Tek's Writing Challenge: cc.slim

Doin the Dew

Yes dear, I reply looking away from the monitor to see her raised eyebrow, to which I immediately ask, What did I do now?
“I know when there is something wrong with my children, and there is something wrong with you!” she answers in suspicion.
I’m not your children, I’m your husband, I counter taking offence to being grouped with my children.
“Same thing” she casually remarks, still eyeballing me, and begins to tap her toe indicating her wheels were turning.
Oh come now, how can you just draw that conclusion by merely entering the room? You just arrived at home to imply I have error in my ways, I contend ignoring her last quip?
“Listening to you talking a hundred miles per hour saying nothing is a sure sign” she countered folding her arms indicating she was about to get tenacious in her pursuit of my unknown flaw.
Just playing in game with friends baby doll, I say truthfully hoping to reassure her of my innocence before she finds something I had actually done wrong, but I remain confident as she closes the distance between us to stand directly in front of me.
I exit from my game and rise to her unsmiling face to proclaim, Baby I don’t know what your looking for, but here I am, holding my hands outward.
She eases up close and sniff’s my breath and remarks "You don’t chew that kind of gum” smelling the watermelon blast I acquired from beside the computer.
“What are you covering up” she asks looking down at the trash can beside me?
I was just about to pop off a smart comment when she suddenly began patting me down like a police officer, and then she pauses on the inner pocket of my jacket. She pats me again and at that moment I knew I was busted big time.
She found my stash.
But, but, but, Baby, began my Olympic backstroke!
“Don’t but me Slim” she responded in disappointment as she gently opened my jacket and withdrew my lie. No way could I deny, and at that moment I wanted to die as she shook it fiercely in front of me asking “Why?”
My mouth finally rose from the floor to begin to form words when she held up her finger in disgust and adds “Never mind you’ll just tell me a lie!”
Saddened by the knowledge of breaking her trust, I could only apologize, Baby, it’s not easy giving up everything so fast.
“Honey, you lied about taking your medicine, then what, the next day you try to hide the double shot espresso you had at the mall, and here I find you hiding this” she remarks extending it to my face.
“I knew it when you were talking hyped” she added before turning her back on me and leaving the room still holding my doom!
I goofed up this time to that, I won’t deny, or consider to add a lie!
I have to let her know I’m true!
I had flowers sent and I sent a video of me removing the remaining residue! I followed with an I Love You, and I nervously await, I Love You To!
All because I wasn’t true, and chose the caffeine packed, mini Mountain Dew!
What's in your wallet, or not

I stood amongst eleven men with myself making it twelve, feeling very unworthy to gather with such Godly men. Why I was invited is beyond me, but here I am, wondering what is happening. The Preacher finished his opening prayer and then proceeded to place an empty box in the middle of the room, surrounded by men. He began reciting the story of the birth of Jesus as told in Mark, and when he finished he looks directly at me asking, “What does Christmas mean to you?”
Uncomfortable, I quickly spout “The celebration of Christ’s birthday by giving gifts to others.”
“But if it’s Jesus birthday, why do we give gifts to others” he casually quizzed, eyeballing all of us in the room.
“Because he has everything,” a deacon wanna be replied.
“Does he? Have you given him everything that you could possibly give? It is his birthday you know, not everybody else’s,” asks the preacher?
Silence filled the room as all eyes were upon the preacher. He looked at the deacon who had last spoke and remarked “Jesus has everything our hearts desire, except what we keep locked up within our own hearts! Now what we need to think about is what we have within us that Jesus so desperately wants out of us.”
An elder steps forward and say’s “Jesus, this year I give you the resentment toward those that are blind, so that I may stand in child wonder as to why. Happy birthday Jesus” and he backs up silently with his head bowed.

I watched and listened to the men slowly go forward piling the worldly burdens into that box. One man, who was in the process of becoming a deacon went forward and tossed a pack of smokes into the box stating “Happy birthday Jesus! I know you want these more than I, and please Jesus no give backs!”

I caught the preacher winking at the man as he backed up, and another went forward saying, “I have a personal problem that I am going to lock in a box and between you and I Jesus, I never want see it ever again so I’m tossing in the key. Happy Birthday Jesus.”

Left to place a gift into the box was I, and an elder beside me. He stepped up to the box and tossed in his keys to his Mercedes commenting “Happy birthday Jesus” and he steps back. The preacher reached into the box and rattled the keys and say’s “Earl, you have tossed your keys in here for the past three years!”
The elder counters saying “And for three years it kept coming back to my driveway, and for the last three years I have donated it to the Salvation Army. You see preacher, for the last forty years I have been filling that Christmas box with every worldly and corrupt things I can find within me! Now when you’ve filled it with all that you can, all that’s left is filling it with the blessings of gratuity.”
The preacher chuckles in reply “You and I need to talk”, and then looks at me and asks, “What would you like to give?”
I shifted on my feet still in deep thought of what to give, when the feeling came upon me to respond, “I give the feelings I have of unworthiness in his kingdom.”
The preacher confirms “We are all unworthy in the eyes of our Lord, so he sent his only begotten son so we may be found worthy! Now as we go about our ways today, let us show others that Christmas is about birth of Christ and not about what’s in our wallets!”

I stood silent, as thoughts of worldly burdens are on those who do not know Jesus as he closed in prayer.

but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. 11 The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! 12 And you will recognize him by this sign: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in strips of cloth, lying in a manger.” Luke 2:10 +
The case of Santa's bass

Every Christmas eve
For those in the know
Broadcasting live
Is the lil b show
Following Santa’s sleigh
Each and every year
Adding Christmas wishes
And rocking Christmas cheer

I remember Christmas’s
With Santa away on his sleigh
You got what was loaded
That was it, no other way
Then one Christmas eve
Santa with elf ingenuity
Began expressing your last plea
To be a surprise, under your tree

There’s more to Saint Nick
That few know, you see
Then slipping down chimneys
And riding his sleigh
Like, why he’s always jolly
So full of Christmas cheer
Then that Santa secret
Changed Christmas that year

His secret wasn’t small
With the chaos that took place
All begins when Santa
came back from the holy place
Then straight to the music room
Says his defense on the case
Like it’s not a north pole secret
That Santa loves the bass

Debated still, is Santa’s guilt
Of an open sack of grace
And somehow using speakers
Spreading dust about the place
No question is the life to toys
Shows an angel lent a hand
And another clue that’s something
Is the toys went and joined his band

Prosecution on the case
Cites the victim to say
That as Santa bent a string
The bass sent him faraway
The fact search and rescue
Found him the later that day
Dazed and confused in Vegas
As an elf in a Christmas play

So they subpoenaed lil b
Head elf in charge of shipping
He was there with Santa
But he isn’t speaking
Investigators poked around
Looking for evidence
And not a trace was found
Missing was Santa’s bass

Now the rest is speculation
What took place you see
But a new era of shipping
Began that Christmas eve
Following Santa everywhere
Shipping directly to his sleigh
Filling the night sky with wishes
To be there Christmas day

Now as for Santa’s missing bass
On that Christmas eve
I made my last and only plea
When I broke my last bass string
And then appearing under my tree
A bright red bass signed by Santa
That said Merry Christmas
And best wishes lil b

That’s how it came about
That Christmas eve
With grace in the bass
For you and for me
And with you in the know
How it all takes place
Sending your requests
Because Santa loves bass
A redo n stuff


“Slim” echoes out to interrupt my minds task, and as I turn, a student is shaking a compass in front of me complaining, “This compass is broken.”
“You wasn’t listening in class was you Neal? Silly question I know, you were to busy staring at Jennifer to pay attention. Let me let you in on a secret Neal, she wants the same as you, and that is the truth. If people would take the time to learn the truth that lies inside every one of us, we would have less divorces and happier families! It is not funny how we are enamored over the exterior, until the interior pops up not what we want! Relax, and be you, and in God’s time he will share! Now as for the compass, its fine, you just did not listen to instructions. Follow me on this, and I’ll quickly run you through its usage.”
“I’m sorry Slim, she has my heart and I can’t break away from how pretty and smart she is, and I did hear you say the compass points to Jesus!”
“If you followed through with me you would have learned it does not!”
“How so?”
“Where is it pointing now?”
“At you!”
“Am I Jesus?”
“No, far off from that Slim!”
“Thanks for that vote of confidence Neal! Let me ask, if Jesus was behind me, would you have to say excuse me, or find another way to get to him? Here we have thousands upon thousands in your way, just to get to Jesus. Surely, rudeness would come into play just for a glimpse. Take a singer on a stage, and everybody wants to get as close as possible. Some do, some cannot, so in fairness Jesus did what he had to do. He made sure that all could get to him by rising to heaven, where we never have to look though the back of no man, never have to say excuse me or disrespect another. You see, your hand grasps the worlds compass and your heart holds his compass. Now raise your free hand up to him and you will know where you are going, in relevance to the kingdom above you! Leading me ask where is your heart leading you?”

Drawing included

Beside a red handprint
Against a cold stone wall
There stands a man silent
Speaking nothing at all
Yet he leaves a message
A way we understand
Forever drawn in life
More than just a man

Dyes and clays
Materials from earth
Combined by two hands
Breathed to life’s worth
The work of honest pride
By simplistic plans
How without words expresses
The inspiration in man

Masked by Rembrandt
And colored by Picasso
On canvas to lie quiet
As he stands on stone
Sharing the same silence
In stillness to comprehend
A vibrant living story
In encouragement for man

Mirrored life like on film
A voiced over movie clip
Proving your time alive
Along the fine and fading strip
Unlike him for time alive
Along a long narrow path
To be hand drawn on stone
For the endorsement to man

He’s drawn to stand
Beside the blood red hand
Drawn to life, more than a man
To be drawn to become
His Stickman

Words you seek, when you cannot speak
Draw someone close, and share them in the heartbeat.

Gnaw worries its just a story

If I wrote a story! What would it be? Would it be something? Something someone would read? Nothing to come of a story you see! Whether pretend or imagining, its an eventual storyline of opportunity! Gnaw worries? Like a game, win or lose you see, it ends a story to believe, whether you see or do not see!

Perchance it opens, to a mothers hushed lullaby, gently rocking to and fro, timed amid the waves, of a rising tide. Possibly a ballet to life, danced by the northern lights, ushered by shadows, that flicker by firelight. A story to believe, if that was something you would read.

Maybe beginning high on a mountain peak, beside a bright blue sky, where clouds seem to pave, the way to a new life. Perhaps beside a waterfall, cascading to a deep clear pool. Where within it’s misty echo, lies a reflecting rainbow. A story to believe, if that was something you would read.

Dare not walk the edge, of a unopened book, timed astride the least of the page, inside left unsaid. No need to fill with pain, the constant deny, that in every answer, leads to more why. A story to believe, if that was something you would read.

So much the story could be. If to forever endure, on a waiting white page, filled with promised destiny. To be found worthy of glory, by living the story, that of you or that of me, so the story will be. A story to believe, if that was something you would read.

Its just a story, play imagining, to be held, by what you see. To look universally, airing optimistically, its an eventual storyline of opportunity! Gnaw worries, like a game, win or lose, it ends a story to believe, whether you see or do not see!
Twist my arm and make me Goofy

Da Flop

“Well twist my arm and make me goofy”
“We don’t have to twist your arm for that Slim!”
“Well obviously you need a key or we wouldn’t be here arguing”
“Because we differ in words you’re going to be goofy?”
“Water is more than what you see, as with wants and needs, and with those two beside you silent, I can see it’s left for me!”
“How about I push you in the pool, that would be goofy wouldn’t it?”
“I don’t have to be pushed! Say… you have something with that.”
“You want me to push you in the pool?”
“Not exactly, but you prompted me to demonstrate!”
“How so?”
“I’m going to climb up there and jump!”
“Way up there to prove your point?”
“Yep, better effects!”
“Now I know your goofy, but go ahead!”
“You see its not the hill where he was crucified!” thump thump thump “Its not the hole where he once lied!” thump thump thump “Its not the wall where we still cry!” thump thump thump “You asked him to live inside!” thump thump thump
“I can barely hear him! What’s he saying?”
“He’s Baa baa baa ….”
“Come on Mel, spit it out!”
“Baa baa baa….”
“Is that a lost sheep call? Is your sheep scattered and your calling them? Gosh!”
“Baa baa baa….”
“How can I hear him now?”
“Love man…!”
“Say,… you sound like Fillmore from the movie Cars!”
“Love man…”
“Baa baa baa…”
“Aw great! How can I hear through all this babbling?”
“Baa baa baa…”
“Love man….”
“If you can hear me Slim through this crazy babbling, do a triple somersault and add a full twist!”
“Love man….”
“Baa baa baa…”
“The only want is God above!” boing boing boing “So comes the power of Love!” boing boing boing “To think in all your needs“ boing boing boing. “Is to see through insanity!” boing boing boing.
“Say what? What are you saying? C’mon guys shish a minute!”
“Baa baa baa…”
“Love man…”
“Stop babbling guys so I can hear!”
“Living water” boing boing boing “Shall flow from the belly” boing boing boing “Our only way” boing boing boing “Left by Babel to say” boing boing boing. “To connect universally”
“What Slim? Shish Guys!”
“Baa baa baa….”
“Love man…”
“Aw there he goes! Oh my, oh… my, it’s not looking good” SPLATSH… Ewww Belly Buster! That had to hurt! Ah hah ha… look he got you two wet and missed me!”
“Baa baa baa…”
“Love man…”
“Look at him cheese! Oh please,… is he really that goofy?”
“Baa baa baa…”
“Love man…”
“To see though the babbling” splish splish splish “Is letting Love take the lead” splish splish splish “To where you want to be” thump thump thump Is to be given the key.” thump thump thump
“Baa baa baa…”
“It’s a conspiracy man”
“All this babbling is making me crazy”
“Love man…”
“Baa baa baa…”
“From needs to need” thump thump thump “By having the opportunity” thump thump thump “To share living water” boing boing boing “And wash another’s feet” boing boing boing

“Somebody make him stop! C‘mon… I can see it coming! And sure enough there he goes! Make ready everybody! Incoming… Belly Flop!”

“He’s babbling”
“Love man…”

Buried in fertile ground. A small seed will flame! Ignites to consume! Who is really whom!
Jesus replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.”

Washed to wash your feet..
Skin deep

“Quit playing with your peas and eat your supper!”

With a sigh, I look down at fruits of my labor, held by their beauty of similarity.
Provided color variation with blemishes yet more than what you see knowing each one is the same, to that I shudder despise, for no matter how beautiful they are, they’re rotten inside.

Should I sweep them away and start anew, or consent to a way where I can consume?

Choose to let them sit in blame and say all I did I did in vain, or show my heart was in this from the very start?

To offer without debate to keep and not delete for alone in their redemption, there’s no way to my inner sanctum. With a tide of white as a covering disguise worthy before my eyes to purifying what lies inside.

Uniting the fruits of my labor proves what they mean to me, enough to say, that if I was a pea, I would be asking for more taters please!

Looking down there they were
Different yet the same as me
Where beauty is skin deep
Living a life like a green pea

Where’s everybody, I ask my daughter upon entering the room.
“Mom’s outside and he‘s somewhere.” she answers dragging the tone of apparent distaste toward her little brother.
I sit down in front of the computer and turn it on and she asks, “Are you going to write?”
“I like to read when you write.”
Not right now I answer, and then opened one eye wider in deeper recognition of her answer.
You like my music?
“Never mind” she replies installing her headphones and opening her book.
I log in, and sport a big smile as I arise from the computer pleased with any given little known intricacies of my teenage girl.

So, I mosey outside to find my wife lying on her side sunning on the deck.
I ask how was your day. A crook of her finger signs ok, then her hand waves no bother. Muting me, with sign language!

Perusing the deck wary for a loose ornery boy and why he might hide, for my life dictates a sharp eye, and spy laying on the table a sack that freezes my mind, and directs my eagle eye to what might lie inside.

I cruise on over hoping to find a sweet, but all I found inside was a grocery receipt.
Go figure I mutter in disgust knowing our budget and the bang of the buck
couldn’t be stretched for me.
Crushed by the dollars legal nonsense I glance back to a time when candy was a dime and really lost my focus. For at the bottom of the receipt was the name of a toy, and in tough times like this a non essential for the boy.

This is beyond my reasoning so I walk over breaking her silence by questioning
on how this could come to be.
She turns over and looks me square saying “Your son deserves fun so get over it and relax, after all it’s only a squirt gun.”

A snarl began to cross my lips to express my distaste, for money ill spent is nothing more than waste. When I see the top of the boy’s head rise from behind his mom’s back, and his smile as he brings up the contents of the sack. I could see the gleam in his eye and my mouth his aim and before I could say a thing I get it full in the face.

Silent in spoiled anger and my face soaking wet, I give my best angry glare and toss her the crumpled receipt.
Turning away I go inside for a refuge to contemplate, and stop in front of the sink, running through what took place.

I’m the man of the house and in it I surmise the parameters of wisdom and how to remain wise. When it came upon me as I open a drawer, a plan of action quickly dawns as my jaw hits the floor!

In that drawer was my answer and not what I was expecting but will defiantly show my authority needs respecting. Pulling out the sack of balloons, determined to stay true
I begin to filling one for that super soaker two!

I smile at my authority since the memory of his “Thanks Mom” and the wink in her reply replays as I fill the water bomb. Power stretching the buck brings humor to what I must do for at the price of these I can make enough for two!

Wouldn’t you?
Best be careful!
I made one for you!
Wouldn’t you to?
Pull my finger!

I am such a stinker! hehehe ninja headlock, noggin rub, rub, rub, hip toss, sits on chest, Whining Baby!
Sorry…, Not!
This is late, but I’m better prepared, and as your older brother, you have this coming!
Zip it up and listen, because there’s more in our walk than eggs and ham. I am speaking of the breath of God and clays of the land!
You had better lie still!
For both our sakes!
This is fair warning!
Note I am the one on top digesting a volcano platter, and I’m not letting you up until I am finished spewing in this matter!
It is up to you to which end this comes out!
Got it?

To think your smart speaking of negatives is simply silly!
God loved us first, so he is in every one of us.
With your eyes wiped clean for x-ray vision to see straight through to the love of God, you see ancient sins worn as scars, and not his love beating in a rising star!
Shame on you!
Does one finger points, three are pointing back strike true?
Go ahead squirm!
My stomach is rumbling with the opportunity to let it all loose!
Could put a completely new meaning to bottoms up huh?
Aw, you’re in a tough spot, and I‘m stuck to you like glue!

I have to be nice, I know!
Therefore, I am going to twist the finger!
Just for you!
Aw, c’mon smile, this won’t hurt!
Well it won’t unless you move!
You need to relax and stop seeing the negative!
Use the power to see as he, past the scars of sin straight to the love already placed inside that needs encouragement!
See his love, encourage his love, share his love, and point out what is godly and good!
Then you can be assured, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three, pointing back at you!

Hehehe, thought I was going to pull my finger huh?
No matter, the horror on your face is priceless!
Honestly though, now would be a good the time to wiggle free!
Because if the twist is silent, be certain of, but deadly!
Unbreakable Promise

(Thump, Thump, Thump)
Hello? Huh, Nobody there!
Behind every promise is a closed door. One you must open if you want something more. But every door you’ve opened you find it to be another promise broken.

(Thump, Thump, Thump)
Hello? Again nobody there!
Before you give up and open no more. Let me ask you to open just one more door. It’s a promise that is free, but it’s locked and requires a key.

(Thump, Thump, Thump)
Hello? What’s up with this?
Bled red the promise written with Love as the key. You will open the door to all eternity. No more pain. No more lies. Forever on with no more whys.

(Thump, Thump, click )
Gotcha! Aw man, I should’ve known it would be you ninja knocking and running away!
Hey, Hey come back here!
Well what else can I say?
If you want something more find the key to the locked door.
So you can have it unlocked to catch God knocking on the door.
I died today

I died today
Holding hands with a gay man
Who’s best friend died of aids
I died today
Against the chest of a brother
Who’s sister died in a drive by
Yeah I died today
On the shoulder of a soldier
Who faced death under fire
And yeah I died today
In the arms of a mother
Who lost her only child
I died today
A deserving death
Undeserving what lies ahead
I died today
Hung a convicted thief
To live on
Beside a innocent King
I died today
Holding hands with a gay man
Who’s best friend died of aids
I died today
Against the chest of a brother
Who’s sister died in a drive by
Yeah I died today
On the shoulder of a soldier
Who faced death under fire
And yeah I died today
In the arms of a mother
Who lost her only child
I died today
A deserving death
Undeserving what lies ahead
I died today
Hung a convicted thief
To live on
Beside a innocent King

That's a very effective poem, nicely written. You start right away grabbing the reader's attention, and you made a good decision to vary "I died today" with "yeah I died today, and yeah I died today". Line after line your poem holds its own. I'd recommend changing "faced death under fire", the word "faced" is too passive and overused. Consider rewording, or even flip it around and show the soldier's agony at having to cause the death of someone else. Later in your poem, "A deserving death/Undeserving what lies ahead" is confusing when you have not yet hinted in this part of the poem that "what lies ahead" is eternal life. You don't want to make your reader get to the end before they understand what you're talking about in this line. I'd also recommend "Hanged for a thief" instead of "Hung a convicted thief" ("convicted" is already implied by the fact that he's being hanged). And finally, consider working on the last two lines. There are many ways to depict Jesus, but for some reason "innocent King" doesn't resonate well for me as an image. Hope my comments makes some sense to you. :) Once again an excellent poem, some of the best poetry I've seen on this forum.

OOps silly me posting the wrong page hehehe Thank you for your advice! I hope below reflects your critique.

I died today
Holding hands with a gay man
Who’s best friend died of aids
I died today
Against the chest of a brother
Who’s sister died in a drive by
Yeah I died today
On the shoulder of a soldier
Death had haunted his dreams
And yeah I died today
In the arms of a mother
Who lost her only child
I died today
Nailed for a thief
Confessing before a king
I died today
A deserving death
Undeserving what lies ahead
That’s why I died today
Doing what must be done! November's challenge

And send hope to the homeless and the orphans.
Hold on!
Can it wait I’m talking to the Boss?
Must be important for her to interrupt me while I‘m talking, so before I go I want you to know I will do what I have to do to follow you!
“Hurry up Slim”
I’m almost there, jeez!
Ok, what’s so important?
“Your dog pooped by the front door!”
Now wait a minute, there is no my dog!
“Yes there is! You adopted it.”
How do you know it done it, you do have another?
“Because the other won’t do that!”
So instantly you blame the orphaned one!
“You know it’s the only one that poops by the door.”
Gee whiz look at the size of it! Are you sure it was a dog? Come now don’t give me that look, we do have kids and that’s a zookeeper‘s job!
Well you saw it first and you calling me seems unfair!
“You are the man of the house!”
Aw throw that one at me! Do tell where the manly is in cleaning up poo!
“Let just say I’m the one cooking food, and it doesn’t seem right your wife should touch poo too?”
True, since you put it that way! So can I borrow a spatula? Aw come back I was joking, I’ll go get a shovel!

Boss, I know I said I’ll do what I must do to follow you but I really need you beside me on this to explain beyond the obvious facts that a wife and poo won’t do in the same room and a dog will poo where it wants to poo!

Can it be, that in a world of water and rock we’re to put our matter where it matters most?
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Two sided star

Cool beginnings
Drifting through space
Vague, discreet
Never finding a place
Exposed in coldness
A search of life
To find it circles
The shining bright light

Big and small
Bearers to rings
Clothed in vibrant colors
Life set in spin
A precise dance
As shadows at night
Gathered like children
Around a glowing fire light

Graze of its touch
Contacting life
The distant attraction
Pulls without a fight
Whole body trembles
With a melody of time
A comforting ensemble
Cast by the warming light

Innate desire is to shine
Blazing full and bright
Forever lit a lamp
Like a star in the night
But uncertainty shadows
A past worn as scars
Dark against the light
Turning as a one sided star

Began simple
A bubble bursting free
Ascending clothed by sea
I didn’t ask
What became of me
But here I be
Rising through depths
Bringing all of me

Everything clings
More than memory
Adding to my cell
Making what is me
And what I bring
Will leave echoes
Teasing uncertainty
Crashing through sea
In what the release will be

Murmured in eagerness
With a heat of passion
Breathed softly with a caress
Followed with tenderness
Of a whispered kiss
Drying tears
Sung in a lullaby
Wrapping in meaning
From a weeping eye

Yet the bubble rises higher
To a foreseeable break
Rising to a new beginning
That’s no mistake
And I have plans
To leave the worst of me
As dirty foam on the sea
To become the air
The very air that you breathe

Delving deeper than depths
From which I came
Reaching to the stars above
With all I have to give
Freed to rise above
Giving the best of one
Just to be breathed
In the concept of love
Jokers for kings

You say I don’t know
How they praise you
Say you’re the man
As they pat your back
With crap in hand
Though how can I know
But I know

You say I don’t know
A straight up promise
Locked hand and eye
Hearing the beginning
Of a soul wrenching lie
Although how can I know
But I know

And you say I don’t know
Holding a past
Burdened by its chains
Rattles in nightmares
Changes future dreams
Yet how can I know
But I know

You say I don’t know
And could never understand
The raw deal of life
Beginning with nothing
But two empty hands
So who doesn’t know
Something we all know

What I don’t know
Is why you can’t see as me
The world of reality
Isn’t hidden in make believe
By the clue that I leave
When you can see players playing
Jokers for kings
I like this last one but something isn't right and I can't lay my finger on it. I have never wrote with an anger like I felt at that moment and to be honest it has me confused. I believe it can be even better but the anger was fleeting. So it sits a bit longer hehehe it sat for three months unfinished and I forced it to compete instead of reaching for older stuff and alas it lacked staying power to procure votes as a poem in a survivor challenge. wOOt! Have hammer lack nails!