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    Im glad to hear that! And I thinki I have just had a bad time trying to play any form of GW recently because of college. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner about that. I have just been swamped until this past week. If ou are still up for it some time we should try to find a time.
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    Hey sorry about not responding to this right away, I have been flooded with school work. Hows that internet coming along?
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    Cloth of the Brotherhood

    Hey, so I am working through Glint's challenge for d-cores and I am getting lots of cloth of the Brotherhoods, I wanted to check and see if anyone here needed/wanted some before I went and sold them. My main IGN is Pwner Hood so if you see me on and want/need some, shoot me a message or just...
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    What times are best for you? Because I can be a little more flexible than that, I was just throwing those times out there as a rough guideline.
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    Hey guys, I have a level 9 ranger who has just the bare minimum skills and has finished no quests whilst trying to get to level 20. I was wondering if anyone would be up for helping me level up across the wall? I am free most days in the evenings (3-7 EST). Any help would be appreciated.
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    Hey guys, I have been out of touch due to internet problems so that is why I haven't done this yet. My account ID is: Skirata.7208
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    Guild Wars 2 Name List

    An update for my igns. I will be having a Pwner Hood, then characters with Yeshua in them. IE: Promised to Yeshua.
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    Note about LoE, GW2 Beta, and everything else

    Agreed with all but one part. LA isn't the same anymore. It kind of made me sad. From what I heard, this LA was created by outlaws, thieves, bandits, and such. Correct me if I am wrong, though. Either way, insignificant. I just felt like throwing it out there.
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    so far so great!

    I heard the lag is a bug that they are trying to fix. Plus, you have to remember, this is still a Beta. They will be fixing stuff as we play and up 'til it actually comes out.
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    Beta names

    I wasn't able to get into eternal groves, but I did get into blazeridge mountains. My main there is Promised to Yeshua. I am thinking all of my characters will have something to do with Yeshua.
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    Guild Wars 2 Download Link

    So I downloaded it, it opened the GW2 window, and I closed it. I tried reopening it, but it started the download all over again. Did I do something wrong?
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    Beta Weekend Event Server Choice

    I am fine with whatever. Please, if at all possible, post which one we are going to so I know for the weekend. I don't know if I will be able to do many BWE's and I would like to get started and keep the head start I get.
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    How many have pre-purchased GW2?

    Thanks guys, I will get right on it.
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    How many have pre-purchased GW2?

    I have it pre-ordered from Gamestop Would it be better to cancel it and get my money back and pre order soon here from someone else? Or will I be able to get it for this beta people are talking about?
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    What crew skills have people taken?

    I only have 1 character as of right now, and he has Artifice and archeology. I am planning on picking up treasure hunting asap.