[Weekly - W] Now Playing

Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Some Dragalia Lost.

Got back in to Axiom Verge after setting the game aside for a little while. Glad I did. I feel like I'm finally gaining some momentum, which is crucial for Metroidvania games.
I think Dragalia Lost is the only game I've played in the last week. Just haven't had the opportunities to do any other gaming for a bit. And what opportunities I may have had have gone to trying to read through the farming/outdoor magazines I've got sitting here.

But at least I got most of the event pulls from the great gacha machine in the cloud. Just haven't pulled Halloween Elly. Hoping to change that before the event ends.
Still playing good ole Team Fortress 2! They recently came out with the Scream Fortress X Update for the Fall Season! They brought back some Past Halloween Maps and Bosses to defeat along with some New maps... all for a chance to complete contracts and earn Halloween Misc Items.

If you haven't tried Team Fortress 2 before, it's Free to Play! It's and older game but very CPU intensive. The skill level of many players is very high since it's been around for so long, but the contracts make it possible for even new players to earn points to complete contracts and earn free Halloween Misc Items.

Started up on Devil May Cry as part of the PS4 HD Collection. The game is definitely old, particularly in the visual department, but combat still feels pretty good. But that was about 15 minutes of play. haha

Other than that, it's been Dragalia Lost. Haven't played a ton of that, either. But got a couple of teams above 6k might now, and getting ready for the raid event that drops late tonight. :D
Ring of Elysium. In my opinion, far superior to PUBG in many respects. I actually have fun playing solo mode when my brother is not available.

Burnt out on Warframe.

Dragalia Lost just did not hold my interest (haven't found a mobile game that can...yet)

Toying with the idea of returning to Skyrim but I am working on the back story for the character and need a compelling reason for him to turn to bandit hunting and dungeon clearing. Once I have that I will probably begin the character.
Still Puzzle & Dragons. My sub-par REM fortune continues.

Some Dragalia Lost. New event has started and it's time to grind raid battles again.

Bought Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle when it was on sale for $30. Discovered my Switch saved my progress from when I rented the game earlier this year. Considering starting over just to freshen up on the game mechanics and story.
Oops. Late to the party. Bounced around a bit this week. Dragalia Lost has been a daily thing, but not at the same fervor as it has been. I maxed out the event boss battle and raid battle rewards. Well, most of them. Haven't gotten to the Extra Battle yet due to insufficient might on my fire team. Haven't been able to break into that level yet. No five star units isn't helping.

Finished Super Bomberman R's short but enjoyable story mode. Looking forward to playing online matches since the game is apparently Not Dead.

Booted up Puyo Puyo Tetris for quick dabbling in the Tetris side of things a couple of times this week. I don't regret waiting to get he game for $20 since that's what Frugal Kenny wanted to do, but the game would be worth its full price value of $30 no doubt. Super polished. And it's Tetris, and Puyo Puyo, and crazy blends thereof, and four player, and... it's just good stuff. Get it. :D

Sampled Brawlout and Brawlhalla on Switch. Brawlout is no slouch in the "let's imitate hardcore competitive Smash" game. Pretty polished. Plenty fun. Brawlhalla is just as good on Switch as on any other platform. Happy for both. Will probably still play either from time to time even after Smash comes out, especially since they're different enough from Smash to show their imitation while still doing their own things. And that the devs continue to show ongoing support for them is a definite plus.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Some Dragalia Lost, though my interest is fading fast.

Played a few rounds of Brawlhalla with @Kendrik and Drae Shizzle (who I would have tagged if he had a forum account :p) last night. I stink on ice with Smash Bros and its ilk, but I still had fun.

Played one mission of Renegade Ops yesterday as well. Such a fun game. More fun in co-op, but trying to arrange a time to play something with others in real time that requires more than a 5-minute time commitment is surprisingly difficult.

Still hoping to get back to other games left midstream (Persona 5, The Talos Principle, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, Epistory, Yakuza 5--the list goes on), but maybe I should stop treating my backlog like yet another task on my list. :<
Some Dragalia Lost, though my interest is fading fast.
I'm not sure I can say my interest is fading, because there's still a ton I like, but my desire to prioritize it dwindles when I can play premium games I've bought on Switch in that same time.

Games like Hollow Knight, which I finally picked back up after a while away (didn't mean to set it down, just happened in the mess of life). Made some notable progress. Game is so lovingly crafted. :D

Played a few rounds of Brawlhalla with @Kendrik and Drae Shizzle (who I would have tagged if he had a forum account :p) last night. I stink on ice with Smash Bros and its ilk, but I still had fun.
Obviously, I played this too. I like Brawlhalla a lot. I also picked up Brawlout on discount. Mechanics made it look worthwhile, and continued dev support with a side of great guest characters (Juan from Guacamelee included!) made me take the plunge. No regrets.

maybe I should stop treating my backlog like yet another task on my list. :<
Indeed. May get more enjoyment out of it. Then again, maybe the problem is that the backlog isn't treated enough like a task list? Wondering this same thing for myself.
Skyrim was a total bust. I guess the game is pretty much done. It had a good, long run. Well worth the money.

Briefly played Warframe's new update but still lacked any real motivation. It has been shelved for the time being.

Played Ring of Elysium a couple times by myself and then with my brother but the new update may have killed the game for me. I understand the pay stuff, it is all cosmetic and I really don't care about it. But the mechanics of the game movement/shooting have changed and I find it much harder to play now which translates into less fun.

Picked up Destiny 2 and have been working my way through the campaign. It is my primary game right now.
Still Puzzle & Dragons. More than I should have this week, really. But a challenge dungeon set and a ranking dungeon (with rewards!) sucked me in and put me through the ringer. PAD's dungeon design seems to be getting progressively worse (e.g. "Let's throw every hazard and obnoxious game mechanic in to one dungeon so players have to replay it over and over again or spend in-game currency on continues and even more in-game currency for the monsters that negate those hazards and mechanics!"). Every new PAD update suggests that GungHo, the game's creators, are getting desperate and recent news seems to support that theory.

Played a little bit of River City Ransom: Underground with @The Mighty Gerbil earlier this week. Good times! Was fun to play a brawler in co-op again.

Also played a short bit of TF2 with the ToJ crew on Tuesday night, like usual.

Installed Warframe on the Switch and on PC this week. I'll probably make PC my platform of choice since the controls feel more natural to me as an old school PC gamer, but the gyro controls on Switch are excellent, too. Haven't had a chance to play with @Elader Arkon or @Kendrik or other CGA folks in-game yet, but hoping that opportunity will come soon.

Played another mission in Destiny 2 and looking forward to playing more soon. As much as I poo-poo modern trends in gaming, with inflated budgets and loot boxes and sensory overload and EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE, the opening mission of Destiny 2 was a surprisingly welcome indulgence. How often I play will likely depend almost entirely on how interest in the game holds among CGA folks, but I'm up for giving this one a shot in co-op. (I still think Warframe will prove more popular, though.)

Planning on shelving PAD (i.e. just logging in for daily bonuses and maybe run daily materials dungeons) some time this week and spend the time I would have spent on PAD on traditional games. Planning to prioritize multiplayer PC games if I can follow through on that plan (and Real Life(TM) allows) because I miss playing games with you all!
Ring of Elysium. Whatever issues resulted from the major update that I was complaining about either were fixed or were a figment of my imagination. Been my primary game lately.

Re-installed War Thunder to try out the boats. Interesting and somewhat fun but felt that World of Warships had better game play and that game didn't keep me interested for long. Might jump in planes or tanks from time to time.
mostly WoW once a week, its been super busy lately :(
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Some Dragalia Lost.

Had a rare opportunity to play PC games in a quiet house last night, so I played some Warframe and Destiny 2 while the girls were out. Then played a few maps with ToJ folks during last night's TF2sday.

Really enjoying what I've played of Warframe so far and disappointed that the game doesn't feature cross-play and shared progression with the Switch version.

Discovered public events in Destiny 2 last night and ended up playing longer than intended. Hoping to team up with @Elader Arkon in-game some time soon.
Welp, dropped Dragalia Lost. Needed room on my phone, so away it went. Then needed room on my tablet, same story. Once I broke my daily chain, it was really easy to stop picking it back up. It's a good game, but I didn't have a ton of time to play it, much less time that I couldn't pull out my Switch instead. Sooooooo... bye bye for now. I'll probably pick it back up when Diablo Immortal comes out and disappoints since, if the internet is to be believed, that is guaranteed to be the worst game ever conceived, developed, or deployed. >.>

What chances I've gotten to game have been spent on Warframe and Rocket League on Switch. Warframe is an absolute dream on Switch. I can't believe how good it still looks and how smoothly it plays. I tend to default to playing in handheld mode, but the gyro controls are awesome when I get to put them to use. Game itself is smashing.

And I'm not good at Rocket League, but I'm not terrible in my skill level group. I've pulled MVP a couple of times. Game is also great. Can't wait for cross-platform parties to come so I can more easily play with friends on other platforms.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be playable in 32 hours, I believe. HYPED
No changes.

Primarily playing Ring of Elysium with a side dish of War Thunder from time to time.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Some Dragalia Lost, but less. This next even may be my last seeing as @Kendrik and @ewoksrule have dropped from the game.

Bought Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight while it was on sale for $2. (Sorry, sale is over now.) The game had been on my wishlist for months, if not longer, and two bucks is too cheap not to pass up. Enjoying it so far.

Made nearly zero progress in Ori and the Blind Forest, which I purchased in late November, but I enjoy the short bit I played. Ori is strong on explanation and the game is GORGEOUS, but the combat is a bit basic for my tastes. Momodora is a great counter in that the game (at least, early on) seems to be more focused on combat. Alternating between the two may scratch the Metroidvania itch most effectively.

Speaking of Metroid, I'm still stalled on Axiom Verge. Having a hard time sustaining interest in the game, though it's plain to see it was lovingly crafted as a tribute to Super Metroid.

And, finally, I returned to Sonic Mania Plus after a long break only to fall to the boss of the second Titanic Monarch level earlier tonight. The rest of the game is just so well made but these two levels are just not fun. At all. I'm left scratching my head at the design choices in what is otherwise a spectacular game.

Still no progress in Persona 5. T_T I might be holding out for news of a Switch version, which would be about the only game I would ever consider buying twice (the other being Okami, which should tell you how high the standard is). As much as I enjoy P5 on the PS3, a Switch version would be FANTASTIC because there have been so many times I wanted to play P5, but couldn't or didn't want to commit a chunk of free time to a game. The Switch's versatility and the ability to sleep/wake at any point would likely be enough to edge out my frugality in favor of buying P5 again.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Fired up the latest event in Dragalia Lost this morning...days after it started. :|

Played some Persona 5 this week! Yay! Still hesitant to dive back in to the game because a "new and improved" version may be announced for the Switch some time early next year.

Feel like I've spread my limited gaming time across too many good single-player games (Momodora: RUtM, Ori and the Blind Forest, Axiom Verge, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, Mario + Rabbid Kingdom Battle, and more). And that's not even accounting for the multiplayer games I want to play (Overwatch, Destiny 2, Warframe, and more).

Think it's time to pick a few games and commit. But that's hard. :|