[Weekly - W] Now Playing

I'm playing Path of Exile. I didn't know CGA had any presence there. My Account is Archangel1337 and 2 character names are
Tickle__Me__Elmo (those are double underscores)
So i hit silver in Overwatch and still working on my HOTS placement matches so we'll see <3
Mostly been playing Puzzle & Dragons on mobile, Just Cause 3 on PC.

Occasionally Monster Strike with my wife. I'd play more, but the drop rates for dragon gems (which are necessary to evolve selected characters to their strongest forms) are absurdly low, which doused my previously rekindled interest in the game. Oh well.
Persona 4 Golden has been my go-to for a while. It's excellent. The game is a great catalyst for introspection, too. It hit me hard in the feels again last night.

Also started on the Paladins beta on PS4. It's pretty great. I may even buy the founders' pack. Definitely still in beta on PS4, though. It's got some rough stuff, and the player base doesn't seem to be huge yet. I'm guessing it'd be an all around better experience on the PC, but that would require gaming on my PC which...hasn't happened since Red Five was born.
Still playing PAD, but planning to scale back play from "casual" to "maintenance mode" to focus and spend more time on cleaning the house.

Logging on to Monster Strike for daily rewards to be ready for those rare times my wife and I get to play together.

Made it to the final quest of the Just Cause 3 mech DLC after acquiring all upgrades for the mechs. So fun.

Played a little bit of Bravely Default, too. I feel like I should be able to get through battles more quickly and with lower MP expenditure, but I end up turning encounters off, running outside the dungeon, saving, running back to where I left off, and turning encounters back on. Thinking I may shelf the game after I finish the current chapter, which makes me a little sad because the game was a gift from my wife and I really enjoyed the demo for the game. I still like the battle system, but I'm just not in a season of life where I can spend 5-10 minutes on every battle (which is one of the reasons I'm skipping Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse).
Besides GW2 and GW I have been spending more time in Mah Jong. Getting a little OCD about bringing my avg time under 6:00 for finishing a puzzle. Currently at 6:04. Doing a bunch under 5:00 to get there. Those 6+ and 7's at the start of playing really raised havoc with the avg. See OCD!!!
I've been playing HOTS for rewards, a little of OW competitive.

I picked up Ace Combat : AH, but it is WAAAAAAAY HARDER!!!!!! than previous ace combat games so..... not sure I'm going to be able to continue with it. I've failed the 2nd mission like 5 times and the first mission took me like 30 minutes of going in circles.
This week:

Puzzle & Dragons. But barely.

Team Fortress 2 for Tribe of Judah's TF2sday! But not much.

Completed the opening mission of the Bavarian Sea Heist DLC for Just Cause 3.

Played 3 Heroes of the Storm matches against AI with ToJ folks this week. Good times!

Monster Strike will shut down August 1, so I'll probably try to get screenshots of my monster box and play a few more times with my wife and older daughter before the end of MS.
Lessee heeeere.

Mostly... uh... I didn't actually play much Persona this week. I picked up Final Fantasy XIV in a PSN sale. It's a lot of fun. Spent more time getting the downloader to play nice and download the game than actually playing it, though.

Beyond that, dabbling has included a little Paladins on PS4. Still a lot of fun. Still wish they'd let me swap R1/R2 for Remote Play, though.

Just got into the Marvel Heroes Omega beta. It's so much more fun on console than it was on PC, and I liked it on PC.

Picked up Muramasa: Rebirth Complete for Vita in this week's sale. Sampled it yesterday. It's awesome. :D Vanillaware has yet to disappoint me.

Got an SD card for my tablet, so I installed Hearthstone while getting ready for work, too.

New Darksiders on the way makes me want to play the ones I have on PS4, but geez... not enough game time for everything. :p
GW2 and finally worked my Mah Jong time under the six mark. Yay 5:53, most games are now under the 5:00 mark.
but geez... not enough game time for everything. :p
The struggle is real.

Hoping to play Mamorukun Curse (which I bought for $1.99 earlier this week) and more Just Cause 3 Bavarian Sea Heist DLC this weekend, but should be disciplined and wait until after the SUPER-INTENSIVE SPRING CLEANING @Ember and I have planned for the coming week.
Been playing some HOTS still. Playing Magical Evolution on the mobile with the wife and that has been kind of fun. not a huge mobile person but she enjoys it so i figure why not.
Played a dash of Marvel Heroes Omega last night, and a match of Paladins. Buddy and I played Dragon's Crown on our lunch break. Such fun. :D

On the whole, though, I was more inclined to read comics or watch movies this last week in the time I would otherwise potentially expend on gaming. I am considering moving my desktop (tower, anyway) out to the living room to make Guild Wars 2 and Eve accessible, though. >.>
I am currently playing a mix of Doom, Heroes of the Storm, Minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved, and Old School Runescape! Lots of fun and variety!
I feel like I didn't actually game much this week. I'm sure I gamed more than I think I did, buuuut...not sure what I played.

I did play Dungeons and Dragons (5e) with our group on Sunday. Always good, even if chance did not favor me and got my character killed (yay for chance then barely leading to my character's resurrection). Oh well. The way things go. :p

Dabbled in Marvel Heroes Omega. Haven't played a lot because the server wipe takes place tomorrow for PS4 beta. Should be the only wipe they do, though, so I'll play more on the far side of the shift to early-access from closed beta.

Rerolled my toons on Guild Wars 2. Patched up Eve. That's about it.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Dusted off my Monster Strike JP (Japan) account to get ready for Monster Strike global shutting down on August 1. Went through the hassle of creating a second MS JP account as well, then pulled rubbish from the gacha across 3 accounts (global main, global alt, JP main) during a special event. So I'm remembering why MS global failed in the first place.

Stalled again on Bravely Default and considering shelving it to start a second playthrough of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on Hero Mode. Bravely Default is a very pretty game, but the inability to save anywhere and the lack of tent items (which, in the Final Fantasy games from which BD borrows so heavily, would allow the player to recover all HP and MP from the world map without running aaall~ the way back to a town to find an inn) does not work well for a dad with a full-time job.

Recently tried out Hyper Heroes and Knight Slinger on Android to scratch the Monster Strike itch. Already uninstalled Hyper Heroes and will probably nuke Knight Slinger soon. It's decent enough for a mobile free-to-play game, but there are only so many hours in a day and I want to keep the number of games where I hassle with logging in daily for goodies to a minimum.

I can't remember when, but I recently played Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop with @BananaGirl. We had various randoms filling out the team and had a fun time (when we weren't getting asploded by parasites).
I am currently playing a mix of Doom, Heroes of the Storm, Minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved, and Old School Runescape! Lots of fun and variety!
New Doom or classic Doom?
I'm still going through heroes. Wanting to do more ranked but still kind of stuck. There have been so many patches and updates that I'm having trouble keeping up with the meta in some areas.
Too much stuffs going on to get enufs GW2 in, mostly dailies, and an odd key run in. Even the daily farming has suffered. Cut back on Mah Jongg but have got the avg time cut down to 5:36, and one super time of 3:33. Top score over 40K. Did suffer my 3rd loss and brutalizing the avg time by trying Mah Jongg while taking care of business on the phone. Real life and gaming don't always mix well.