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    STAR TREK Online BETA!

    I'm playing now. Haven't joined any Fleet yet, though. Just a Lieutenant 4 trying to feel my way through the skills progression. I totally gimped my character by not realizing that you could SCROLL on the Skills page. So every point I have is in Starfleet Training (oops). I'm an Engineering...
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    Anyone here in teh Military?

    Active Duty Navy here, 12 years and counting. :)
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    I joined. Have had an account there for a long time, just haven't used it in forever. Hope it helps.
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    DA:O is the best RPG I've played since Baldur's Gate on the PC. Unfortunately, I don't have a machine that will run it so I'm playing the Xbox 360 version. Other than a little less ability to be tactical, it's still great. I have played nearly 40 hours and have completed 20% of the game. The...
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    Question for blackberry owners.

    Thanks for the info! Sneaky, sneaky. I'm not surprised. Looks like even though I use it a lot, and as primary online connection at home, I'm still going to be well under 5 GB.
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    Sims 3 On a Laptop

    Onboard. And the laptop I really am more curious about is a newer (as in early this year) Toshiba. But since it's my wife's, I don't have any specs handy. But like I said, according to the test the onboard graphics are just fine (I just don't believe it).
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    Sims 3 On a Laptop

    Has anyone tried Sims 3 on a non-gaming specific laptop? When running the test on my laptop blows away the minimum requirements. However, the game is supposed to have the same reqs as Sims 2, and I experienced quite a bit of slow down and...
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    Question for blackberry owners.

    All I can speak for is Sprint, but there is certainly no data transfer cap when using your BlackBerry as a modem. I hook it up through the USB port on my laptop, open up Sprint's connection manager and connect. It's actually faster than the wi-fi I'm using right now! The 5GB limit (as far as...
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    Star Trek

    Star Trek was amazing. G.I. Joe, as badly as I would love to see it succeed, looks ridiculous. Transformers 2 may compete. Public Enemies is my best guess for "Best Movie of the Year" based on previews only.
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    Oh, playing against each other is not where the fun is in this. It's in creating a club and playing TOGETHER, on the same team, against other teams. That's the exciting part!
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    Make a Sketch for Me?

    Hello, talented artists! I really envy those of you who have the wonderful ability to draw. I'm sure I could probably learn a few things, but I've never quite had the knack, despite the desire. That being said, I'm hoping that some of you could offer me some help. What I'd like is if someone...
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    Gaming Laptop

    The Sagers look seriously awesome, and they are still insanely well-priced. Could someone who understands the components (processor, etc.) necessary to run the games I'm mentioning customize one for me under $1000? Just a request. :)...
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    [Stuff4Sale] Dell XPS M1730

    If it's still available in late February I'm interested.
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    I hated the demo, thought it was absolutely retarded. LOL
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    Gaming Laptop

    That Gateway has great reviews all over the place. Other than the weight, that may be the direction I lean, when the time comes. Sometime in the next month I'll be making this purchase most likely. Thanks for the recommendations, and keep them coming if anyone has anything to add.