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Still Puzzle & Dragons, though not much. Waiting until Tuesday (1/22) for the 16.1 update, which adds enhance material stacking and should free up a decent amount of box space. Those familiar with gacha games know the box space struggle is real.

On the verge of quitting Dragalia Lost after FIVE tenfold summons yielded nothing of significant value but a dupe 5* dragon. I had hoped to play the game with my wife and other ToJ and CGA folks, but I think everyone else on the CGA Discord who was playing DL before has already quit.

So remember when I said that I would never spend $60 on a game after StarCraft II? Then I bought Breath of the Wild PLUS the DLC? Well, I should just discard any "I won't spend x dollars on a game again" promises because I bought Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Switch a week and a half ago. Thanks to some helpful information from @Kendrik and fortuitous timing, I was able to get the base game and the DLC pack for $72. It still stings typing that number after a dollar sign, but I really have enjoyed the game, both solo (wow, it's hard to believe I'm saying that about a Smash game) and with my girls. The little even scored a few wins playing as Ganondorf.

I haven't signed up for Switch Online because reviews of Smash's online play are, well, exactly what I would expect them to be for a first-party Nintendo game on a Nintendo online service. (I <3 Nintendo games, but, wow, are they behind the curve when it comes to online.)

Finally caved and installed the Twitch desktop app and discovered that I had free copies of games I'd eyed for "I might get this some day if there's a crazy good sale" purchases, including Steamworld Dig 2, The Messenger, and Hyper Light Drifter.

Despite my "Hollow Knight will be my last Nintendo hard game ever" claim, I started playing The Messenger and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the game has a very slow and steady difficulty curve--something I didn't expect from a game that's a loving tribute to Ninja Gaiden, which I will always remember as, "That game where I kept getting hit by flying enemies and knocked in to the very pit I was trying to avoid."

Also fired up Steamworld Dig 2 to check it out last night and enjoyed it much more than the first game, though it's hard to pinpoint exactly why.

I'd planned to check out the gameplay in Hyper Light Drifter as well, but the little found the intro scary (with good cause), so I had to postpone that.

TL;DR: On semi-hiatus in PAD, about to drop Dragalia Lost, bought Smash Ultimate and loving it, and surprise free games in Twitch desktop app.


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Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Close to dropping Dragalia Lost, especially after wrestling with getting the latest version of Magisk to hide itself so DL would still launch.

Played a few rounds of Smash Bros with the fam (including @Ember!) this week. Good times. :)

Got in a few rounds of Team Fortress 2 during TF2sday earlier this week and really enjoyed a rare round with alltalk turned off. I love the open chat, but it was a nice change of pace to coordinate team tactics over voice comm.


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Still Warframe. By far my numero uno game.

But have made time to get through the first act of Wargroove, and it's pretty much exactly what I hoped for. No complaints there. :D