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    Server Location

    Im on the east coast but im up late due to it being the only copmuter time I get(share with three university students) so west works for me.
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    Another beta weekend

    So im guessing that the quest will lead to a main planet of some sort were they will be able to join guilds and such. Also if you have a way to communicate with friends ousside of the game you could roll any chacrter you wnat, that way if you find something the other players want off their...
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    Guild Allies/Adversaries

    Are they the ToJ republic guild or something? Is there any one in contact with other guilds here?
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    Just Apped

    Glad to see more joining,welcome!
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    Release date announcement tomorrow yes or no?

    after december...too much stuff is coming out in november.
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    Just Apped

    grim our sig look realy have good taste
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    Just Apped

    Welcome to the guild!
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    Morality gear

    I know that some quest will be unrepeatable ,and that was the point. The mortality gear is another reason to run a new chacter, therefor you cna be the same class and have new stuff. It is an etempt to give the game replayibility.
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    Just wanted to stop by and say hi

    Another joins our ranks! Welcome!
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    Story and plot in MMO

    I wonder how they will explain a milion of the same companion pes walking around...hope you can give them there own weapons and armour.
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    Story and plot in MMO

    I was reading some threads about the plot of TOR and comparing it to WoW. I dont play WoW so I wasnt interested in that but what did intrest me is the fact that almost everyone thought that the PLots in MMO's were secondary and was not paid attention to in any raids and such as the quest was...
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    Sith counsel

    So how long befor the counsel turns on the emporoer?
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    Sith counsel

    I was going over the holonets and am confudsed about the sith councel and the emporoer. It says that both exist but why? is thecounsel the leader or just advisors, and how do the epprentices work then?
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    Morality gear

    dont you think that mission allignment comes from game choices, so to get diffrenet allignment you might need to run throught the game again,
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    Guild page on!

    So was Nazgul