel Comics?

    DC and Marvel are different, so it is hard to choose one over the other. But I do tend to veer towards DC. Simply because they have the most iconic characters and cities; Batman / Gotham, Superman / Metropolis. Both are very distinctive in feel, look and as well the resident hero and...
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    Valve Gift Grab 2011 – L4D2

    I'd be up for it...except that I would probably miserably fail at gameplay; I never played versus before. Nevermind remembering the map layout. Also, last time I couldn't find the toj server. Maybe I was on at the wrong time. Wait, the 27th? Bah, I am probably already too late xD
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    TF2 has changed...

    @The Mighty Gerbil; Thanks for the crash course on crits. I did not know that about random crits. I figured everyone had more or less equal crit chance. And I had some random TF2 crashes myself. I was annoyed about it, because a few times I had to restart my whole computer (everything froze...
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    Steam trade: Need to trade someone a lump of coal

    I can trade a coal for a coal, if anyone else needs the trade ;)
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    Christmas Traditions

    I have to agree with ursen; I don't find it that bad, sorry :p There is worse out there. I don't really like this version. I am going to be really boring and devoid of Christmas spirit. Traditions? No. None. When I was younger, my mother used to decorate, but that's about it. Whether people...
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    TF2 has changed...

    Oh, that explains a lot. Some months ago I tried to find and try out Christian TF2 servers. The ToJ server was one of I think three or four servers I found. But the only servers regulary active and full were The Fish. So I did not favorite any of the other servers. But most of all, I really...
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    Is internet community enough?

    No, a internet community is not enough. It doesn't mean it can't be useful (as Tek7 wrote), especially to those who have difficulties with face to face interactions. But in the end, you make most of the important and more in-depth contacts offline. Even if they were first made online. Social...
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    Team Fortress 2 presents.. Yet Another TF2 Update

    I agree with gerbil about the lazers. Seems Valve finds sci-fi stuff inspirational. I am not sure how the Pomson will work out ingame. If a ubercharge is coming in, the engi would have to choose between sapping the uber or try keeping his sentry alive by wrenching it for dear life. The last...
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    Favorite web-based games?

    I only play browser games casually. On Kongegrate once every blue moon, I play a few tower defense games and anything else that catches my eye. I don't have a account, since I don't have a reason to register. You can play pretty much every game without logging in and such. Gemcraft and Cursed...