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Its been over 6 months since I've checked these forums and man has it been interesting. I figure this is a good place to put this little story although testimonies would
have been good to, but I see it as an opportunity for Christ to show his power.

I've only made a few posts but those that know me know that I've been trying to enlist in the Army for a few years now.
I finally did and I headed off to FT. Jackson SC for Basic Combat Training on June 27, 2012. There was a lot of stuff involved with BCT in the South during the summer but on the whole I enjoyed it,
especially shooting M-4s, M-16s and throwing grenades,

Well about week 7 which would be August 23rd I wanna say, I had a little accident.
I was running back to my platoon as we were getting on the bus to go to one of the firing ranges. One of my battle buddies left his ear plugs in the barracks and I ran with him to go get it.
You can't go anywhere alone in BCT.
So as we were running back I tripped and fell face first in to a concrete K-rail which is near the barracks that just happened to be there.
needless to say I looked pretty bad.

I go to the hospital and the doctor orders an x-ray done to make sure my nose isn't broken.
I have an x-ray done.
She says my nose is not broken but something appeared on the x-ray that she wanted to investigate.
She has me get a CT scan.
I get one the same day.
She looks at the scan results and tells me that what appeared on the x-ray was a cyst in my sinus, nothing real bad but she also said there was another thing that appeared on the CT scan
she orders an MRI.
I get it done 2 days later.
She looks at the results and tells me I have a gangliolioma, a benign, slow growing brain tumor.
I, being me, am more concerned with whether I can stay in the Army or not She tells me yes and that the tumor is treatable.
I come back for a follow up appointment and she apologizes and says I won't be able to stay in after all.
The paperwork for m discharge gets started and I find out I'm not going to get a medical discharge, I'm going to get an "characterized discharge" because the tumor supposedly had to have been there before I enlisted and was therefore not the Army's problem.
So I said I wasn't going down without a fight and I started asking around looking for a way to be retained or at least discharged with some benefits because i didn't have the means to treat this myself (still don't).
All that did was delay my getting sent home. After exhausting every option i could find I finally signed the papers and a little while after that ,October 20th, I was on a plane back to California and my family waiting with open arms.


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DJ having had my run ins with the system while getting treatment and disability is never fun, I will keep it in my prayers.