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    Usernames! (Updated)

    DJmorphosis #767
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    Prayer Request

    Its been over 6 months since I've checked these forums and man has it been interesting. I figure this is a good place to put this little story although testimonies would have been good to, but I see it as an opportunity for Christ to show his power. I've only made a few posts but those...
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    Re-intro I believe a re introduction is in order ( not sure if that's allowed) since I've been away for so long. I came to this site e few years ago posted a few times and chilled a little in the guild wars chapter ,one of the SOE guilds, but then I lost internet for 2 years so that was fun :p...
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    battlefield bad company i was plaing this alot until my box went kaput! any1 else playing:cool:
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    i never played the first two so i cant draw a comparison but but i like it so far sledgehammer FTW!!
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    well ive heard dudes talkin about how they changed some stuff but i always use warpgates or drop pods to get where im going
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    anyone here play? im using a two week trial and im liken it so far
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    come join us some time

    ne and a friend of mine "da_big_e" have been useing the teamspeak server to play starcraft were usually on between 7-11 pm pacific time when we play so if you see us on come join us.
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    tribal wars

    im not a big fan of browser games but this on caught my eye my usrname is djmorphosis and im in worlds nine and twenty
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    thank the Lord for a new house...

    and for none of use breaking anything during the move:D. My family and i are in chino hills now, a nice little apartment WITH AIR CONDITIONING aw yeah.
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    Might Give it a Try

    i played it for about a month and quit because i coudnt run the game but if i ever get a decent rig ill start up a kinship if nobody else has
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    i played the demo for a bit now i like it alot
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    hardcore christian gamercast

    shameless bump
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    Iron Man

    so was Stain an acctual villan or did they just make him for the movie?