How to join our Christian Legion in Aion!

best way to get a invite is to post a time an day when you will be online most of the active ones that still play on seil i think have pretty much left
you could roll a asmo toon on Israphel if you like
if not you will just have to post here when you need help with anything
You're not giving enough information. Are you an asmo or Elyos on Israphel? I copied and pasted your name into the search function online. I couldn't find you on the Asmo side of Israphel.
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Ok, that clears it up. As I mentioned about half an hour ago, we have Asmos on Israphel and Elyos on Siel. We don't have Elyos on Israphel.
Do you only have Elyos on Israphel? If you have additional character slots, you could create a new toon on the Elyos side of Siel?
Hello all. My character name is Monkeesmash and I am registered with TOJ as sapphirepaladin. I will be on this evening for the next few hours. I am Elyos on Siel server. I'm normally on in the evening between 5pm and 10pm Central Time.
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Greetings. My character name is Odeerg (Elyos on Siel) and I am registered with ToJ as GreedoGumbus. I will be on this evening for the next 2-3 hours.
Greeting Sapphire and Gumbus,

I will send you both in game mail. And keep an eye out for you. My in game is Kanshisha. If I'm logged into the game you can find me in the CGA TS3 channel.
ToJ/CGA name: Waynos
ingame name: ChildoftheKing
server: Siel
type: Elyos
will be on game tonight around 6-8pm-ish US eastern time zone

if there is a prefered server,
i am only like lv2 and can restart
under a different email address if needed to swap servers

look forward to seeing you all ingame
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My name is Sad Christmas and I have a small Christian group "Chosen Saints" on Siel that's still active if anyone is interested in playing Elyos. I've played for a while, but everyone else is pretty new so np if your just getting started.

Wanted to join even if I have to create a new toon on Siel but the link to TOJ registration ^^ doesn't work - it leads to a page that says there is a server error. I tried this months ago and had problems then as well. Is there even a TOJ legion still active in Aion? I couldn't find anyone by the names mentioned in this thread