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    The Rebel Planet

    The new Rebel Planet Web Site is up! Check it out here:
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    I'm looking forward to the next Ghost Recon Game. Although, if that one looks dissapointing I'd have to say Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion would be next on my list.
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    I can at least stand a chance against a lvl 35, but 40's are near to impossible.
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    Star Wars: Galaxies

    Does anybody play this game? I would like to hear from someone who's played it before I consider getting it.
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    Guild Music Video is finished

    Great job guys! You matched the scene and the song perfectly! Can't wait for another, lol. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah that's the situation I'm in, so I understand what you mean.
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    Well, I did some BG runs. Got lots of honor points, but not a single battle I could stay in till the end did I win, lol. I almost one once, but I got kicked out for some reason. I also find it hard as a lvl 31 warrior to compete against lvl 40's. I agree with you Odale, whether you mean its too...
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    Are any of you guys going to be participating much in the Battlegrounds?
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    Guild Video

    I might be able to help sometime. Depends when really. Rithkil 31 NE male Warrior
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    Mustard Seed Head-Count

    I am known as Nawkwataga the Tauren Warrior and Kumal the Troll Shaman, both on Cenarius.
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    Christian Gaming

    For all of you who were once on the site, you know that it is currently down. I was wondering if anybody who was on those boards, is on these ones. That we we can find a way to keep up discussions while the site is down. We can also try to contact the Board Admin and find out...
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    I used to play. I was known as Rithkil on that as well.
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    Help Wanted

    Just whatever you can do, see if you can help.
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    Help Wanted

    If theres any game designers out there, Help is Wanted for creation of Rebel Planet Creations current game, Orion. At least come look at the site and see where you can help. Thank you. :)
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    Needing a crossbow

    Anybody willing to part with a crossbow for a lvl 18?