Yeah, cheddar is good, though I've never experimented with other kinds.
I usually make "microwaved cheese". Toast bread; apply cheese between the slices; microwave for, say, ten-twenty seconds; flip over (because the bottom slice will end up a bit soggy); continue microwaving for another ten-twenty. Cheese melts, though not as much as when it's properly made.
In this household that is called mock-grilled cheese. A time saver for sure.
For Christmas morning breakfast at my daughter's house. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls and orange juice.
Ok I can't entice you with No Bake cookies, how about a Hersheys candy cane chocolate bar?
Sweets? Candy Canes. I had one yesterday that was about 8 years old. Still sealed and good.
Currently battling a cold, flu, or something. They say drink plenty of fluids so besides hot tea with honey I recommend this:
Vernor's Gingerale
What about you? Have you use this, or heard of it? What do you use?
My dad's currently battling a "cold, flu, or something" as well. He just had one, exactly one month ago. I caught that one, but so far I'm escaping.... I just drink plain water, though hot tea is always good. I've never heard of Vernor's.
Back to a cold again. What soup or food is best for a cold? I think best drink is Constant Comment tea with honey.
My favorite is hot and sour soup from a specific local restaurant. The tea sounds good. I'd drink that anytime.
Burn that cold out, yo. Jalapenos and sriracha ftw.