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    Help for an Altoholic

    Tip for Brydon: What I intend on doing is to budget out a certain amount each month for GW2, say $15, and hold yourself to it. Over time you'll get to have all the slots you want, plus experience some of the side things (dyes for me ^^) as well along the way.
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    My fiancée: ToJ: go2002emh GW2 IGN: Catacall.3029
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    GW2: Webxero.2198 IGN: Wiz Bihuq
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    Final BWE Guild Invite List

    Wizard Bihuq Here's the link to back up Raven's shouting to use Emhry Bay.
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    Anyone play Guild Wars on a Mac?

    Boot Camp works great (almost no lag), but at the additional cost of a Windows install. I've never tried CrossOver
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    Game Stop vs GW2

    My guess is sloppy programming. I know some systems don't allow preorders unless there is some sort of release date.
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    Just a minor correction. The blue diamonds were armorsmiths (sold armor). The red diamonds were weaponsmiths (sold weapons). There might have been purple that sold both for karma, but the one I found disappeared after a while for me to double check. Something I found out late was to talk to...
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    First toon?

    At first, I thought I was going to make a Slyvari Ele, but elementalists felt like putting on an old glove for me, comfortable, practical, but not very exciting. When I tried out a Norn Mesmer, I found the dialog hilarious as my character threatened bodily harm with the enemy's own weapon, and...
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    LoE Server Choice - Poll!

    Here's a guildwars2guru post about the same topic.
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    Guild Wars 2 Pre-order music CD

    I reckon a GW2 soundtrack will show up at direct song eventually.
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    How many have pre-purchased GW2?

    I prepurchased. I couldn't wait to through my money at Arena Net
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    Beta Weekend Event Server Choice

    I'll second Henge of Denravi. I'd rather use gems to test other things rather than the server transfer.
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    Official Guild Wars 2 Guild Discussion Thread

    As Kyrel said, I'm fine with us joining one guild. I would prefer that we use a new name, to create a new identity for ourselves in GW2. This might make is easier for members of the other guilds in the GW1 alliance to join as it won't feel so much like being "absorbed" so much as starting...
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    Canthan New Year 2012

    I can handle the 6:01 am and 9:01 am events. The Super Bowl starts at 3:30 pm (PST) so I'm out after that. I volunteered someone to host the team's (from work) Super Bowl Party and since he accepted, it's only fair that I show up. 12:01 and 3:01 am is too early for me (even 6:01 is pushing...
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    How to join our Christian Legion in Aion!

    I've started up a mage (Bihuq) on Siel and working my way up (will most likely be a spiritmaster). Aleron was kind enough to offer me an invite to the legion so I decided to say hi here. :)