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    Who we are

    Name: Harold Age: 31 Marital status: Married Children: same as Jaz's location: same place as Jaz. Primary character: Bledie 26 paladin Secondary characters: Turur 15 hunter, Rorc 6 warrior What is it you would like to do more as a guild? Guild events. Just have fun together. If any what...
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    Who we are

    Real name: Kathy Age:32 (and not afraid to give my real age..Bowser! hehe) Marital status: Married to my best friend. Children: 3 very active adventurers, Cassandra 12, Daniel 10, and Michael 6. location: Upstate New York Primary character: Sarai lvl 25 hunter Secondary character: Jazmina...
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    Who all is playing WoW?

    Try walmarts. The walmarts in our area has it surprisingly. If i understand right they all come with the first 30 days free.
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    Guild Names

    I like the one commisioned...its simple yet a catchy word that arouses a lot of questions like..commisioned for what..commisioned by whom? It seems it could fit well with all of our characters..for those with pvp focus..commisioned to exterminate the horde (cast out demons hehe) For those with...
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    Guild Names

    servants of the king carpenters messengers lambs of the shepard bought with a price kingdom bound
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    Emergency update...

    actaully can someone explain the peon part to me. I have a general idea of what everyone means by it in the guild but in the past i have always known that word to be a derogatory word. Compared to God i guess we are just "peons" but I know thats not how he looks at us.
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    Emergency update...

    Its not necessarilly blizzard but also other players who feel it is their job to police out anything that they dont agree with...just because blizzard may not know greek doesnt mean that someone who knows the meaning of the word wont protest it just because they are angry that they arent allowed...
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    Bled and I are doing well. Working a lot and becomming wow addicts. You'll mostly find posts from me in the wow forums or better yet find me in wow on my days off. (cant play after work the qeues are to long by the time we get home) Chivah is doing well, working almost every day so he can...
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    Character Names

    We wont be home till about 8pm est. But if the server will let us in I'll be playing a gnome mage named Jazmina and bled will play a dwarf paladin named bled in some form heh. hope to see you all tonight. Do we have a guild name yet?
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    Official Guild Server Support

    Blednnyn and I put in our 12 hours at work and rushed to pick up our preorders and headed home in hopes of joining you all. We only have time to play perhaps an hour tonight but when we log in we see the estimated wait time to join you all is 45 minutes. Unfortunantly many nights our playtime is...
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    WOW Beta Account Information

    Well im not quite sure what you mean by rp pvp server. There seemed to be plenty of pvp when that undead and those trolls came into goldshire. They where quickly hunted down and killed by the humans who ran into them.
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    Open beta is over!

    Me and Bled had a blast playing WoW and are really looking forward to its release. I tried a night elf druid that I got to 10, a human warlock that made it to 9, a gnome mage that made it till 6, a tauren shaman that i got to 4 i think, an undead warlock i got to 2, and a orc hunter i got to 3...
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    WOW Beta Account Information

    Actually the rp server is kinda fun. There are many reasons why i prefer rp server or normal and pvp. Alot of people get rp server and coop (or a new term i recently learned "carebear" server) mixed up. A rp server does not mean there is no pvp in it...what it means is people are expected in...
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    WOW Beta Account Information

    if we can get back in to play heh. Havent been able to log back in for a couple hours. If we do you may also find us as humans named Jazmina and Torer
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    Auction of Jaz's House

    Hi all, On November 19th at 7pm EST Jazmina will be in game to auction or give away her house to one blessed guildie. If there is more then 1 bidder it will be sold to highest bidder. If there is no bidder it will be given to whatever guildie is online that is planning to stay in DAOC and...