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pangya golf is probably my favorite golf game of all time
Of course GW2, need to tinker with GW1 to pick up b'day gifts if I get the time. Worked Mah Jong time down to 5:17. Only problem with that game is you need to carve out a solid 6 mins of play time uninterrupted to get times right.
Breath of the Wild.

And some things that aren't Breath of the Wild. Maybe. I don't know. Too busy exploring Hyrule.
A week already? Of course GW2, doing a dungeon a week, on alt account now. Key running on Wednesdays also. Most interesting though is only partially game related. We continue to read Tuesdays and Thursdays a chapter or two a night in the Narnian Chronicles on ts. We have finished The Magicians Nephew and are working on the well known The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The others smush elsewhere and I park my 'toon in the guild hall and read to everyone on the book channel. Strange but fun. Mah jongg now down to 5:14, only a rare game over that.
;little bit of overwatch competitive. its been good.

Quick match in HOTS, getting better at that. I did beat Torchlight two this last week and that was fun. been playing some brawlhalla.
And some things that aren't Breath of the Wild. Maybe. I don't know. Too busy exploring Hyrule.
Was so busy exploring Hyrule that I forgot to post to this thread last week.

...Also, still busy exploring Hyrule. I think I can officially claim Hyrule as a second residence now.
A week? GW2 waiting and getting ready for the expansion on 25 July. Where in the budget is the money coming from? 5:12 in Mah Jongg trying to get it to 5:11. Who cares about the score? The time is where my head is. Anyway big score was 40K and change.
Just went back to Warframe after several months of hiatus.

Still playing War Thunder. But playing mostly vehicles that I enjoy rather than attempting to acquire/max new vehicles. The research rate is too slow in the higher tiers for free to play.

I play short bursts in other games, but typically don't stick with them very long.
Hit up a little Mega Man Legacy Collection last night after getting the PS4 set up. Hooray for that.

Mostly Muramasa when I've gamed, which hasn't been as often as it once was, but oh well.
Of course GW2 despite some personal schedule changes. Down to 5:08 in Mah Johngg. Last living story was released on GW2 on 25th to hold us until 1st true expansion is released later in the year. Now gotta get through all of that content.
Late to posting, but still playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Still loving it.

Played a few rounds of Overwatch last night, including 2 rounds as the new hero (Doomfist). Good times.

I'm on and off with Puzzle & Dragons. Work has been crazy busy lately and raising 2 children is demanding work.
Also late. Mostly playing Mega Man Legacy Collection in my gaming time. Finally beat the original Mega Man. Re-beat MM2 so I could get the trophy. Now working on finishing up MM3. Legacy Collection 2 comes out in a couple of weeks, but I'm gonna have to wait for a PSN sale to buy it in September or later.

Mostly just sitting around and waiting for Everybody's Golf to come out. ;)
GW2 expac coming out Sept 22. Pre purchased for my main account, almost through Hot. Was kind of funny due to issues with character death wound up fighting a major boss, using Christeen in her underwear. No armour great way to stay alive. I kept getting rezzed by NPC so took off armour to keep it from getting broken, then got ported straight to fight. Can't re-equip in the middle of a fight. Mah Johngg 5:07.