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    Long time no see!

    Hi guys, some of you might remember me from nearly a decade past. I was thinking about getting back into wow for some casual rpging. Are you all still playing?
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    Hi Again!

    Hey guys, some of you may remember me from the past decade. I was considering getting back into WoW, and I'm just wondering how active the game has been here lately? Have a great week and God Bless!
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    Usernames! (Updated)

    Hey everybody! I was an old frequenter of these forums back in my WoW days, but only just a couple of days ago realized (Thanks, Tek7!), that you guys have an SC2 community too! And here I was, playing by myself regularly, and wishing I had more friends to practice with! Here's my ID, hit...
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    My Twitch.TV Stream

    Followed! Looking forward to checking out some streams.
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    Forever Bronze

    T_T holding up a lighter.
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    The arrogance of King Idra

    I didn't get a chance to click on your link, but I have an idea of what you're talking about. This stuff is the main reason why I'm a bit of an Idra hater. His attitude is terrible, and that clouds everything for me. His play in-game is undeniably smart though. It wouldn't be so bad if you...
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    <Reborn> Official Guild info

    Hey, I'm on the trial account, by my char name is Hafley if you're willing to add me to the guild? It prohibits trial accounts from sending Tells.
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    Bloodline Champions?

    Just bought into the beta. Dang fulltime job is making me all impulsive with my money! : P I'll report on its merits soon.
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    Bloodline Champions?

    Hey all, I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet, but has anyone been interested in getting into Bloodline Champions here?
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    Hey guys, I'm coming back to the game, as school is over (leaving for good this time). And everything's changed! Hunter talents and spells look completely different to me. Where should I look to start o make sense of things? I probably still want to make a nice Marksmanship build...
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    Favorite Online (free) Shooter...

    I've only played quake live, will check out the others.
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    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

    I have DoW2 but no Dark Crusade. What are the main incentives to getting the expansion, besides Chaos Space Marines?
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    What are you reading forum?? :)

    I'm reading a book about a comic book creator, but not his comics at the moment. This Comics of Chris Ware: Drawing is a way of thinking And I've put down Infinite Jest a long time ago, but I should try to finish it...
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    League of Legends anyone?

    Just thought I'd resurrect this thread, I just got into this game as well, and am looking to play with peeps. ID: antis3nse
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    Straturday - June 12, 2010

    I have both DoW2 and LoL! Yaaayy, I want to participate. What will the game be next weekend? Do I need the expansion to play DoW2 with you guys though? I haven't touched the multiplayer yet, but I'm dyin' to try. Right now though, I'm super into LoL now, so that would be my topmost choice ;cP