Conquest points are uber...we should be getting some!


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So as I've seen everyone and their brother and their cousin's alts hitting 85, I was thinking that conquest points are out there for the taking. Seriously people! We need to start melting faces as a guild! There's honor to be had!

The other night when I was offering to go PVP with people, I got a shocking reply: "I don't have the gear to do battlegrounds."

This is not the way to think about it!

There is no penalty to your group if you queue up in PVE gear for a nonrated battleground. Non-rated battlegrounds are like normal instances, everyone can run them! There's no minimum gear required, you just need to be able to point your damage abilities at the nearest horde and pull the trigger! (or even better, heal every alliance member in sight)

I've been putting out plenty of invites out to guildies to come PVP with me, and so far I've been turned down. So before I let you all go around killing bosses, I'm going to list some of the reasons that I've become a PVPer and kill horde instead.

1) There's no set raid time - you can do a quick 20 minute battleground any time of the day or night!
2) You're guaranteed to get SOME honor...and honor means gear! Even if you lose, you get honor for trying, and every honor kill you get...and eventually you can buy that shiney new cloak! If you spend a night wiping on a raid boss, you get a huge repair bill, and NO GEAR!
3) It's a smaller set of time chunks to set aside. You don't have to settle in for a 2 hour raid, I got conquest capped for the week in about 45 minutes!
4) It's always changing! You never fight the exact same group in the exact same way twice. The BGs may be similar, but there are always new horde to kill!

So seriously, you all need to get on the horde killing bandwagon! There are purples to be had!

***this is not to say that we don't need raiders...this is me saying we have a number of quality raid groups in the making, and nobody seems to be PVPing. =) ***
I'll go with ya. I have not pvp'd since cata came out and I love to do it.
I'm doing it with most of my WOW time: Pvp, (Daily pvp..) daily heroic, BH 10 man raid. fishing PVP?...

I've just never been much of a PVP'er honestly. Barely ever did it before Cata and don't really see my habits changing. The most PVP I've done was playing Counterstrike years ago :p

So no offense to you whatsoever Kevin - I would enjoy playing with you but I don't enjoy PVP.
I find pvp fun when I'm with a couple of myself I can't be bothered to be told that I'm useless, suck, don't listen, stupid or whatever else the other young amped up competition jockeys on "my team" feel like throwing out there when things aren't going our way.
I can't be bothered to be told that I'm useless, suck, don't listen, stupid or whatever else the other young amped up competition jockeys on "my team" feel like throwing out there when things aren't going our way.

I love it, another famous quote on the books.
All that said, I was wondering when people are actually online to PVP. Most of my playtime is during the day EST, but also between 7-10 PM EST. Do people usually PVP later on at night? Is there a way we can get this organized-ish? Also, is anyone interested in getting the "For the Alliance" achievement?
For those that haven't gone PvPing.... go with Kevin. He's uber, fun to hang around, and patient. I really enjoyed when I got to PvP with him in the past.

It's taking every ounce of restraint that I have to not re-sub on the spot. STOP IT KEVIN!

You know you want to...

first of all, WTCBBQ! It's Randy!!!

Second of know you want to....
I'm normally up for some PVP unless I'm doing something else. I'd love to get a guild group going so we can all get on TeamSpeak and actually use a bit of strategy instead of the typical fail you get from alliance in our battlegroup. :p Another benefit of PVP: even though this thread is mainly about guild pvp, battlegrounds are something you can do any time you want to get honor for gear. You don't have to wait for other guildies to be on if you're wanting to just get honor.

I'd be up for helping with a for the alliance achieve. I did it a while ago before Cata, so I'd be interested in seeing what's changed in terms of fighting the Horde leaders. That, however, is often more of a PVE fight than PVP since you're fighting all the guards and the boss. Orgrimar will be the most PVP, obviously, but unless they specifically mount a defense and try to stop you, in Silvermoon and Thunder Bluff especially you'll just be fighting NPCs.

And I agree: conquest points rock. I just bought my epic PVP gloves with them. I hate that weekly cap, though. You can't even really get enough to buy a single piece of gear, or maybe buy one depending on the piece, within a week with the cap.
Agreed...I heard rumors that they were going to remove the cap on conquest points for rated BGs, and allow you to get capped on arena, then spam conquest poitns for all those awesome shiney purple resiliance-y goodness. I've got the belt, ring, and shield from conquest...and I'm pretty sure all but 3-4 of my other slots are filled with honor gear.

Sorry I bailed on the group just as you joined last night...the problem with me getting into group type things is that I go to bed at 10 EST. =(
I haven't been even bothering with trying to find rated BG groups recently since I teamed up with a feral druid and we've been rocking the 2v2s and hitting the conquest cap really easily. The tooltip on the cap says that the higher rated you are the higher your cap is, but after two weeks of going up a few hundred points in the rating each week my cap hasn't moved. :-/
I think the cap starts moving once you get above 1500...Nick (roundhead) and I have been doing 2v2 matches and we are still stuck at that rating at a 1100-1200 rating.
now that my rogue hit 85 she is ready to do some real PvP. Would be up for doing some arena if we can get a 3's or even a 5's team together that'd be cool.
Kevin (and others): I recently found a graph showing the conquest point cap increases (linked below). You were right, it increases at 1,500 and it's pretty much 1 to 1 after 1,700. I'm about one or two games from 1,500 with 2s, so I should be hitting it sometime this week, so that'll be good. My second pvp dagger is my buy for next week! :)
Nice graph! Right now I'm rather addicted to leveling my Death Knight (he'll probably go tank/PVP as his dual spec), but Nick and I might work on getting our rating up. Right now getting the kill is the hard part since lock/holy paladin is pretty hard to kill. Once 4.0.6 hits, that extra interrupt will really help lock down a healer long enough to get that kill, and we'll get back into it probably.
Hey all Caleb here, in the next few weeks I'm going to be bringing over my 4.4k resil H pally from a diff server. At the current moment I have a 3.1k fire mage and am always looking to either help out or do arenas with anyone looking to do them. I also am interested in RBG's and even just normal BG's. If you're interested add me to RI ( ) or just message my mage ( Opasmage ).