Who's still active?

I pretty much play Tera these days.I haven't tried SWTOR. I plan to return to Aion when 4.0 comes out. I should probably finish leveling a couple of them since they are so close to 60, but to be honest I find the level-cap raising in this game to be something of a disincentive. I would certainly be active with The Elect again because I have been away from the game so l would practically be starting over.
Hi Ewok!
Hope all is going good for you! Based on past trends, 4.0 should hit May/June. No official ETA but that time frame is the way they have done others. Hope to see you ingame again.

but to be honest I find the level-cap raising in this game to be something of a disincentive.

Look forward to seeing you Wulfilas! Personally, you get more out of having a good set of gear. Just focus on that and the lvls will come on their own. Actually getting gold/orange gear thats about 5/10 lvl below cap is good. Because enchant stones will be cheaper for it.
Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum but I'm hoping there is still a group playing in AION
I'm on siel with three others and we'd love to have a legion and more people to pay with............any thoughts?...anyone still interested or even on Seil / Siel?

My in game is the same as my handle here ( SadChristmas)

fingers crossed
I am new, but active. I have a lvl 50 Cleric. I re-rolled after an absence from the game but played a while now.

I'm interested in finding a Christian guild...but if it doesn't exist on Siel I'd be interested in hosting a group.
my name is Chris
Game name SadChristmas
Hi Chris,
My name is Art... I havn't been around for some time but i still get emails from the guild. A lot of people left and the game just wasnt the same. I still have the majority of my toons on Tiamat but i do have one 44 Glad named Belkinar on Siel.

I have been playing SWTOR for a while and have been logging into Aion on and off. If we can get the Elect going again, i would be interested and even if its a totally different guild, that's ok to.

I'm mostly on during weekends and will try to look for you SadChristmas and see if we can hook up in the game.

If it picks up, i might consider moving a toon from Tiamat to siel. I have a 56 Ranger there as well as a cleric and chanter.

Hope to run into you soon.
Hello Art!

Nice to meet you and find some others on AION or at least still interested in it. I have just started exploring the 4.0 added stuff and have loved it as it feels like a new game..but without the steep learning curve!

I have three casual players in a legion called chosen saints - by casual I mean once a week but I pop on and off a few more times.

I don't care if we keep the name or not. If you think a different name might act as a (homing beacon) for the scattered masses then np, lets change it.

Hope to see you soon.

Our current level range is 5-52 lol my daughter plays as a tech at lvl 28, another guy from church plays as a sorc. at lvl 35? I'm at 52 as a cleric and a new younger guy just rolled a ranger at lvl5
Good to see some activity here. I miss Aion alot some days, but my gaming time is so currently full to the brim with other games, I am not sure I should re-install Aion.
i've been playing aion also off and on was workin on my asmos toons but kind of gave up do to he inbalance
so i am working on my eylos toons on seil what faction did you roll on
i can invite people to the elect but thats all
I miss Aion but not enough to reinstall it yet. The last time I was on, it was full of gold sellers. Has that improved? I've been playing a lot of GW2 lately. I'm really enjoying the WvW.
I'm siding with Aleron - I've been doing the GW2 thing mostly. WvW has been pretty good, but there's so much more to do (I'm a completionist, and those new collection achievements are calling me).

I gave SWTOR a brief romp, and it looked ok, but it didn't grab me.
I even tried ArcheAge, and hated it - at least the first 10 levels (which I understand is not really a fair chance). I tried to reinstall, and the game won't even start for me now.

Aion is one of those games that was a lot of fun while I was playing it, and I do miss it a bit. I may have to reinstall and roll some new toons - which will be a lot more fun with friends. We'll see when life/time permits.
Currently there are a few of us (Christians from KY) playing on Siel as elyos under the legion "Chosen Saints."

We're a casual group playing off and on when school allows or when work permits but we're looking for more and would love to hear from everyone in game. Send me some mail

Sad Christmas
Hi Chris,
I've been in game a couple of times and have tried to look for you. so far no luck... i've tried to send you in game mail but at the moment, i'm not able to send any mail... that option is grayed out.

I tried doing a search for you and found nothing. i tried sending you a friend request but it said the character does not exist... i'm looking for SadChristmas is this correct? it's what you've been indicating.

anyway, if you get this soon i'm in game now as of 2:50pm on Sunday Pacific time... i'll be in for a little bit longer.... if we don't connect, no worries.... i'll catch up with you one of these days...

My Toons...

Belkinar 44 Glad

PacnorWest 1 technist (want to give it a try)
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if your on the fast track sever the mail will be disable along with trading and the personal store
also if he's not on fast track it will show him as not found
its true:

Next to your skill bars there's a little blue arrow. Clicking it brings an option list that will allow you to go to channel .. also under this you can go to a standard server and send mail. I'm in game and we just added Neyhi .... Sorry If I butchered that name...would love to meet you too.

I'll add you when I get in game