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    Monday LoL nite?

    I have class until 9:20 pm EST after that sure!
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    Favorite TV shows?!

    Sports Night Battlestar Galactica Burn Notice West Wing Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
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    EVE is in flames

    I have two EVE accounts...I want to sell em or something...I just dont have time for it's meta game!
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    League of Legends summoner names

    Jason! COME BACK!!! It will be fun!
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    Everybody on board...

    might buy nidalee...dont own her she 6300 ip?
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    I keep telling Tek, Morg is a carry! :P Janc, I really recommend playing a tanky character! It is how i eventually learned what is over extending and what isnt....which is by far the most important skill in this game!
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    It's finally here!

    I am totally up for loads of fun and frustration! I can play tank, jungle, support...can also play carries but prefer not to ;)
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    League of Legends summoner names

    Add Durdi! He is an LoJ guy who wants to start playing ranked games and with more christians....I told em about ToJ's new chapter! I will make sure to refer him to the site etc :)
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    Why Haters gonna Hate on Mostly_Harmless.....s

    Buying defensive items > Boots! One suppress and you die! :P
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    Fun class picky picky

    Sentinel seems to fit me best :)
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    We <3 TF2 n00bs

    I will definitely be trying this out! I have always wondered what the fuss is about but was never willing to dish out cash for it lol []Belemrys I guess will be my name...I have to change it
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    I am about to quit EVE...I have two active accounts and to do anything requires time and lots of effort...which I don't mind if I didnt get more instant gratification from other games like MTG 2012 and League of Legends...MMO's are about the people not the game and unless people are all excited...
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    LotR guild

    I am in LoJ on Brandywine!
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    LoL IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

    LoL team or BLC team? If you are looking to make a LoL team I would be up for it...I been playing a good amount of ranked games :)