Tek's Writing Challenge: cc.slim



Beside a red handprint
Against a cold stone wall
There stands a man silent
Speaking nothing at all
Yet he leaves a message
A language we understand
Forever drawn in life
Becoming a stickman

Dyes and clays
Materials from the earth
Blended by two hands
Breathed in to life’s worth
Without a word he shows
Inspiration by man
Living out the story
Telling of shown glory
Witness by stickman

Masked to be Rembrandt
Added color by Picasso
Endure on canvas
As he stands on stone
Without a word he sings
A silent song of man
A song to his glory
Singing out the story
Worship by stickman

Captured on film
A rendition of you
Enduring on by family
As he gathers by few
Without a word he prays
A fearful cry for man
A cowboy at the cross
For those who are lost
Prayer by stickman

Do you see
I am he
When my lips fail to share
Witness, worship and prayer
More than just a man
Drawn in life to stand
Forever beside the man
And his red stained hand
I am his stickman

Words that you seek
When you cannot speak
Draw someone close
And share the heartbeat
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There are a lot of great highlights to that poem. There are two things I think you might want to work with. The first is that you might want more 'drama' of the poem, in terms of surprising the reader with where you're going with it, or focusing more on a 'story' behind the poem. The second is the word 'stickman'. First, it really doesn't work well in my ear, especially at the end of a line where the ear tends to crave one long syllable instead of two short ones. And second, it's just a weird word to me, even by the end of your poem. It might not be possible to change the word since it is central to your poem, but you might have to work around the word a bit more if you really want to make it work well. Forgive me if any of the critique is hard to understand, it can be difficult to express how one feels about a poem. Keep up your good work on poetry Dale.

Green Apples

“There you are Slim. Right where I guessed you would be.”
Is there a reason you're looking for me for me Dad?
“Yes, there's something we need to discuss”
There is? Gosh what have I done wrong now?
“What have you in your hand young man?”
A fruit, why do you ask?
“Slim, some of us want to know why you're picking them before their ready. You know you can't put the thing back on the tree after you pulled it off now don't you. How can it mature and get good and juicy?”
Dad I have a reason, and if you would please let me explain.
“Please do young man.”
Ok, as you can see the tree is full of fruit and every time one is plucked another immediately replaces it.
“Yes, it is beautiful, and unlimited in fruits, but I sense that you're wasting them.”
No sir, not at all! I have found a use for them.
“You found use for hard unripe fruits? This I have to hear.”
First of all, I don't choose totally unripe fruits. The ones I pluck tend to have excellent content and carry very well!
“Of course it would have excellent content son. Now what do you mean to carry well?”
See all those cats sitting on the fence moaning and groaning?
“They can't partake of fruits sitting on the fence son.”
I know Dad but I found that these unripe fruits carry the distance from here to the fence very well helping them off the fence.
“You're throwing unripe fruits at cats sitting on the fence?”
I found that if you hit a cat square in the heart they'll fall on over on this side. Here let me show you.
“Nice shot son!”
Thanks Dad! Did you hear all the fussing pour out of that one? I believe it was a Siamese!
“Nope, that’s a Sudanese.”
Any ways, that's what I use them for Dad.
“What is the worst thing that can happen with this?”
Well, I have hit a couple in the head and knocked them back over off the fence.
“And did they get back up on the fence son?”
I don't know Dad.
“Well, I need you to stop until we can figure out another way for you to share the fruit.”
Yes sir, but since you're here can you graciously help me to reach that ripe one right above us?
“Here, got it, hand it over and let me show you something!”
Show me what?
“If you spit on it like this, polish it to a fine sheen you can see your image!”
That's your fruit now Dad! I'll pass on it thank you!
“You would miss out on sharing fruits son?”
I'm more into the slobber free fruits Dad. Oh my, now I'm inspired Dad, I’m supposing the name “Me” fruits, a shine so fine you can see the son shine. Spit free of course. Dad, I have to go plan this. If you figure out some thing else I can do with unripe fruits let me know I would be glad to assist, but this “Me” fruit idea is going to explode with me smack dab in the middle of it. I love you and I’ll talk to you later on, bye Dad.
“Well nothing left to do but share this fruit with you while we contemplate the dilemma of Slim and his good intentions coupled with his impatience. I have an idea that just might slow Slim down a tad. Lets enjoy!”
CGA Iron Chef

Some how I have a feeling my Dad is up to something, but I can't place it! He did casually mention that this would be a good time to promote a new product. Oh well here we go!

Welcome to the first airing of CGA Iron Chef!
This is Slim your host!
To get this show off to a good start my Dad has chosen our first contestant from far away, across the ocean to a country called Sudan. Let me introduce a hacker of nouns, the magician of predication, a slipper of adjectives, Dcaf Jitrs!
Welcome Dcaf to the CGA Iron Chef!
“مرحبا ، سعيدة أن يكون هنا”
Oh, the translator isn’t working here (thump). Now let’s try this again, Welcome Dcaf!
“مرحبا ، سعيدة أن يكون هنا”
[Hello, glad to be here!]
Perfect. Iron chef Dcaf, today you’re going to be challenged. Our sponsor has hidden under this very cloth in front of us unprepared literature. It might be a manuscript, or poetry, a skit, just be assured that it is fresh.
Are you ready for the challenge Dcaf?
“أف كورس] أنا يتأهّب أنّ لما أنا أكون هنا”
[Of course I'm ready that’s why I'm here.]
Ok, before I unveil I want to remind you of the rules. You have thirty minutes to prepare the product to a main dish. Are you ready?
“أف كورس] أنا يتأهّب أنّ لما أنا أكون هنا”
[Of course I'm ready that’s why I'm here.]
Great, now Dcaf before we start, I must ask you why keep rubbing the center of your chest? Psyching up for the challenge? Do I need to seek medical attention for you?
“مكن أنا تكلّمت إلى أنت في خاصّة”
[May I speak to you in private?]
Sure Dcaf what can I do for you?
[I had a dream I was on a high place over looking a beautiful garden lush with fruits and grains and I wanted to go there but I did not know how to get down. Then from out of nowhere I was hit dead center by something tumbling me down to a pile of green apples. I ran happy shouting for joy I was alive when I woke up with an aching pain in my chest and had it ever since.]
You don’t say Dcaf. Did you happen to get a look at who might have thrown something?
Well thank Jesus your ok!
Back to the show Dcaf! What do you say we have a look at what our secret item is?
Dad! You didn’t!
“[أه لورد يسوع]”
[Oh Lord Jesus]
Wow Dcaf your eyes are huge! Calm yourself Dcaf and face it. You can defeat this fear and bring out the glory! You can do it! Ah come on back Dcaf give it a shot. Show us your hacking skills! Will you stay and try?
Oh thank you so much Dcaf! I have faith you can swirl something dandy up!
Ok, then time starts now!
Ok, Dcaf immediately moves to begin searing to lock in the truth. Oh look, he has started another pan steaming in freshness. Hmm, could he possibly be whipping up a combo?
Looks like Dcaf has an idea so let us take this moment for a word from our sponsor.

“Me fruits” a shine so fine you can see the son shine! Certified all organic and spit free! Start looking for them today at your local Ask and Saved!

Thank you “Me fruits” for the sponsorship and now back to Dcaf as we follow him near completion.
Wow, He’s already prepared us an exquisite looking dish out of green apples!
Ladies and Gentlemen all is left for you to judge! Can Dcaf Jitrs add the title CGA Iron Chef to his long list of accomplishments? Lets us sample!
More than I

More than I

Huddled in the corner
Head down and crying
So much has been put on me
No more sense in trying
Born a lonely person
No one to ask why
Should I go caring
When life is more than I

Weight of the world
Was to much for me
Broken down and beaten
Wasn’t meant to be
Let me lend my shoulder
A place your head may lie
Where you hear me whisper
He can love you more than I

Crumbled piece of paper
Lying on the floor
My time in this job
They chose to ignore
Leaving me no future
Working for a lie
So who’s to hear me say
The burdens more than I

Chains that have bound you
I can not take away
And I know that your life
Isn’t going your way
Link by link I’ll gain
As I explain why
That if it were him
He could bear more than I

Failing in my marriage
Not a sign of hope
The bills keep on piling
So hard to stay afloat
The day we said I do
I felt we could fly
But I now I go and hide
When the fight is more than I

Your hands made a circle
Beginning with no end
Love bound by God
So two as one begins
With him in the middle
To equal every side
A balance to the marriage
To bless you more than I

Just cry Jesus come to me
Come to me please
I can see the world
Is no place for me
Ease into my heart
And plant deep inside
So I will always know Jesus
You make me more than I
Post hors d'oeuvre

“Me fruits” a shine so fine you can see the son shine! Certified all organic and spit free! Start looking for them today! Available now at your Ask and Saved! Find them coming soon to your local conviction marts. Ask for “Me fruits” today!
Very good Dcaf! Puts a new meaning when I refer to myself.
" شكرا لك "
[Thank you!]
That was a mighty fine dish Dcaf!
" شكرا لك "
[Thank you!]
Decaf, I see more items prepared. Was that last dish a hors d'oeuvre?
Wow amazing, let’s ask a judge what they thought of this fine dish.
Sir, can you inform the audience what you thought about the dish?
“I found it really good! Smooth but somewhat cheesy. Over all I found it very satisfying”
Great to hear something good can be made of unripe fruits. Now let’s get back to the rest of your unbelievable banquet Dcaf.
Decaf, if you would be so kind to display your next treat. Our judges and I are eager to see and to enjoy the benefits of you being such a highly skilled chef.
Wow! A beautiful dish for the main course and I see the dessert!
Let me say that dessert looks unbelievably scrumptious.
Thank you Dcaf for your determination and, please let me be the first to applaud you on behalf of the CGA for your appearance on the first and probably the last Iron Chef. Thank You Dcaf Jtrs!

Remember audience we are proud to be sponsored by.

“Me fruits” a shine so fine you can see the son shine! Certified all organic and spit free! Start looking for them today! Available now at your Ask and Saved! Find them coming soon to your local conviction marts. Ask for “Me fruits” today!
Main course

Because of you

Because of you
We picnic in the park
As our children play
Way up until dark
Because of you
We make castles of sand
As the sun sets
On the Promised Land

Because of you
We have amber waves of grain
For those who are hungry
We’ll ease the pain
Because of you
We meet the demand
Rising up as mountains
Doing something grand

Because of you
We’ll find a way there
When you’re tossed
To sudden despair
Because of you
We go with a plan
As we travel the world
To give a helping hand

Because of you
We love our brother
Joined hand in hand
Mattering not a color
Because of you
We know that we can
Bind with unselfish love
So all see and understand

Because of you
We share the good things
With gentle loving kindness
In honor to the king
But because of you
Our hearts are sad
All because of you, Jesus
We stand to be a hated man

More than a sparrow

Walking a narrow path to town
Along it a woman stood
Beckoning to hold out my hand
As she filled them to the brim
With sifted grains of wheat
To town she points with a nod
My journey winds its way
To the clouded darkness of man

Neon lights and smoky filled rooms
I did sit spreading the given
What I carried within my hand
Thinking it would be for saving
Offering a promise to man
But they only came to partake
Until my hands were almost bare
Because I thought it to be shared

I sat lowly on a bench
Mind full of shame and disgust
As a sparrow landed before me
Only thing found to be worthy
Was scratching in the dust
Tossing my last grain of wheat
To lay before the sparrow
For you I say something to eat

From nowhere came a dove
Stealing the grain away
To air it flew high above my head
As I watched in wonder as to why
An eagle came forcing away the seed
Drifting it back down to land
Just behind the sparrow’s feet
There I say sparrow is your feast

Unknowing the sparrow scratched
Until I could take no more
I rose to point out the grain
Scaring the sparrow to fly away
Covered in dirt the grain did lie
When a tear fell from my eye
On the dust wetting the seed
For more than a sparrow
The seed was left behind
Just sloshing around

WHOAA Buck, my trusty steed!

I don’t know if you felt that! I sure did!
Yep, that was the second hiccup in your giddy up!
Proof enough I led us off the way and you into a mess.
Man, my bad, I should have caught this when pnut said I nagged too much!
A quick family survey confirmed his statement but hey, I defended myself with the fact that I’m not a zoo keeper cleaning behind a bunch of monkeys!
Didn’t I?
Yeah I know, we have to love the monkeys to!
And look, a third clue right there, your foot is wet!
Watered down love!
You could have told me your foot was getting wet Buck!
Gosh! That would have stopped us sooner!
I know, I should’ve caught what pnut said when he said it, but I wasn’t listening very well.
Sorry Buck!
Yeah, we need to turn around and go back a bit too where to when pnut came back from summer camp, gave me a big hug and told me he loved me and that if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t have known Jesus.
I know, I know he might have well met Jesus at another time by hearing the truth from someone else but, wow, that was the best of feelings and well on the way to life.
Here as the head of the household I am supposed to have the brightest of light indoors and out, attracting family and friends.
Not pushing them away with my selfish expectations and frustration.
So let’s mosey back up and pick up the clues I left behind.
Yes, I left clues because I knew I would wander off a bit daydreaming and would need something to show us the way back.
We can thank the Christian Gamers Alliance and the Tribe of Judah for standing up in a place that few would ever look to find Jesus and for not pushing away or making fun of goofy growing people; all are in the grace of love!
Sound that backup beeper old buddy because there are some things worth looking back on to!
I’m setting my hearts eye
Out in search of a clue
Of the flame that day
When truth led my way

Oh my I fell in the water and it sure is deep! up above my head I see light but its so hard with every stroke I seem to sink Oh God help me I need air air help save me yeh yeh almost there air ah ah (Blurp) under again struggle and stroke again ... ah air but still so hard to stay up (Blurp) A hand on my head, I feel it and up I rose and heard a voice that said you called and as my voice was prepared to shout I went (Blurp) hand still upon my head up up air I shout Lord Jesus my best buddy thank you for showing up to help me,,, He says Slim ol buddy what are you doing there as I slid under(Blurp)hand still attached upon my head and up I go.. I sputtered Hey are you trying to drown me or wha(Blurp) up again sputtering and bewildered and I hear slimmmm why all the weight as I was about to reply I went(Blurp) air OH need air... Up again to words echoing loudly and stern. SLIM Trust my Promise and Focus. Huh as I felt myself go(Blurp) So what is he being a wise guy or what with this constant dunking me just help me as I rise up to air. Slim? the world got you down? huh as I slip Und(Blurp) Questions at a time like this? gasp! gasp! Slim. Yes? Trust me to carry your burdens and as I can see you got a pocket full. But(Blurp) up I thrashed Lord Lord I thought I carried little and it was so trivial for you to mess with!!!(Blurp)A tug up! Slim? Yeh. Heavy huh Yes I reply. The world has big burdens and really piles up so always trust in me to deal with it as needed.. Now here Focus On My Hand It Is Always Reaching and get up here.. Oh rejoice I feel so alive thank you thank you for saving my life.. But why was you dunking me I asked? Jesus replies I use this concept for alot of tough guys who forget that burdens should be left for me and when they are just about to go to far under the spirit within brings them up to be lifted out for it was not I pushing you down but it was my lifting you out.Hahaha I just like the concept for the stubborn ones hahaha And you know you all thought I walked on water hahahaha stepped on heads more like ahahahaha joking Slim hahahaha I did as told but see I have another (Blurp) right behind you hahaha, Focus on what I told you and stay away from the BLURP affect and you will be fine>>>Say what Yeh GIVE that spirit some AIR!!!!

We have found the way Buck, just went back a little too far.
But, how I remember this! I knew that all I had to do is reach for his hand and when I finally did I witnessed it to my best abilities sputtering and stammering as fast as I could all with a mouth full of water.
Not easy Buck!
Courage in the fear of submission!
I know we didn’t swerve off here, but a good clue none the less, and I can see your foot’s dry!
None of that sissy watered down love here!
Humble Christian love!
Yep that’s what we’re looking for.
Eyes focused on Jesus!
So all we have left to do is hound dog the truth and we’ll be back on the path having a skippadydodaday!

How many of you have burdens!? I do! But just the other day I thought I gave all mine to Jesus!
The word “burden” was spoken in a conversation and it caught my interest. A quick glace at myself was to say nope no “burden” here!
But could I have missed something?
So I looked at this word “burden” to be sure that Jesus had all that I could give him.

I consulted the bible; I compared with the dictionary. In both books the word “burden” is defined to be a heavy or unmanageable load. So I had to dig higher for a burden that is above the responsibility of being a Christian.

One word stood out that could cause a burden. So I studied that one word and I found astonishing results! In the bible this word’s meaning has already doubled its adversary! In the dictionary this one word that could cause a “burden” quadruples its opposite.

How can this single most powerful word ever be a “burden”?
How can the greatest gift ever to be given be my “burden”?
I asked and I received.
I'm given and I will give.

Ah Ha, Love can be a” burden”!

When a Christian does not live up to their responsibilities to give Love, Love then
Becomes a “burden”! All the power and might of Love is stuck inside of you, waiting to be given and you don’t give.
So here I am, full to the top like a tall drink of water. With the only time I lose any of this water is when I am sloshing here or sloshing there, never giving plentiful refreshment wherever I go!

So I stand before you as “A Messenger with a Burden of Love”.

Now I remember who I am!
Yep, Buck my trusty steed, a vessel holding pure unadulterated love standing on the solid truth!
Of course I was a little nervous!
I know full well the hazard of falling short?
Whoa dude, why do I have a sneaky suspicion that you done this on purpose!
Dragging me off just to see if I was really paying attention!
Shoot yeah it did, snapped my head clean around!
All is well now though, on solid ground with a desire to serve!
Thank you Buck and everyone else involved! It was good to look back at a child’s growth in a world beyond human comprehension!
To this I remember now that his love is not watered down with selfishness!
So with that back to say I pray that you don’t see me!
The way few will say.

The road of speculation
Mapping our trip of life
Plotted choices as we go
Collecting information
To open eyes or to close
Which ever it maybe
When you gain the knowledge
That opens your heart
So the blind may see

Unmatched in design
Manipulated matter
A passion in the reflection
Is the face of human kind
To look forward or away
Into a blurry primordial sea
Where the beginning of time
Began a sprouting of branches
Of the evolutionary tree

Two ways you can go
Straight or narrow turn
Up or could be down
To know or not to know
The way you should take
While clues are left all around
By nature in contrast to man
To have a heart of purpose
While you walk the ground

Water sparkles with light
Flowing as a river of hope
Through the aching heart
Leaving more than life
Full or passes the empty
Shattered emotions and pain
That twists and whirls in mind
The solitary thirst for more
Than a link in a human chain

Know to ask why
Sit and wait for proof
To acknowledge life
Amidst the theory’s and lies
Just to have the truth
As to how it began
By knowing with your heart
The way to find the truth
When all you hear is man

Standing in bright light
Cloaked to cast no shadow
Being filled as a lamp
Forever lit for night
With head up or head down
Shading what lies inside
Darkening the hurting heart
That’s void for sense of purpose
To know left unsatisfied

Files sent the speed of light
Updated everyday
A constant direct link
That brings the truth to life
Reflecting by mirror back
Where Jesus can explain
A life man’s to live
Just open and see
The end is not the same

Four men wrote his words
The way to find truth
A life intended to live
And left love as his proof
He lived, died and rose
To begin a new map
And have a purpose in life
So forever the road rolls
Along the way in truth by light
It's raining

Tears of Love

A new born babe
Echoed its wavering cry
Bright and early this morn
Without a tear in its eye
But what my heart saw
Were tears from the father
Spilling saying it’s a boy
All the years of trying
I saw flowing tears of joy

A boy faced a bully
One cold winter day
Defending the weak
As his father stood close by
And what my heart heard
Was a father sounding proud
His tears fell as he cried
How much he loved his son
I saw draining tears of pride

A hero died for the cause
Saving many because he can
Then the ground was opened
Receiving stillness of the man
And what my heart felt
As the father buried his son
In tears he spoke of tomorrow
And a future gathering
I saw pouring tears of sorrow

Arms held wide open
A son gone so long
Back in his fathers arms
To the place he belongs
And what my heart knows
To how he saved my life
As his tears fills the flood
Extending hand of a father
I see raining tears of love

All in one is tears of love
A gift given from above
And when you feel it rise
Love, as it fills your eyes
Well l_l

Having felt the glory of our Lord, puts me in constant motion to rekindle what was never snuffed to begin with. Just forget where to look! Still a fear of the dying ember lingers, endeavoring me to continue desiring to do more to share his glory.

I put a percent sign beside my devotion and quickly came up with about eighty percent. Yeah I know it’s more twenty with Jesus making up the eighty, thus prompting me to think of how much harder I have to spill him out. From the belly, living water shall flow and here I have to jump through every hoop a clown holds out just to utter his name! That’s what it feels like sometimes, a dog and pony show, with me blindly desiring to give ample entertainment, all in attempt to slosh just a little, even if it for my own thirst.

As a child knowing full well the powers bestowed but lies dormant, leaves an ache.
To talk with thunder, but barely squeak, and to see an end but in between walk blind!
To heal the sick but can only pray, and to have a song but cannot sing!
The weight of having eternal riches but hindered to share!
Need this child go on or you know it as well?
Know you have, like me, the way!
As a child before the father, I fall to my knees!
Just for the chance to spill, I’m guaranteed!
There would be that much less of me!

Got flow!
Penned in

Tormented with desire
By the vice grip of Love
I carved it in a tree
But loggers cut it down
So I wrote it in sand
To wash away by the sea
How must I write it
To last in this world
The Love you given to me

The aspiration so burned
I wrote it in a story
But it failed to print
Love in all its glory
So I wrote it in a song
That fades in mediocrity
Still it’s all I desire
And desperate to show
What your Love means to me

I wrote it in the sky
To vanish in the wind
Relentless I painted it
To watch it painfully fade
So I etched it in stone
But wasn’t meant to be
Lying shattered on the ground
Beleaguered to share
The Love you shown to me

I know it’s written
On high with stars
So where I can write
Somewhere beyond me
To endure for eternity
This is not a game
But Love’s sweet embrace
Just where, o where can I
O where, can I write your name

I can write inside
Love’s place to start
To endure forever
Writing it down
In another’s heart
Yesterday is?

Welcome to First aid training 101!
Today, we will study the removal of chains of yesterday.
You will find in your study guide your first aid kit!
“Slim that’s not a first aid kit that’s the Holy Bible!”
Correct you are on the fact that it is the Holy Bible Timmy, but wrong about the first aid kit! The kit is in there, you just have to know where to look!
Before we begin, we need to remind ourselves why we are here! Turn into Your Holy Bible to Isaiah 42:16!
Timmy would you please read this for us!
“Yes sir, “And I will bring the blind by way that they knew not; I will lead them in the paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.”
Very good Timmy! Now God is telling us that we know not how the path will go, so we are to use our guide who has walked the path before us! This guide service is fully paid! Now if we just put it to use, the guide comes with the first aid kit!
“Ok Slim, I’m not blind but where do we find this first aid kit because I haven’t seen it and I really need my past gone?”
Silly Timmy, it’s white with red writing, and I know you used it because you’re here and we can’t have you lagging behind whining about dragging noisy chains!
“Slim, I’m not blind! I can’t find any red writing in my Holy Bible!”
Lets see, Oh you have one of them new fangled Bibles that expect you to know the proper usage of the guide service!
Here, I have a rookie version and if you would please open it to what led you here!
“Say what? I’m not a rookie and for your information my past led me here Slim!”
“So Mr. I am not a rookie, why do you have chains of yesterday? If you knew the proper usage of your guide service then you would know it comes with an eraser, but since your Bible didn’t illustrate the colors of a first aid kit I understand your confusion!
“Slim, I know you are daffy now!”
Doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to know that Timmy! Now if you would let us get back to the usage of the eraser! Open the Bible I gave you and open it to John 3:16 and tell me what you see!
“I see the words of Jesus written in red!”
Your guide on the path of unknown and retainer of the eraser!
“You don’t say!”
And you’re calling me daffy because I just did say! Now he told you to confess and he will take away didn’t he? But we forget at times to add everything and the past just pops up driving us bonkers!
“Not like you Slim, but it does irritate true to word!”
Ok funny guy, just so you can’t say a brother didn’t tell you how to use the eraser let me be so kind to fill you in on its usage!
First layout you’re past and as best as you can all of it! Then firmly grasp the eraser and no, it doesn’t matter if it’s your left or right!
“All of my past Slim? I don’t want to erase all my past I just want my bad past gone!”
Relax Timmy! Its nothing like that, but there can’t be any erasing until you lay it out!
“Ok, I have laid out my life in detail and just for humor I wrote my chains in red so there is no mistake!”
Now you’re traveling the guided path my young brother! Now with the eraser push down hard, as to put your past oceans deep! Then rub it as east to west, and no not literally east to west unless you’re magnetic or something!
What this does is erase yesterday’s sorrow, to leave you with your feathers, for your wings of tomorrow!
With this follower of Christ when yesterday inhibits lay it out, and know that within his words the cross is all we’re to pickup!
Matthew 16:24
Washed white, and written with the blood of the Lamb!
Class dismissed!
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It is in you!

{$$$$$-1&? = $$$$$+1&?}
{ <> }
{!$%##%&&%!#%^$*&$#* mmm paper}
Daniel answered and said. Blessed be the name God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his:
And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:
And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:
{! $%##%&&%!#%^$*&$#* mmm now what}
“Me eats money, me eats paper, what’s left for me to eat?”

What can you do when there’s nothing left to eat, but you?

Who will know of your hurts and pains?
Who will know of your failures, and your gains?
Who will know of your memories?
Who will know, if it eats everything?
Devouring all that’s in its way!
Like a cartoon Tasmanian?
Spinning and whirling?
Not at all comical!
Because it really is sin!

Know you can’t face this alone!
Even united we can’t stand!
The power and its might!
This battle against sin!
And here we fight its sight!
When we should be in prayer!
As word freedom lies devoured!
Leaving what’s inside you!
Left for you, for you to share!
{<>}? < ^ = U^

Lest we forget, we are to win respect and not to be independent!
We are led by perfect Love to the knowledge and wisdom of Scriptures!
One without perfect Love cannot see the wisdom, and the power of Gods words!
By perfect Love, then with humble undeserved Love, We are to reach!
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Walking upright

I started my journey here without a clue where it could lead, but I felt my heart tugging me all along the way! I had no clue how to spread the power and trueness of Gods word to others within a game! I asked my brothers and sisters, and they had no answer for my unanswerable query! I have studied the game and tried many different ways to reach others within the game by using scriptures in my playing name but to no avail. I learned that most within the game had no clue what I was leading to because they have never opened the bible for reasons unknown. I have been barred in some places for opening up and as a guest of my hosts I understand that I am just that, a guest. I remember back when the Tribe of Judah had a counter strike server, Pastor Whirl witnessing in game, but of course he was not a guest and walked without fear of being banned. It was an amazing feeling to see that happen before my eyes! I to want to reach as he did, but our server died due to lack of funds leaving me to be a guest everywhere I go! Therefore, all I could be is a honest gracious player, just letting the light shine.

I’ve used the toj.cc tag and was immediately tagged a “Jew“ (A banned word in a lot of servers now). Tis funny, for little do they know how indebted we are to them for releasing a thug instead of our king!
Then one day, I found out that I could be web searched! I took advantaged of that to lead people here, thus my writing changed to accommodate!
I am sorry if I led you here in a thinking that I wanted you to see me, for that is far far from the truth. In witness I want others to know Jesus and also for those within his promise, that there is a safe place to visit when in need of encouragement and LOVE!

Now with the recent changes to steam, I can now add a little more of the good stuff on my steam id. I can use more of the words of Jesus there without leading them to what may seem to point to me! What’s funny is that I have a huge list of friends, and now they know who is in me making me what I am! wOOt!

I now witness within PM's but still desire to reach more and learned that at my snails pace that I can‘t reach more without help! The best way to witness in game is to be asked why I’m what I am. Therefore, if you ever see me, or another brother or sister in game, ask “I heard you are, or ask why are you a Christian” , and let us witness together, for as much as I want to be like Jesus who could command the waters to be still, all I can do alone is to swirl with their emotions of need and despair!
A hand out to those without sight. A voice for those to hear. A touch of true love that we know.
The desire to reach is unquenchable!
Take a walk

Matthew 10:9-10

Pretend for a moment that you’re a rat on a sinking ship, and you knew that rescue was on its way. What would you do with your time? Now, if I was a rat on a sinking ship, I would want to be a pirate rat that helps others get off the ship by utilizing the pirates way of sending them off by walking The Plank!

Hey there, glad you’re here to keep me company! Hold on a sec!

What are you doing trying to enter the adventure section of the ship mate?
“Wow, easy pirate black beard”
“I want off here to do something more!”
Not like that your not mate!
“That’s getting pretty close pirate! Why can’t I go there? You’re no different than me except for that eye patch and your light saber thing your waving around!”
I have you know this is a ninja light saber, and when you’re your prepared you’ll probably get something better!
“Could you shut that thing off, and let me ask you why you can say I’m not ready!”
“Whoa buddy that was my pocket!”
“Why did you sliced both pockets open? I just want to get into the adventure section?”
“No gold, silver or brass! Know these things and come back! Now off with you mate!”

Now where was I? Oh yeah I’m glad your keeping me company because most people never stay long.
Hold on a sec, here comes another!
What are you doing trying to enter the adventure section of the ship mate?
“I’m ready to go sir”
Not like that!
“You ruined both coats! Now all I have is these shoes to take with me!”
Sorry, I didn’t see them, but rule are rules, no coats or shoes for you will be provided for! Now off with you mate and come back prepared for your desired work!
Now where was I oh yeah, some days I’m really busy sending off those prepared to leave and some days no one shows up at all!
Here comes another hang on!
I remember you from last month are you sure your ready?
“Yes sir, no money, and no extra’s, for I am ready to be blessed by my future hosts!”
{niwooowaaaa niwoowaaa niwooowaaa}
Very good, now let us see if your truly ready! Follow me!
“I don’t see a rescue ship or anything to get me off of here?”
There is your way off!
“That’s a plank, not a way off! There is nothing written here that I have to walk the plank to get off this sinking ship!”
“Now why did you slice this in half? I need all the encouragement and wisdom I can have out there!
No you don‘t, it is written within your heart!
“Ok! So you say I have to walk the plank to get off this ship to do more in my life?”
It is what is required!
“Are you sure?”
Yes! Now are you sure?
“Yes I am!”
Then off with you mate and best of blessings!
“What happens after I step off?”
You start walking mate, and learning ways to help those around you!
“What happens if I’m not truly ready?”
A brother will fish you out, and you’ll continue preparing yourself to do it again.
“But I don’t see anything to walk on down there! What will I walk on to keep from sinking?”
{niwooowaaaa niwoowaaa niwooowaaa}
You be walking on the promise! Now off with you! Go and reach those on a different sinking ship!
{niwooowaaaa niwoowaaa niwooowaaa}

Well, off goes another, to teach others, how to walk on his promise!
FYI, the first step in his direction is the best step you will ever take!
The next step is a question. Are you ready to walk The PLANK?
To what the fruit will be

A friend of mine once told me
That this will be my story
And it will be precisely
What I want it to be
With a bearing of fruit
From a wizened old tree
He then left it to me
To what the fruit will be

There snuggled up close
In it’s thick gnarled roots
Lied it’s offering
A bearing of its fruits
To tell of what I see
Is instant to reflection
Of amazing beauty
To ponder in humility
To what the fruit will be

A mirror back to cast
The chains of the past
Covered by my fantasy
A reflection of me
To tell of what I see
Perfection without sorrow
The wings of tomorrow
The beauty of destiny
To what the fruit will be

Opening inside pain
The losses, the shame
Lacking continuity
Seasoned with insanity
To tell of what I see
Deep in impression
Absent speculation
Rhyme in perfect melody
To what the fruit will be

Small like a mustard seed
Now deep inside me
And left with memory
Of what he gave to me
To tell of what I see
A bearing of fruit
From a wizened old tree
I leave for you to see
To what the fruit will be

If you would see
I had you a piano
And I the violin
Playing for the glory
before the throne of our king
as we're joined in symphony
while others fell to their knees
to what the fruit should be
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Surf's up!

Whoa Dude, I’m here to tell you that was Awesome!
Catching a pure wave and the feeling of riding it out!
Amazing thing, to look at your feet and it’s like your walking on heaven!
You know, looking up in a hand stand after a sweet half pipe run.
But let me tell you that catching the wave is a lot more fun, especially the longer the run, then getting washed by the water!
Awesome man, totally poof, out of here!
Hey, Hey Dude you ought to catch the next wave with me.
It’s easy.
Just start with the basics.
We begin as far up as possible on a new blank document and begin to fill in with words, punctuation, spaces and such, to travel down the page to inevitable
Hence we can only write down to an end.
If one was to scroll forever down and write up, may never be a beginning.
Gravity on paper and powerless?
You may ask where is the wave in this?
Like the ocean’s tide but in the words you use to fill the spaces of the page.
I know it seems silly, but you want to catch a gnarly wave don’t you!
Well, you have to start with the right equipment!
Suit up Dude!
The waves are flawless!
Start simple, then maybe you can find yourself following.

J-----------S-C------ S-T

Run a Half pipe with him, and life won’t be the same, when you catch a ride on his Wave!
:D Surfs up!