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    Prayer for job...

    Praying for the needs of each. Know the feeling... God has always come through; patience & perseverance. Amen!
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    WoW still going...

    WoW guild I am with Legion of Angels on Dragonblight. Guild Level 25. Alliance I am. Causeiam or Ionbick or Bickiam :)
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    Ipad/Tablet/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 -- etc

    Thank you ; (games like GW2 -mmos) New technology for gaming is out-of-this world now... Other then getting a laptop, looking for our tomorrow possibilities. I'll do some more research for sure
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    Ipad/Tablet/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 -- etc

    I pray all is going well with you guys. As what the subject entails, because of my wife's disability, I am asking for your opinion for a decent small system I can get her so she can get back into gaming. (added to her situation, she broke her wrist 12/10 - thank the Lord, no surgery was...
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    soon to be new member

    :) ;)
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    soon to be new member

    way cool
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    Vacation and Prayer Request

    We are Praying as well!!! Safe Travels
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    ESO - Elder Scrolls Online

    Biblica & I too, have applied for Beta. Sorry we haven't been on GW2 of late; Sandra - Biblica has been going through some health issues, so I have been there for her. We so miss playing with you all. I load our GW2 guys up sometimes, just to feel the joy of playing; Thank you for Prayers as...
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    Congratulations! You Leveled!!! WootCHA! '
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    Quick introduction of myself

    So filled with joy that God led you to here in a time that was needed :)
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    State of the Game

    Thank you for this info; miss the ANet state of the game with Guru...
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    Screen Shots

    very cool!
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    Leave of absence

    As Unity, we are strong in our Lord's Spirit! Faith! Perseverance within our souls for you-all!
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    Leave of absence

    Sandy & I are with all (in Unity) for your wife, second child, & you! Faith!