Any words of wisdom for a noob?


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I was contemplating going for the 30/50 in the HoM. It seems like its going to be quite a task. If I attempt it is Guild wars going to become a part time job for the next 3-6months? Maybe i'll just take my main Warrior character thru all the campains and wherever i'm at when GW2 comes out is where i'll call it good enough.
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lol - I wouldn't call it a part time job but it does take some time.

I would definitely focus on just one character. It is not that difficult to get through the campaigns. Some of us will be glad to help. I am bringing a character out of pre in the next few days who will be going through the campaigns.

30/50 is doable. As we get closer to GW2 many in the guild will be dumping items that might help, as well.


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30/50 is certainly possible without dedicating too much time per week on the game. Focussing on one character is preferable, though not essential if you're only going for 30/50 because you probably won't get round to the compound titles such as Legendary Guardian or Legendary Vanquisher that require multiple achievements on a single character.

If you do choose to focus on a single character, try to find a profession that you will enjoy playing for the next few months. It's helpful to pick a flexible profession (such as Ritualist or Elementalist) or a profession that is in demand (like Monk or Assassin), but it's not essential.

Your first aim should be to get Protector on each of the three campaigns, by completing all the missions and bonuses. This will net you a total of 6 statues by the time you've finished, which brings you up to 8/50. You'll also want to complete Eye of the North, which gives you access to the armor crafter there. I usually have a surplus of hero armor and I'd be willing to farm the various hero armor types or teach you how.


I agree, 30/50 is possible. There are various ways to attain it.

Here are tips from the official guild wiki:

Quick guide to 30 points

3 points - Accounts linked.
5 points - Beat all 3 campaigns, getting Protector title in at least two of them.
6 points - 1 rare pet (which gives both that statue and the normal pet statue), M.O.X., and 7 more Heroes.
5 points - 1 Tormented, Oppressor, and Destroyer weapon. Plus two more of your choice.
3 points - 1 unique and 1 rare miniature.
5 points - 5 Prestige armor sets (one must be Elite Luxon, Elite Kurzick, Vabbian or Obsidian armor.) (Head gear not required.)
3 points - Your choice of:
Zaishen title (200 Zaishen Keys for rank 3).
15 more titles/elite missions of your choice.
10 more weapons.
28 more miniatures.

Limited campaigns

Even without all of the campaigns, it is still possible to acquire all of the item rewards (30 points), and even some of the bonus titles, but never all 50 points. Each campaign contains statues, heroes, and armor sets that are unique to that campaign.

With Prophecies 43 total points are available.
With Factions 45 total points are available.
With Nightfall 46 total points are available.

The above numbers include Eye of the North statues, heroes, and armor sets since Eye of the North is required to access the Hall of Monuments. They also include all of the "Core" points, including PvP titles and campaign independent titles, which makes the maximum shown hard to achieve with only one campaign.
[edit] Quick guide to 30 points with limited campaigns

These recommended points are possible to achieve no matter which campaign you own. Some of the points come from the Eye of the North expansion, as it is required to access the Hall of Monuments.

3 points - Accounts linked.
3 points - 1 rare and 1 unique mini.
5 points - 1 rare pet and 4 heroes.
3 points - Zaishen title (200 Zaishen Keys for rank 3).
5 points - Complete your campaign and achieve 3 additional statues from your Honor monument.
4 points - 5 prestige armor sets (headgear not required.)
7 points - 11 weapons, including at least one destroyer, oppressor and tormented.

This is how my friend did it which is a little different. He concentrated on mini-pets & hero armors instead of titles. Here's the link to his HoM.

6/8 Devotion = 30 mini-pets dedicated
7/8 Fellowship = 20 upgraded Hero armors
9/30 Honor = 11 Titles
5/8 Resilience = 5 Elite armors including Kurzick
3/8 Valor = 2 weapons (Destroyer & Oppressor)

Whichever way you choose, you already have the Destroyer & Oppressor weapons plus the Kurzick armor materials. You just need to get to Vasburg Armory in Factions :)

Oh I'd like to add that Factions is by far, the quickest of the 3 expansions to complete. I remember when it came out, many completed the game in a weekend. I wouldn't suggest to rush it as you want to get into the story but it won't take long.
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I'd personally go for 8/8 in Fellowship. All of the hero armors can be easily farmed and takes much less time than grinding certain titles or farming for weapons/armor/minipets. Two of the rare pets can be easily attained by the time you complete the Factions campaign. The Black Widow Spider requires you to go into the Underworld, but you only need to complete two quests to get it and it can be done with 7 heros if you take two ritualist heros.

I can easily get you the hero armor and tag along to the Underworld if you need that.


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Wow this has been a fun read. Lots of noob memories and one especially nice memory of Halonic's epic threads on how to make money in GW.
Grats on picking up a great game. Hope you are enjoying it. Wish I had more time to help out, sigh. Too busy being mom these days.
The only thing I would add to this great advice is pay attentions to the weekend events. it's always better to do something when you get tripple points for it :)

Abba if you are crossing over could you carry a few things out of pre for me?


Abba San

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Sure - The guy is getting ready to be a 19 - coming out when a 20. Should be in the next few days.

But I am muling stuff out all the time. I'll keep you posted.


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Will you be selling off any pre stuff (nick items/cash/charr kits/etc.)? I could use some on my pre character.


I don't think this has been mentioned yet. But I'm sure you're getting the hang of it anyways Captain Tea. When attacking, target the healers first, then casters (elementalists, mesmers, necros, etc). Watch for foes that can resurrect. You'll begin to see that in Eye of the North.

This is a little hard to explain so I may not word it right. In an instanced area, if you have a hero's control panel on view, you can target the foe you want the hero to attack. First target the foe, then click on the gray square with the crosshair symbol to the left of the skill bar. Depending on the hero's combat mode, it will attack immediately or wait upon you to attack.

Abba San

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I know I have energy storage - I think I have fire - I also have attunements or survivors

I should be on later this afternoon - 4:30 or 5:00 Pacific time