[Weekly - W] Now Playing

A week eh? This weekend is a free pass for all to entry, almost not quit Beta, to the expac with two freebie Demo slots per account. Kinda blew through the exciting stuff kinda quick only died from jumping off the top of a building and forgetting to glide. Some interesting nods to GW1, not just the setting in Elona and the Crystal Desert. I forgot how hard it is to instant memorize teleporter series, especially when they added two levels to it. Intro'd mounts by letting us ride one. Yes the mounts are qwel, fun riding a big lizard. One control is kind of counter intuitive to what we have learned in GW2 already for mount control. Must hurry and finish HoT and Living World series. Mah Johngg? 5:05 by my fingernails.

i'm pretty darn overwhelmed. really trying to keep afloat.

Tried out Eve a little bit, but very confused.
Eve will do that. :p

I'm downloading it now, hoping it runs on this machine.

I didn't play much of anything for the last week and change. Was away on a work trip, no energy to game by the time I finally got back to the hotel, much less having access to much.

What I have played is still Mega Man Legacy Collection. Can't wait to pick up the second one.
Cleared the main quest in Zelda: Breath of the Wild Monday night since I was well-geared and my older daughter started school today. I'll probably continue to play as there are more items I want to collect and more quests I want to complete.

Been playing a little more Puzzle & Dragons recently thanks to updates and some new and very powerful teams.

Played Splatoon for about 5 minutes last night then got called in for backup to get the younger child to sleep and I passed out. And missed TF2sday. :( Planning on trying again soon since I paid $36 for Splatoon 1, I have no intention of buying Splatoon 2 at this time or possibly ever, and I didn't feel like I really got my money's worth yet for the original purchase. I like the game, but I haven't spent $36 worth of time with it yet.

Thinking I might also pick Pikmin (ha) 3 back up now that I finished the main quest in BotW. I'm probably in the last quarter of the game and I need to shake off the rust and finish the job.

Also considering picking up where I left off in Yakuza 5 and Just Cause 3.

Too many great games. Too little time.
Warframe (slowing down in this again)
War Thunder
Shadow of Mordor (in anticipation of Shadow of War)
And started a new character in Skyrim (Requiem overhaul) last night...
Update because worth it: Got Final Fantasy XV. Started it last night after days of downloading.

Hooboy. This is an instant win for me. Brilliant start. My favorite version of Cid to date. Combat feels great. Semi-open world like FF12. Smashing audio and video, too. Feeling like the whole package. I hope it lives up to its initial impression.
A little early, but we will count it a week. Still struggling to finish it all before the expac release. Working it on two accounts with rl interfering doesn't help. GW2 is still the best bang for the buck I have purchased ever. 99% win rate in Mah Jongg with 5:04. Very hard to bring that time down while playing in the mid 4's. Still the best time ever was 3:33.
testing out eve online with roomies. been pretty fun so far.

Not sure it will be a long term game but it will be good.
What else? Getting ready for the expansion of GW2. And working on time in MahJong(5:03), and trying to hold on to win rate of 99%.
It was Final Fantasy XV last week, but Everybody's Golf is out now, and I can assure you that it's gonna get the strong majority of my non-phone game time.

So far, I've gotten all of one nine-hole round in, though. heh

Also doing time on Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Somehow, despite being Yet Another Cash Grab, it's above average in the fun it provides, and I don't mind waiting out for fortune to favor me with good drops. They've happened. Not constantly, but the payoffs have been good enough (with a nice trade system of sorts built into its clan structure) that I continue to enjoy it without spending a penny.

But Everybody's Golf, though. Hooboy. Can't wait to play more. :D
One week? Anything changed? Lessee, GW2 getting ready for expac, did finish Heart of Thorns on Main, slogging my way through Ember Bay Living Story in GW2, pretty much the same there. Only other change is 5:02 in Mah Jongg, yup taking a week to shave off a second now. So overall same old, same old.
War Thunder
Fallout 4

Finally burnt out on Warframe. Will probably pick it back up in a couple weeks.
Burnt out pretty quickly on Shadow of Mordor which makes me reconsider my decision to purchase Shadow of War. I'll probably wait till it has been out for a while and goes on a significant sale.
Was mostly Everybody's Golf and Power Rangers this week. Those will continue, but with Destiny 2 taking the foreground.

Hooboy. So hype over this game.
Didn't get to game a lot, but I'm on Destiny 2 when I can be. Also really enjoying BlazBlue's story mode. Currently on Continuum Shift Extend's Calamity Trigger Reconstruction storyline.

Just got Axiom Verge for half off using some PSN credit I got for my birthday. Can't wait to dig into that, too.
A day late, but I had to stop in to announce:


Also, still playing Puzzle & Dragons.
Late to the party, but it's mostly been Destiny 2 this week. I think I got a game of Everybody's Golf in, and I've spent about 15 minutes on Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Finished the "main campaign" of Destiny. It was really good. Lots of story content to go, and I've not touched strikes or the raid, and barely scratched the surface of PvP.