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Why is that four-day work weeks--I took a day of PTO (paid time off) on Monday--seem even longer than five-day work weeks? It just doesn't make sense.

Anyway, we've made it to Saturday, for which I am most grateful. Work wasn't especially stressful, but recent changes have made it more difficult and less efficient to actually get work done.

The kiddos are healthy and get along well until they don't (then they REALLY don't, but I'm told that's the norm for siblings). They're currently vegetating in front of the television, but it's Saturday morning and I have our home network setup so that the Roku stick only gets 2 hours of Internet access max on the weekends. I'm not even upset because we all could use a chill morning after a long week. It wasn't bad, mind you. Just...long.

I paid the CGA annual expenses this morning, so thank you very much to everyone who donated last year and a special thanks to our monthly donor (you know who you are!) to help us keep the virtual lights on.

My wife and I are planning to be back at church in-person tomorrow morning, though we'll likely just ease back in by going to our Sunday school class then ducking out and watching the sermon by way of a recorded livestream after we get home. We both got our second shots earlier this year (I got my second shot in January, she got her second shot in February IIRC), but we've been hesitant to return to "normal" (ha ha, the old "normal" is gone, but I use the word as shorthand for a general state of life as people remember it before COVID) out of an abundance of caution for others in our lives, including my wife's grandmother, who is in her 90s. (Pardon the run-on sentence.)

TL;DR: Normal week. Long week. Chill morning. CGA bills got paid. Planning to go to Sunday school in-person tomorrow.

Krissa Lox

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Life in general finally seems like it's moving forward in a positive direction again. Myself and family are all vaccinated now and the weather's getting warmer, so it's good to be going out doing things again. And the world outside currently seems to be a lot saner and less hostile than the online world has become, so maybe I will take some vacation time to enjoy it while it lasts.

I still struggle quite a bit with many of my online places being overrun by negativity, but maybe this is how the meek end up inheriting the earth - because the not-so-meek seem to find it nearly impossible to resist getting caught up in endless cycles of trash-talking each other on digital media, like it's become some sort of weird interdimensional trap that keeps them sucked in.