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Eve..... are you surprised?
No. :D

Here, it's been pretty exclusively Elder Scrolls Online. I'm still trying to finish out at least major/main quests of the Morrowind chapter. Just looked at the quest list, and I see why I haven't finished it yet. I feel like Morrowind chapter alone has more content than most non-Elder Scrolls/Witcher games. Holy moly.

In any case, the game is great. Really enjoying focusing on it in my game time.
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Ring of Elysium

I updated and played Star Wars Battlefront 2 for about 30 minutes before realizing why I had stopped previously. The game is visually beautiful but balance is a constant issue with one side repeatedly rolling over the other usually due to the actions of one or two players. In a team of 20, when one or two players can make the difference between rolling and getting rolled the game is fundamentally broken. And I want it to work so bad. . .

I updated and played Warframe for an hour or so before I realize why I had stopped playing previously. The game is amazing visually and fun in general game play but there is no 'arriving' or achieving the highest level. Every time I came close they dumped a bunch more content with absurd farming requirements further exacerbated by absurd RNG rolls. I feel like I've achieved what I wanted to achieve and can't bring myself to bury myself in the game any longer.
a little Overwatch, some WoW and some Disgaea DS.

a little disjointed but these have been fairly casual and enjoyable
Still Puzzle & Dragons, though not as much.

Cleared a level in Monument Valley 2 after playing for the first time in ages.

Making sporadic progress in Blaster Master Zero 2 on the Switch.

Started The Witness shortly after installing it, but shelved it after realizing just how open the world is. I think this is a game I would have enjoyed far more when I was younger and had fewer responsibilities, but when I only have 15-60 minutes to play in a day, I want to end the session with progress made. I plan to come back to the game at some point, but other games take priority at the moment.

Played a little bit of Warframe with @Soulivium and crew. Hoping to run more missions soon.
Still Puzzle & Dragons. Monster Hunter collab started Monday and I rolled about half the magic stones I'd been hoarding with solid results on my alt account and mediocre results on my main account.

A little bit of Warframe, though not much.

Played a bit of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after Joker dropped (and Nintendo's servers finally recovered). I LOVE how they handled representing the Persona series in Smash. It's the little touches (victory screen when you win as Joker mimics the battle victory screen in Persona 5, music from P3, P4, and P5, and the DLC stage changes color and design based on which game's audio track you choose) that really made it shine. Joker's a lot of fun to play, too, but I'm going to need some practice to git gud.
Primarily Elder Scrolls Online still. I bought some Crowns during a sale, then an in-game sale on DLC took place, so I got double discounts. I now have all DLC and chapters for the game (and Imperial Edition Upgrade) and paid a fraction of their face value. Getting super excited for Elsweyr to come out. In the meantime, I rolled a new toon, an Orc stamina sorcerer, and that's been good fun. I finished up the main quest lines of Morrowind on my Khajiit Warden, so now I'm going back and playing vanilla campaign on my new toon.

Reinstalled Dragalia Lost so I can get a chance at some Fire Emblem: Heroes characters during the crossover event. Game's seen notable upgrades and may stick around for a little while, but haven't really played it since installing.

Have spent more time on Elder Scrolls Legends. The part where the game is really good as a single-player affair doesn't hurt. I can put it down if something happens and not guarantee a game loss, which is not something I can say for most other digital TCGs. I also like the two-lane mechanic a lot.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Decided to pick Persona 5 back up on the PS3 after Persona 5 S (the Persona 5 musou game that no one was asking for) was revealed for the Switch (the system that is a perfect match for a long-form RPG like Persona 5). Still no intention of buying a PS4 Pro after seeing the reveal for Persona 5 Royal. Was slowly making my way through the days leading up to the next major plot point (I cleared the second Palace with time to spare) and was interrupted by tornado sirens. Yes, we're all safe. No, I didn't get any further that night.

Team Fortress 2 for TF2sday, woo woo!

Occasionally playing Alphabear: Hardcover Edition in the evenings to chill.

Got in a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with my daughters. My 4-year old won the opening round with Ganondorf. I introduced my children to the song "Mass Destruction" from Persona 3 and won the round as Joker. #dadgoals
Mostly been Elder Scrolls: Legends lately. Been busy or otherwise unable to get much gaming in apart from this since it's on my phone. Not the end of the world, though, because I rather like it. It's a good game.

Have been getting daily logins from Dragalia Lost while trying to pull a Marth from the Fire Emblem crossover event. No dice. Did do the friendship grind to keep Alfonse, at least.

And have consistently gotten my daily login rewards from Elder Scrolls Online. Sadly, haven't gotten to play much at all, though. Still, the 30 seconds (plus boot up console and load game/character time) to get the sweet camel mount that's in this month's reward pool get priority enough to make it happen even if I don't have proper game time.
Still Puzzle & Dragons, though slower rollout of new content has me contemplating clearing the 2 hardest dungeons in the game then going on a sabbatical.

Resumed World of Light in Smash, along with the occasional few rounds with my daughters.

I've been playing Warframe, though sporadically.

Still hoping to get back to Blaster Master Zero 2, Yakuza 5, Persona 5 (especially since Atlus confirmed that they don't like money that they don't plan to bring Persona 5 Royal to the Switch), The Talos Principle, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, Deep Rock Galactic, and more.

Too many good games, not enough free time.
Went on vacation for a week.

Returned with a lack of drive for playing Warframe again. I've logged in a couple times for the login reward but haven't played any missions.

Still going on Ring of Elysium when my brother is available.

Dusted off AC: Black Flag and started sailing the Caribbean again.
Marvel's Spider-Man has been the game I most desire to play since I picked it up Friday. The combat is a bit familiar thanks to sharing some similarities with the Arkham and Assassin's Creed games, but it feels smoother and makes more sense of the "DODGE NOW!" indication thanks to Spidey having, y'know, Spidey sense. The hype about the swing mechanics being great were absolutely on point; it's a joy. But, best of all, the game nails Spideyverse. I've got 18% campaign completion, apparently, and I can't wait to play more.

That said, I've kept up on my weeklies for Dauntless, and Dauntless continues to be a lot of fun. I'm back in that mindset of trying to kill off some backlog, so it's gotten side-burnered outside of weeklies for the moment, but I really do enjoy playing it. Being able to play it on PC or PS4 (or Xbox if I had one), using the same account, is so nice.

Still, for those times I have available to game but the TV is in use (primarily the case when boys have just been put to bed and wife wants to watch a sitcom or British murder mystery), I've been pulling out my Switch to play Dead Cells. The more I play, the more I appreciate this game. It's such a great combination of procedural generation, Metroidvania feel, and Souls sensibilities. The devs behind this game absolutely deserve any and all love they get. Then they kept putting out free DLC to boot. Crazy indies!

I'm putting together a kind of backlog task list to help me kill off some unfinished, even unstarted, games. Moving up to the top of that is going to be New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. I think I'm over halfway through the main run of the game, or at least the Mario content. I forgot that there is also Luigi content. haha Anyway, gonna get at least the Mario run done in anticipation of Super Mario Maker 2 later this month. Suuuuuper excited about that. (Pun not intended.)
Still Puzzle & Dragons, but less since I cleared the last of the endgame dungeons last week.

Had a blast at this week's TF2sday thanks to @The Mighty Gerbil's "Wheel of Hats" special event map and a great community.

Cleared the first zone in Crypt of the Necrodancer after picking it up for $3.99 during the recent eShop sale.

(Still kicking myself for not picking up NBA 2K 19 when it was on sale for $2.99, but I probably wouldn't have played it for a while anyway since my 64GB is over half full and 2K 19 takes up 32GB).