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    Reborn Moving to Faeblight Server!

    :-( Ugh...PvP is why I play online games, and I just transferred some chars to Sunrest along with a friend. Probably I won't be movign to Faeblight. Does Rift let you copy instead of move? After several months was just now ready to start some level 50 stuff too... Anyone recommend some...
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    State of the Guild <Reborn>

    PvP / Raid Time? Are there enough folks about with accounts to try to schedule a time to log in together to do some raids or PvP? Is there a way to post this in game or get out a mail message to the guild in game to give it a go? Also...I am online fairly often...does my main Constantyne...
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    State of the Guild <Reborn>

    New to 50 Well, I just made 50 not long ago myself, so I still have a lot of curiosity interest...but...long term there has to be decent PvP to hold my attention. I had high hopes for some PvP at 50...and the idea of Port Scion is great...but there seems to be a problem with small/instanced...
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    Just Downloaded Rift

    Out of Town I was out of town last week and probably won't be on next week it will probably be another week before I can link up with you guys... See you soon.
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    Just Downloaded Rift

    Found the Reborn Guild I searched for and found Reborn online. No officers were online though. My character's name is Constantyne.
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    Just Downloaded Rift

    G'day ToJ, I just got Rift a week ago. Who do I look for to sign up for the guild / what time are folks typically on? It's been a long time since I've participated with this group. Anyone from the old days with Dark Age of Camelot still around? - Aijalon
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    New Servers

    I logged in specifically to see if there was any interest in that... I really don't want to level another 50, but my distaste for ToA is almost strong enough to make me do it... Any interest? I'm thinking of trying to get all the way to 50 mostly in BGs :)
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    New Location, new face, same old Jaz and Bled!

    Hello again. I haven't been on as much lately on either server, but I have a hunter on Guin - Blaskogar. Hope to log some time when NF comes out. :-) Maybe we can get the Knights together for some NF RvR...
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    Rank restructuring

    Fine by me. Actually, I think it is really only a modification from what we currently have.
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    Restructing Titles

    OK by me Icthus, I don't think it is a major change. I'm trying not to be in the "1" category but many of us in KotT are I'm afraid
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    Call to meet

    Ack...missed it. When's the next meeting? Too long between my checks of posts. :-/
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    A plea for Guild Council

    Aye, sorry about that. I'm planning on logging in tonight around 7:30.
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    A plea for Guild Council

    I'll try to stop by this evening...
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    Adieu my friends...

    Odale, I know what you mean. I had to give up a lot of gaming during college...and it was easier back then because games as fun as DAoC didn't even exist. :-) I'm lucky now. After being out of work for a while as an engineer, now I have a job with a game company doing game I...
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    Why I've been away the past month

    Oregon?  Nice!  The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place.