What do you guys think off P.O.D

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Creed isnt Christian. Scott Stapp or whatever his name is used to be a druggie (maybe still is) and then "found Jesus" and wanted to "spread the word" for "money and fame".
How did a topic about P.O.D. turn into a discussion about Creed? Anyway I've heard about these rumors, but I've never seen any proof that it's true. Overall though in my opinion Creed and P.O.D. are both very good bands.
Creed had some lyrics suggesting that Scott was Christian (which he recently announced)....

Some folks think that if the leader of the band is Christian, then the whole band is.
Now let me ask you something did you read rest of it huh huh they about said every christian rock band was occult and they lied about so many things about dctalk third day micheal W. Smith that stuff is crud all crud
AV1611 (sorry for straying from the topic here) has many good articles on their website, but some seem just way off a little bit, like the way they talk about some of the best CCM artists, like MWS for one.

It's a nice site, and the articles are very thought-provoking, but I think they take things a little too far in some cases.

As for POD, I've never heard a song of theirs before, and I listen to Christian Radio 24/7. I used to listen to Creed a few years ago, and I still like a few of their songs, like 'Arms Wide Open', 'Higher', etc. I'll go so far as to say they were pretty instrumental in opening the public minds to similar-sounding Christian Rock bands.
www.thesouthtown.com isnt even there site there site is
payableondeath.com so whos fault is that and i mean they say all these great christians are sataninst. And im not talking about POD im talking about Dc Talk NewsBoys point of grace Third day but hey what do i know i only listen to music 24/7 =\
I know POD isnt satanic. Creed on the other hand suck so much that they probably sold their souls.
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Quote[/b] (Marcylene @ Nov. 14 2004,2:15)]I have never heard P.O.D. This man has an interesting take:
HAHAHA! Oh man, if you want a good laugh, read that article! Christian rock artists are all satanists!!! I especially like the article on some band called Carman, all they have to say about him is something like this "HOLY COW! THEY MADE A SPELLING ERROR ON THE CONCERT AD! THIS GUY IS CLAIMING TO BE GOD!!!!".