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Time for another weekly thread!

I've had this in mind lately, but finally remembered when I was where I could type up a thread.

Tell us what game(s) you're currently playing and share details (i.e. progress, micro-review, plans, etc.) as you wish.
I'm still playing Puzzle & Dragons and Monster Strike on my phone.

I'm also playing through Puzzle & Dragons Z on the 3DS on and off. The 3DS version doesn't have the same IAP (in-app purchase) shenanigans of its mobile counterpart, but it also has a lot less content. Still fun, though. I'm guessing I'm 70% of the way through the game.

I plan to get back to Rayman Legends soon.
Sadly..... heroes of the storm :(

But my wife and I really enjoy it.

I just bought Black Flag and Ode to the Unborn Star for PS3 so im stoked for those.
Was playing EvE, am still playing EvE, likely be playing EvE later.

Hi!, my name is Cow, and I have an EvE problem.
Warframe - just finished modding my Frost Prime. Moving on to the Amprex.
War Thunder - Back to arcade after the addition of g-loc. Playing less often due to g-loc annoyingness.
Skyrim - Working on a Nightblade build (stealth/illusion). Running with the Requiem overhaul.
Still playing GWII. I have Heart of Thorns for my primary account, but have only played through the first few story line quests. Alt acct just wading though normal stuffs. Both accounts doing mostly dailies and quit happy with that because right now I am helping with Salvation Army Christmas kettles and that keeps me out late.
I am currently (again) subscribed to SW:TOR, so I have been playing that a lot. Log onto LOTRO still a couple times a week. Playing ESO with some old buddies every once in awhile. I have CIV V, Shadowrun, Balders Gate, and a few others loaded up on my laptop and play those a little bit at work (terrible, I know). I had been playing Starpoint Gemini 2 pretty heavily but seem to have lost interest lately. A couple friends just picked up Counter Strike: GO on the Steam sale so I figure I'll be playing that some soon.
Playing BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend. Latest version of the game. Got it for $10.80 on PSN sale. Stoked.
While BlazBlue has been my gaming bread and butter since I got it, the new Humble SNK Bundle just hit, and I'm extremely excited for its contents, including the online-play-featured King of Fighters 98 and 2002 super renditions.
I'm playing Story of Seasons, one in-game day most real-life days, if I have an hour, which is more or less how long an in-game day takes me. Other than that, I'm playing Tales of the Abyss 3D.

If I have time while on the internet, I'm play GemCraft: Labyrinth. Haven't been able to play it much over the past couple of weeks, due to very bad lag that I don't understand.... :(
Just picked up New Super Mario Bros. 2 from Target today after my post-surgery follow-up appointment. I had originally ordered it on Black Friday, but NSMB2 and Splatoon were, as far as I can tell, stolen from my mailbox the day I was out for surgery.

I eventually worked through the issues with Target and Best Buy customer service. Splatoon is shipping today and should arrive by 8 p.m. tonight. Excited!

EDIT: Splatoon arrived today! Huzzah!
yeah i try and be home and madly track every package. but i do live in a pretty safe low crime area. but my new house is like...... 3 residential blocks from the high school so I've been more watchful.
Okay, I'm a day late, but I wanted to post a quick update.

I'm still playing Monster Strike and Puzzle & Dragons, though less this week than previously.

Since I'm currently on medical leave, I took the opportunity to start BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea yesterday.

I played the first hour and, to be frank, I was mostly bored and agitated. Playing a BioShock game is so often like walking from point A to point B on a really pretty movie set. The visuals are stunning, but I felt more like a spectator than a participant. Maybe it's just this old curmudgeon of a gamer, but it's easy to see "behind the curtain," so to speak, and recognize just how shallow most of the content is. It doesn't help that the "mentally unstable splicers are creepy, AREN'T THEY SO CREEPY" scare factor just doesn't register any more. Maybe I'm oversensitive in this regard, but games using mental illness as a cheap means for scares and unsettling the player has worn extremely thin and does no good in the discussion regarding mental health. "NPC is crazy and armed, so shoot/kill him/her."

I recognize that the art is very impressive and I understand what the creators are trying to accomplish and I know that so many people poured countless hours of work in to the game, but I can't help but feeling as though it all rings hollow. Maybe I'm just too old for the "move from point A to point B and shoot/bludgeon anything that threatens to impede your progress/kidnap the female character you're protecting" setup.

Maybe I'm among the "gaming elderly" who would rather play Splatoon and mobile games than shoot addicts and the mentally unwell. Maybe I'm disillusioned with an industry that holds up subtractive gameplay, where you remove obstacles by death and dismemberment on a linear quest, as the pinnacle. I'm the first to shout that gaming has so much more to offer than YAMS (Yet Another Military Shooter) and I admit that I still enjoy multiplayer FPS games like Team Fortress 2 for their social and competitive appeal. I guess playing Burial at Sea just took something out of me rather than brightened my day like other games do.

I'm just one person and a bit of an oddity at that so please don't misunderstand. I'm not trying to project my opinions on other gamers or even suggest that the industry should change according to my whims.

I will say that the older I get, the more glad I am that Nintendo is still around. I think even the most vocal Nintendo naysayers will admit the industry would be worse off without Nintendo.

Man, I typed out a lot more than I planned. I'm going to go play some Splatoon then rest up while I can. :)
Been playing BlazBlue mostly, but also Tales from the Borderlands (despite the total shift in gameplay style, it totally nails the style and humor of the series) and working my way through the main story of GTA4, which--while worthy of its ESRB rating--has impressed me as a fan of mob movies.

Trying to force myself to work through games completely before moving on to similar games these days (in other words, playing BlazBlue and GTA4 at the same time is good, but I won't start on GTA5 until I finish 4). It seems to be working, and I really enjoy actually finishing things. haha

dude if you still like tf2, look at OverWatch, its super awesome !!!!!
I'm interested in Overwatch, if only because it's a FPS developed by Blizzard, but I suspect I'll be waiting a long, long while for a sale that brings it down to a reasonable price if the game will retail for $60 at launch and won't be available on Steam. :/

EDIT: Oops, that's $60 for the Origins Edition. The standard edition will cost $40 at launch, which is still too much for me to spend on a PC game right now. If Overwatch proves popular among the CGA community, I'll probably pick it up when it's on sale for $15-$20.
I finished up GTAIV early this week. Such an impressive game. Still feeling things from the ending. Started on GTAV. Gameplay feels much improved, and I really like at least one of the protagonists (he's not necessarily likable, but the game is blunt about how bad a guy he is/was despite his self-perspective), but the cussin' definitely ramped up, too. Alas.

Also been casually playing Final Fantasy Record Kepper while my wife and I work our way through watching X-Files.
Well, I finished GTAV, and it was indeed a blast. Story was notably different in aim from GTAIV, but nowhere nearly as moving all the same. Still, after finishing it, the surplus of f-bombs was a bit unsettling, and I didn't feel compelled to keep it. So, I traded both of them in for PSN credit to jump on their big sale.

...and just scored Tekken Tag 2, Persona 4, and Xenogears. Got plenty of awesome ahead of me, it seems.

Edit: Also installed/reinstalled/English-patched PSO2 and PSO2es. Enjoying those a good deal despite the language barrier (which is motivating me to pick up my hiragana and katakana charts again).
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I'm still playing Tales of the Abyss, but I think I'm going to trade-in Story of Seasons. It's an enjoyable game, but too time-intensive for me, especially when I'm hankering to play some Etrian Odyssey after learning that EO V is in the works. :D