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Definitely not a Wednesday, but here I am. Sooooooo...

Biggest right now is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. FighterZ is the better competitive game, but Xenoverse 2 is unmatched in feeling true to the source material. The way they work the storyline to be about fighting against timespace attacks, trying to keep the timelines in order, manages to provide variations on the same story we've seen a thousand times over while still including a new original storyline that wraps up all those events. Pretty solid move by BandaiNamco. Add in that the game is still actively supported with free and paid DLC from the devs and has an active online community, and no regrets with this game.

Then an awesome bro gifted me Super Mario Maker 2. The game is excellent. Would have been worth my money. Here's one of the first levels I played in it, and it's a delight:

Haven't had much time on the PS4 due to doing some consultation work at night when I'd normally be in game, so I haven't made any fresh progress on Spider-Man. Can't wait to get back to that, though. It's a definite gem of open world and comics IP-based gaming.


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Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Played about 20-30 minutes of Persona 5 last night. I've cleared the second major boss and now I just need to decide how to spend my time before finishing out the chapter and proceeding to the next section of the game. It's not as easy as it sounds, though.

Bought a Switch game called Burnstar for $0.99 on sale earlier this week and played it last night. I enjoyed what I played of the first level and I look forward to playing more!

Dusted off Chime and played a few levels after my daughter noticed it on my Steam games list. Still fun to play, but I tend to dive down the rabbit hole and lose an hour of my life every time I fire it up, so I should probably leave that one alone.

Tried to resume my StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void campaign one night this last week, but got interrupted. Hoping to get back to it soon. (Hard to believe I waited so long for LotV to release, then waited so long for a sale to buy it, then somehow stalled on the game about 5-6 missions in.)


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WHAT IS THIS? A "Now Playing" post from Tek...ON A WEDNESDAY?


But seriously, still Puzzle & Dragons.

Spent about 10 minutes playing Dr. Mario World and already getting bored.

Would type more, but going to try to sneak in a few minutes of Persona 5.