How to join our Christian Legion in Aion!

Hello All. I joined ToJ today and I am interested in joining 'The Elect' legion on Siel. I have the following characters on this server:

Xenopha - Templar lvl 40
Therapeia - Cleric lvl 45
Tamberlaine - Spiritmaster lvl 49

I talked to Clear some time back about joining and I finally got around to doing that. I very much want to be part of the team here. Thanks.
I play pretty much every evening for several hours
I must have missed you again. I logged on earlier and didn't see you. I just logged on again, but it may have been too late for your time zone. I'll look again tomorrow.

We'll catch up eventually! :)
i play on the israphel side do to the time zone but if you do decide to come over we can give you a hand leveling up and with getting some gear my toons are decheck,greeneye, neihi
you will find me on greeneye most of the time
Wulfilas, if you create an asmo toon on Israphel, post the name here. My asmo toon's names are in my signature. By my last count, there are four of us on Israphel. Three of us are in different legions and the fourth is legionless (I think). We coordinate stuff via the friend's list. You won't be able to whisper until level 10, but if we know your name, we can find you and help level you up.
Thanks for the responses. I have 2 asmos on Vaizel but I am willing to move them because the aren't doing much there. I know NCSoft puts some restriction on moving so I'll look at what is involved.
My asmo character name on Israphel is Munchncrunch. Leveling has been pretty fast by doing the mentor quests. I created it about a week ago and I'm already at level 19, playing maybe an hour a day.
Hey brothers and sisters.
I am a wowhead looking to do something differrent for awile. I am with redeemed on wow (evean) druid. I would like to get an invite when you guys have time. I dont know if you can send it throught the aion mail? I will be lvling a few different charatures to get the feel of what io would like to lvl ( let me know if you are short on tanks or heals ) and i can lvl up one of those. Anyhow the name of my first lvl 10 is karazan ( easy to remember huh:))