What do you guys think off P.O.D


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Well different people think different things about P.O.D i do not think of them as heavy metal of anythink they are a different gener in all like dct they are just different but very mainstream but have a good faith so what do you think of them im just wondering
Controversial? I never heard that one, actually...

I listen to some of their less over-the-top music, and I think it's good, quality music, even though it might be hard to find the Gospel in some of them

I dunno, J, what do you think about 'em?
Well i think they are rap/rock not really rappy but they got that attitude of rap thing down but they also play the guitars rocky well the controversial thing is the boom vid i saw it once and some poeple say someone cusses in the pingpong turnament
i like it looks cool i do believe they are christian and there vidoes are weird like alive and will you there a little
but i listen to them all the time there about as hard as i go. My album list is christian only i got kj52 all the way to kutless and tobymac but pod unleashes something in me that makes me want to think it sounds a little
but everybody has that kinda music you know but i think there cool i dont think there really that hard cause they dont scream like hm people but they got the guitar go and with the tatoos they had a bad history thats it. but i heard something about there old guitarist like going wild
well i think there cool and all there mainstream witch is tight
Um, yes.

"What do you guys think off P.O.D"

That's what I think of them. No offense to people who do, but that is my opinion. Sorry it offends you.
I think they are clones of the other bands just like them... I only like bands that seem unique in their sound, POD sounds too much like alot of others.
Yea they sound similer but pod is more old school then LP which i liek but pod and lp are freinds
they had tour together last year but pod is more of an oldschool band they dont hit the turntables like LP
lol, I think he meant the song flood by jars of clay (I like thier older sound much better than their new one). I like POD, they're the band that got me interested in music.