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    Conquest points are uber...we should be getting some!

    Nice graph! Right now I'm rather addicted to leveling my Death Knight (he'll probably go tank/PVP as his dual spec), but Nick and I might work on getting our rating up. Right now getting the kill is the hard part since lock/holy paladin is pretty hard to kill. Once 4.0.6 hits, that extra...
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    Conquest points are uber...we should be getting some!

    I think the cap starts moving once you get above 1500...Nick (roundhead) and I have been doing 2v2 matches and we are still stuck at that rating at a 1100-1200 rating.
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    Alchemy Transumute Tip

    I just leveled Loughkey's alchemy from 1-525 last night, just so I can abuse this. If you watch the AH, you can get life for 10-11g pretty consistently, so you make at least 17g per volatile you transmute into air. 15*17 = a lot of gold... a lot of gold * two characters = awesome...especially...
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    Conquest points are uber...we should be getting some!

    Agreed...I heard rumors that they were going to remove the cap on conquest points for rated BGs, and allow you to get capped on arena, then spam conquest poitns for all those awesome shiney purple resiliance-y goodness. I've got the belt, ring, and shield from conquest...and I'm pretty sure all...
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    Pilot project for Google's Chrome operating system sign up!

    I signed up...I'm hoping the "I use google docs and chrome exclusively for running my Youth Group" part makes me a frontrunner. =D=D=D
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    Conquest points are uber...we should be getting some!

    You know you want to... first of all, WTCBBQ! It's Randy!!! Second of know you want to....
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    Conquest points are uber...we should be getting some!

    All that said, I was wondering when people are actually online to PVP. Most of my playtime is during the day EST, but also between 7-10 PM EST. Do people usually PVP later on at night? Is there a way we can get this organized-ish? Also, is anyone interested in getting the "For the Alliance"...
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    Conquest points are uber...we should be getting some!

    So as I've seen everyone and their brother and their cousin's alts hitting 85, I was thinking that conquest points are out there for the taking. Seriously people! We need to start melting faces as a guild! There's honor to be had! The other night when I was offering to go PVP with people, I...
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    Rated Battlegrounds

    Necro the thread! Just thought I'd pop in here and say that Lloki is going to be a PVP toon. Frost mages are causing an epic amount of QQ on the forums, so I'm looking forward to freezing people's faces off. =)
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    Raising Money for Tumaini, Africa Middle School

    you'll forgive me for being picky... I hate to be so distrustful, but this is the internet after all, and I don't see any direct proof that this paypal transfer is going to the sites you linked. In the case that you're serious, I'm guessing that you'll have an easier time getting donations in...
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    Yay Calvinist/Armenian discussion! That said, my personal views lean more Calvinist, but before everyone gets out rocks to throw them at me, let me explain. As a BioPhysicist, I've got to reconcile my views of a natural world with a God who is in control. I think we would all agree that God...
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    Hunter DPS...survival or marks?

    How did the recent Armor Pen nerf (-20% or something like that) affect the APen marks v Surv at higher gear levels? Also, would it then be best to grab a wasp pet for more APen goodness? I plan on using a wasp regardless, mostly because I've spent the last level of xp grinding those stupid...
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    Hunter DPS...survival or marks?

    I was doing a bit of research around wow-dom earlier this week (as I have an aspiring level 64 hunter) and there seems to be three main specs...marks with high armor pen, survival with all agility, and marks with agility. Seems like the scaling everyone goes through is: 1) level BM 2) early...
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    ...on hiatus...

    Awesome! I'm glad to hear that your leap of faith landed quickly, and matters are settling. Keep us in the loop, it's encouraging to hear how God takes care of us all. =D