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- Things have gotten a lot better socially in World of Warcraft. The week long Tournament of Ages that the server held was really great. And I joined my guild's carpball team! things are looking up!
Wait, "carpball"?

I thought I misread the post, but then I Googled the term and discovered a reddit thread with the details. I am once again impressed with the ingenuity of gamers to invent games within games.

- Overwatch has its summergames now. I love all the new skins! One week's rewards down. Time for week 2! Hit me up anyone who plays!
I'm hoping to play more Overwatch soon! I usually don't have an opportunity to play enough to unlock time-limited rewards (I don't think I ever got that Sigma skin) and I already get my fill of, "DO THIS THING BEFORE THE EVENT ENDS" in Puzzle & Dragons, but I still playing Overwatch just for fun.

Made a mistake. Started Skyrim on Switch. RIP me
I just imagined you changing your Switch friend name to "Lost in Skyrim, plz send help" and lol'd.
Still Puzzle & Dragons. Evangelion collab is live for another week, but REM (rare egg machine) units are mediocre at best and I've already finished event farming. Completed the weekend's challenge event this morning and plan to take it easy for a while and spend game time on other games.

Still playing the Aggretsuko mobile game, though I decided clearing level 130 in the standard levels was satisfactory and I've only been playing the daily challenges. I don't see myself sticking with the game long-term, but it's a fun distraction that only takes a few minutes at a time.

Started a Hero Mode playthrough of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds because I've been itching for a game just like it but nothing else (at least, not on a portable system with a physical copy at a reasonable price--I'M LOOKING AT YOU, YS VIII) really measures up to this masterpiece. I may come to regret playing the higher difficulty, but I've cleared the Eastern Temple and I haven't ragequit yet.

In exergaming news (how's that for a segue?), earlier this week, a co-worker informed me that a local store had a copy of Ring Fit Adventure in stock. Thanks to my poor impulse control (and also because I'd been wanting a copy for months but it's been sold out every time I've checked), I ran out and bought it. (Man, that price tag stings.) I've only played it once so far, but was pleasantly surprised by the intuitiveness and polish of the game design and the solid build quality of the Ringcon accessory. I might try the game's Knee Assist mode since I typically stick to low impact workouts because my knees are, well, not good. (No trauma, no injury, but I've always felt like my knees are on fire any time I do more than climb one flight of stairs.)

Hoping to get some Tetris 99 games in during the current and 2 upcoming Maximus Cups. Though I guess I should check which themes I've already unlocked first...
Getting back into Shroud of the Avatar again as it's pivoting into supporting the building/development/events community, which is an ideal situation for me as both an indie developer and a provider/supporter of digital community spaces for charitable purposes.

I now have my own town there to be able to build up however I want, and the game itself is free-to-play so I can make my offerings available to the general public. So now I get the thrill of being able to play with design and build mode for a while, and am hoping to provide some supportive and edifying virtual ministry services there.

The game itself is still a work in progress and lacks a lot of polish, which is seeming to be a fairly permanent condition now. It probably wouldn't be a satisfying experience for those who are looking for a great gaming experience alone (unless your style of gaming involves lots of grinding, crafting, or merchanting), but the creative features make it an interesting place to offer virtual community services with a bit more feeling of personal connection and residence, with some casual gaming elements as a side option that can be pursued solo or with friends.
Still Puzzle & Dragons. Cleared one of the endgame dungeons using a 100% farmable team yesterday. Huzzah!

Cleared the Eastern Palace and Tower of Hera in Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and I've started the House of Gales after acquiring the Zora flippers.

Still stalled out on Persona 5 and Yakuza 0. /sadtrombone

Probably coming down to the end of my time with the Aggretsuko mobile game, but I managed to earn 3 stars on all of the first 130 levels. I might play the daily levels for a while, but I don't plan to play any more normal levels.

Oh! I forgot to mention in previous posts that I recently finished Monument Valley 2. Good times.

I am sad to report that my discipline playing Ring Fit Adventure has been shameful. I'm hoping to rectify that soon, though I may enable Knee Assist mode because of my crapulent knees. (My knees burn with the fire of a thousand suns if I do a full set of reps for the squat attack.)

Just bought Donut County on the Switch because it was on sale for $3.89 USD. Also downloaded the Lite version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
There is still only Skyrim. Switch version is surprisingly playable with new kiddo thanks to the system's sleep function working out so well.
It was all Skyrim all the time, but I've been putting in grind on Super Mario Odyssey since I never finished a basic run through and have hype for upcoming Mario 3D All-Stars. Makes me sad I didn't finish it before because it's super great.
Productive week in gaming. Finished main game of Super Mario Odyssey last week. Then set nose to grindstone and did the same in Skyrim yesterday. So much to do in both still, but I've gone ahead and archived them on my Switch so I can keep working on the backlog. Next up is Yooka-Laylee. Just booted up last night for the first time. Looking forward to not-Banjo-Kazooie. What I've played so far is exactly what I expected/wanted from it. Bonus: my sister (on the other side of the country) is planning to start it at the same time will make for a fun way to share an experience despite the distance.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Shelved Bravely Default for now to continue my second playthrough of Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I'll be purposely vague to avoid spoilers and say that I'm currently approaching the seventh of seven objectives.

Still haven't made my way back to Persona 5 or Yakuza 0. Stalled out on Transistor recently, too. Add those titles to the list of games I need to go back and continue at some point. (Sorry, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. I'll get back to you someday.)

Discovered the wonderfully short queue times of Quick Play Classic mode in Overwatch, so I plan to play more of that soon. JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE

Played one mission of Warframe and remembered why I enjoy the game. Still no guarantee it won't be weeks or months before the next time I play, though. /sadtrombone

Bought Donut County on the Switch for super cheap during a recent sale. Playing through it when the mood strikes. The game is super charming and the stages are pleasantly bite-sized (no pun intended).
Still Puzzle & Dragons and Smash Ultimate.

Resumed my stalled playthrough of Persona 5 this week. I should be able to tackle the boss of the fifth Palace during the next play session. If I'm reading the narrative hints correctly, the story should pick up the pace after clearing this Palace.

Also dusted off Yakuza 0 recently, but didn't get very far before getting distracted by other, non-M-rated games that I can actually play while my children are awake.

I beat New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe the week before last and I've been collecting star coins since. Some of these star coin locations are brutal.

Tried out the Cake Bash demo on the Switch with my daughters. Fun stuff, but every game mode in the demo is versus and I haven't checked if the full game offers any cooperative play modes. I would probably pick it up on a really good sale (say, 75% or more off) but will probably just keep waiting on a sale for Moving Out or Out of Space (after OoS gets released on the Switch, of course).
Still Puzzle & Dragons. The current month-long event is a grindfest, even by modern gacha game standards. Oof.

Still playing Smash Ultimate with my kiddos when opportunities arise. Good times. Looking forward to spending more time learning Steve from Minecraft, but not in any rush since I'm still getting a feel for Terry from King of Fighters.

I defeated the boss of the fifth Palace in Persona 5 and collected all star coins in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe since my last post.

Still stalled out on multiple games, including Yakuza 0, Transistor, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, and others.
Still Puzzle & Dragons. Finished out that month-long grindfest I mentioned in my previous post and I'm glad it's over. Rolled in the King of Fighters collab more than I should have (don't worry, I didn't spend any real money past a $0.99 bundle) and got hot rubbish in return.

Took a chance and bought Hades despite my reservations regarding rogue-lites and rogue-likes. I'm glad I did. The combat is fast, fluid, and responsive and I'm enjoying their take on classic figures from Greek mythology. Decided to shelf Transistor for a third time in favor of Hades. Transistor is great, but I'm more in the mood for faster gameplay lately and Hades scratches the itch quite effectively.

Decided to stop logging in daily in Genshin Impact for now, but I plan to pick up where I left off when MiHoYo releases the Switch version.

Still Team Fortress 2 on Tuesday nights with ToJ, of course.

Played some Project Winter with the CGA Friday night game night crew recently. (Thanks to Aerithos for the gift copy!) Enjoyed what I played and looking forward to playing on a future Friday night.

Still stalled out on multiple long-form games, including Persona 5, Yakuza 0, and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.



So hyped.

Still Puzzle & Dragons. Spending less time playing since that recent month-long grind-a-thon.

Hades and PAD have occupied most of my gaming time this week, but I did fit in some Deep Rock Galactic, Overwatch, Guns of Icarus Online, and Team Fortress 2 this week with CGA community members. Good times.
Thanks to getting Steam Link set up on my tablet, I've curated a list of games that are reasonably playable by touch-only/simulated mouse/trackpad controls. Have been a bit all over the place, but some highlights include:
Warhammer 40,000 - Gladius, Marvel Puzzle Quest, Darkest Dungeon, and Deep Sky Derelicts.

Gladius is really good so far. Fitting of the franchise, it's a fully conquest-driven 4X, and I'm rather a fan. Looking forward to playing more.
Marvel Puzzle Quest is, of course, pretty much crack. I've got ten-ish characters already, and have farmed the premium currency to have just enough slots for them all. Roster management may get brutal here. Not sure yet. Gotta have 'em all, of course.
I played a little Darkest Dungeon back when I had a Vita. Only played a little on PC so far, but it's as good as I remember.
I think I may like Deep Sky more, though. There's a certain degree of dark/absurd humor in it that I enjoy. I just need to learn the deck construction mechanics a bit better.
Playing Destiny 2. Looking for some CG's to do some raids and such. Tired of the same old language and bad convo with typical gamers.
Playing Destiny 2. Looking for some CG's to do some raids and such. Tired of the same old language and bad convo with typical gamers.
I'm likely nowhere near ready for raids since my Destiny 2 character is still low level, but I'd be down for playing together some time. Feel free to add me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tek7/
I just hit an ending in World End Syndrome. First time really playing a visual novel. Now I can't not get the other endings, including best ending.

"Playing" might be overstating the kind of activity, but I've been collecting character cards in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes here and there.

I think that's about it, though. Got stuff to get back to, but trying to single task more and juggle less so I can actually clear out some backlog.
Been a hot minute since last update. Finished World End Syndrome then went straight into plowing through the super good Steins;Gate Elite. Maaaaan. I still think about these games. Got all their endings. So good.

Been mostly in comics land, but finished the vanilla main story quests of Marvel's Avengers in the last week. Working on the Kate Bishop content. Probably gonna play the other story content before shelving the game until future character releases.

I have a hard time calling them games, but I dropped all my mobile games in favor of Topps' virtual trading card apps. Super easy to log in a couple times a day when I have a spare minute, get my freebies, maybe fire off a trade request or two, then move on with life.
Thought I was done with Marvel's Avengers for now after finishing main quests in vanilla campaign and Taking AIM. Found myself loading up just to play more last night anyway. Guess it's time to do the other mission chains!