Ok I have spent the majority of my life loathing oatmeal. I've always loved it in baked goods. Breads, cookies, etc. But the texture of oatmeal in hot cereal form was so slimy to me and the aftertaste so bitter. I thought maybe it was because my mom only got the instant packets when I was a kid. So after I grew up, I bought some old fashioned oats and made those according to the directions. Yuck. So I thought maybe even coarser would be better (since the texture was a hangup before) and I got steel cut. Made it according to the directions. Still, yuck. I also tried overnight refrigerator oats. Yuck.

One day I did buy oatmeal at that fast food chain and I actually found it edible. Aside from being loaded with sugar, what about it made it better to me? Surely I could make this, but better. I FINALLY figured out--don't use near the amount of liquid it calls for. SO MUCH BETTER. I don't even measure anything anymore. I just eyeball it. And it's good. I usually put in a little (real) maple syrup, some sliced almonds for some texture and crunch, some craisins, and maybe a little cinnamon. Maybe one day I won't put as much in it, kinda like with coffee people don't usually start by taking it black. Oh, but I don't like coffee, either. :)
Yup slimey oats are not high on my list either, that is why I don't use as much water and don't boil it as long. Take instant oats, add to boiling water remove it from heat wait 4 mins and done. Usually add vanilla and cinnamon. Now going on a long trip to see my son, so will be gone starting Friday for two weeks. What are some healthy, easy to find restaurants in north and central U.S.? I am in the Appalachians to start so don't know what is there. Be going all the way to Minnesota, so going through a huge chunk of midwest and north central. And what healthy, inexpensive travel snacks?
Uhg, I hate packets of instant oatmeal. That stuff is nasty. My wife loves it however... That's why I go for the steel cut oats. Oh, I agree that too much liquid ruins it.

Side note, I put oatmeal in my meatloaf. I replace half of the bread crumbs with the oats.
Ok while on my second honeymoon we finally went to a Culver's. Yes, yes spanks Mickey D's and Bk. Wrestles with Wendy's yet wins. Bill Thomas Halo burgers? Though the race is close, still Bill Thomas wins. I like the idea of cutting down fry calories by ordering mashed potatoes and gravy. It still is a lot of calories so was a one shot thing.
Oh, you talked about cutting down calories because I was going to ask if you tried the fried cheese curds.... My arteries harden just thinking about them.
I did buy some non fried cheese curds in WI to bring home. It's been a loooong time since having that treat, we even tried the white cheese curds this time. Excellent squeeky treat.
Game Day Fried Rice

That's what I'm calling the contraption I just made. I think I like it.

Sauteed mushrooms and onions. Chopped up hotdogs. Couple hotsauces. A little mustard. A dash of soy sauce because soy sauce. All thrown in the wok with some white rice.

I love it when a food idea actually works out well.
Rediscovered a restaurant while on 2nd honeymoon, Perkins. Not too bad a place, have to be careful in eating healthy, but that is normal. Prices are reasonable. My better half and I were surprised we ate there so much in 2 states 4 times total. Twice because it was within walking distance of my son't apartment.
My lady recently discovered the way to get me to eat apples more. It not that I don't like apples, I just have a problem getting it together to munch on a whole apple. So she has started cutting them up for me, bingo one piece at a time is it. I will eat a whole apple if it is cut up. No dips, nothing special, just cut up. So what is your favorite apple? I like Red Delicious, and one other I had recently, just not sure what kind it was, large, pale gold and red, dusty looking.

its fantastic on apples, bananas, bagles, toast, oreos, and even in coffee. go buy some today!!!!
How much is that? What is the calorie count? I bet it is only available at your local store.

edit: 180 calories per serving, 100 from fat. YIKES!!!!
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