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Ditto what Mike said. Festergut is within our grasp! Take a gander at the Rotface fight when you get a momentito...

As I discussed at the end of the night, focus this week on improving your toon's survivability (Tanks), healing, and DPS. Spend those Emblems of Frost, complete your Triumph gear, rings, trinkets, etc. We need to squeak out some moar DPS and we can get Festergut down. We were very close last night and I'm confident we can do it.


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Well as melee on saurfang we have it pretty easy, so really trying to boast some dps as theres no reason why a melee can't max out there dps there. I've resisted it for awhile but haven't had much for upgrades on my druid lately so I decided to gem for armor pen instead of agi. about halfway there so should be good for next friday and i'll see the diffence it makes

So far I lost about 4% crit (down to 64% raid buffed). but have jumped my armor pen to 22%, or 435, hopefully will have it over 500 for sure and closer to 600, think 600-some is the soft cap which I want to get too.


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While it doesn't look like I'll be dpsing on my pally again anytime soon, I did go back and reread the 3.3 Ret info on Elitist Jerks. I hadn't updated my glyphs/talents to reflect the changes for that spec. Not sure how much a boost I can expect but probably close to 15% I think. I can probably eek out more by adjusting a few gems here and there...


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I think that the healers could try to throw out a bit of dps too like we initially had to with the guy in Naxx where we flip from + to - (sry boss names escape me). It might shift the balance just enough until we get better gear.

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Nice job on Uncle Fester!
^ What Mike said!

Taking down Festergut was huge and I'm quite pleased with the progress of this raid group thus far. I'm confident we can get Rotface down too once we become more familiar with the fight & mechanics of kiting the Slimeages...

Mike and I will be doing some research on the difficulty of The Crimson Hall (Blood Prince Council & Blood-Queen Lana'thel) vs. The Plagueworks and we may do some jumping around of bosses based on what we find out. As for our schedule, we'll run ICC this coming week on Friday (1/29) and Sunday (1/31). That will be our last Fri/Sun run (for a while) as we move to a Friday & Monday raid schedule. I know that several of you (excluding Adam once he's gainfully employed <--Prayer) prefer Mondays anyway. Please keep me posted on your schedule and availability. If you run into conflict for a given week please let me or Mike know ahead of time.

I want to thank Kirk personally for being an awesome contributor to this run for the past two weeks as Alex was unable to come. Your DPS and play has been uber - thank you. :) Thanks also goes out to Jason who's been swapping toons based on the boss fight. (BTW, I think Mike and Jacki came up for a solution on that next week.) I'll continue to post an alternate sign-up sheet via the in-game calendar and will base sub invites on gear level/DPS and ICC experience.

Finally to reiterate from last night - spend those Emblems of Frost!! Personally, I have been doing my best to grind the Daily Random Heroic and have purchased the iLvl 264 Cape, Belt, and Gloves which for a Prot Warrior are all BiS until you hit ICC25 via Heroic/Hard mode (iLvl 277). Every upgrade you can make to your toon is crucial to our overall success. Please evaluate where your biggest upgrades are and the quickest way to get there. For example, I'd love to have bought the Frost Emblem Chest (95 Emblems), but I'm hoping that John & I see another one drop from Lady Deathwhisper and I currently have an iLvl 245 chest (not a major gap). I was still rocking an iLvl 219 cape from Ulduar however so going to the iLvl 264 one was huge...


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I think it would be nice to continue with the instance in order, the more we do the same fights the better we get at it, going through and getting done all of plagueworks then starting on crimson hall is my preference.


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plague is a by far easier wing then the prince wing, the princes are a stargety fight where u have to have the dps to take the princes down well losing half the dps to the stupid beach balls.


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plague is a by far easier wing then the prince wing, the princes are a stargety fight where u have to have the dps to take the princes down well losing half the dps to the stupid beach balls.
Rhys, I would actually disagree. I think the princes will be a very easy fight once we get it down. It does seem pretty complex tho - lots going on at once.


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We were sooooooooo close on that one Festergut attempt it's a bit ridiculous. :eek:
Race: Flesh beast (Undead)
Level: ?? boss
Health: 9,412,000 (10-man)

(This is from attempt #3)
Boss: Festergut
Fight Time: 5:02
Total Damage: 9,402,376!!!

Augh!! :(

We did one-shot Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, Gunship, and Deathbringer Saurfang which is UBER! So still a very good night overall. We do need to clear the trash a bit more effectively though and I take responsibility for some of that.


My apologies to the team on my absence this evening. I was at a family event that suddenly became a priority. It wasn't until I saw John (we were at his parent's place) come up the stairs that I suddenly had this feeling I was suppose to be somewhere else.


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My apologies to the team on my absence this evening.
Not a problem.

Just a reminder that this run is now officially Fridays (7:00 Server) and Mondays now. We will discuss on Friday if 6:30 or 7:00 Server works best on Mondays. Also, we should get an ICC Raid Quest this week as well. :D