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fantastic game vs Naruto

Even though we both played like nubs, especially naruto, I feel like this was one of my better games. Lots of intense action, crazy expanding going on, and lots of good unit control (well, decent control on my part).
eskunu vs Naruto post-game review

Naruto vs eskunu on Xel-Naga Caverns

Self Critique

0115 – Bad supply depot placement. If you’re up against zerg and not walling off, you need to place your first few buildings around your command center and minerals, so that zerglings have a more difficult time getting to your mineral line. Ideally, eskunu should have placed the supply depot farther left at the 10 oclock position of the CC, or at the 5 oclock. Also, the barracks should have been placed better.

0430 – In my opinion this is a safe fast expand build, so good job on that. It could potentially confuse the other player thinking that you’re doing a one-base play, but really eskunu is just making a few marines until he can afford the expansion. This also helps prevent some of the harass

0445 – waited too long to place the CC

0700 – I’ve spent too much time just waiting around in my base. The least I could have done is send out a marine scout to check to see if zerg had his third base going. Really, I should have known that if I were doing a fast expand, the zerg would have gotten a 3rd base by the 9 minute mark (which he did). The best I could have done is send out a small group of marines (4-8) and put some pressure on the zerg. You want to make the zerg to overreact by making too many units and not enough drones. Sniping overlords is also a good idea.

1130 – upon seeing the zerg’s third base, eskunu should have tried to harass/bait with his dropships. Instead, he was baited by the mutalisks in eskunu’s bases. Eskunu did respond well by getting his 3rd command center up though, but still, he needed to apply effective pressure.

1400 – micro those marines!!!!!

1400 – excellent scout sent to the 3 oclock expansion

1700 – eskunu let the zerg bait him around his main. Mutalisks couldn’t have done a whole lot to eskunu’s base thanks to so many missile turrets and their upgrades. The missle turrets could have been placed better, but overall weren’t too bad. The question is, did eskunu make too many? Did he make enough? To deal with the mutas, eskunu should have sent a small force of marines (8 marines), and counter-attacked with his main army. With that main army, he could have at least scouted the zerg a bit, have taken out some creep tumors, and possibly denied or destroyed one of the zerg’s expansions. Moral of the story: don’t react defensively to prodding attacks and harassment

1840 – the missle turrets at the gold should have been placed tighter. With that many mutas flying around they can easily pick off each turret at a time, so you need to place them almost back to back and close to the mineral line so that the scvs can repair.

1947 – terran’s army was completely out of position. He did a good job of applying pressure and not attacking the same place twice (the zerg’s 9 oclock expansion), but he didn’t let his units stay together, and they got individually picked off by so many zerglings and mutas.

1947 – oh, and micro those marines 

2138 – after destroying the hatchery, terran should have backed out IMMEDIATELY. He had too units to defend a countery by the zerg, but instead he waited around

2427 – again, tighter turret placement at the expansion

In summary, I should have been a little bit more aggressive with smaller-scale attacks, while also staging multiple attacks on the zerg's economy. Also, I should have had a raven shortly after the starport was built, so that I could have destroyed the creep tumors and prevent them from covering the entire map. Watching the replay, I wasn't quite as far behind as I felt, but at the same time every little "mistake" I made was just snowballing against me. I would feed my army to the zerg, and instead of holding a 3rd mining base throughout the game, I would end up defending more and more. Eventually it got to the point where I had trouble supporting my army on the few bases I had, while the zerg's economy spiraled out of control. At one point, he had 30 (maybe more) mutalisks, and most of his units were upgraded to at least level 2 weapons or armor. I did a lot of things well though, and I feel like I controlled the army fairly well and roughly expanded when I should have. I put pressure roughly when I needed to, but I shouldn't have left myself so open to attack.

I hope you enjoy the game! I learned an awful lot from it, and I hope you will too!
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Here's a really good ZvZ on Scrape Station... I mean Scrap Station :p

I went for the Destiny all in build and he held it off. I continued with roach/ling and got some mutas to harass. Broke down the rocks with my roaches and hit him from the side while my lings surrounded. Also brought in my mutas into his expo. Definitely my best ZvZ game. Was kind of sloppy at the beginning though. The spine that he threw in my base kind of threw me off. And I caught him way out of position with his infestors.
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High Temps do WORK


Played a 2v2 with my older brother and we played against average ppl. We should of won if my brother was better and could micro/macro better.

In any case I went colossus and that worked ok then decided to go high-temps and lets just say storm is a lot of fun with some feedback in there....

The game is 40 minutes long so play it in fast forward...

The blue terran ended up going BC's at the end and i didnt have enought to rebuild nor any place to even get minerals.

Oh wells
An AWESOME 2v2 that turned into a 1v2.

My older brother and I were against a double random and they both ended up being zerg. They 6 pooled us and my brother lost everything. I told him to leave so I'd get all his minerals and I ended up holding off the attack. I put some pressure on and macro'd up hard. When his mutas came in I decided I'll just attack his base and do a base race. His mutas weren't gonna kill me fast enough... Anyway. I ended up winning the game!

Oh and if you want to watch it from my point of view you can watch it on my stream. - It's the last game I played.
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These are 3 recent 2v2 random team games that I have done. I have still haven't gotten my skill back from my break, so I have been making a lot of mistakes, but they can give some lessons.

Overall in all of these games, my partners were good. Just keep in mind that there are different parts to a team, so even in the 2v1 example, what happened to him does not mean he was bad.

2v1 Example

This is a game that helps explain 2v2 games that one partner gets taken out quick. My partner was taken out by a cannon rush and a zergling rush. Instead of wasting my time to save his base I quickly got an army and gave my partner control.

Most people think that if you lost your partner you will lose. That is not right, by taking out my partner they were behind me in tech and economy, enough that I could make an army and beat them. In this situation even if you don't know them, giving your partner control of your army is a good idea.

Base race do's and don'ts

Base races sometimes happen and you really need to know when to do them and when to pull back. One thing to add on this map especially, get the 2 xel'naga towers on the edge. From them you can see expansions.

After seeing the initial scouting and taking of the xel'naga towers, you can skip to after 15 min where both teams are forced into a base race or return to defend. My team made the proper decision here to go into a base race and the other team made a bad decision. Never go into a base race without air superiority against a terran opponent. That was the biggest mistake he made, but another problem with his decision was that we had map control just about the entire game and he had no idea where all of our bases were, even though they were build mainly not to lose.

Banelings good and bad

Because I am out of practice, this was not nearly as good an example as it could have been, but I did keep ahead on unit lost cost, so it was not horrible. The majority of the game was me vs the other zerg. He got banelings and I did not. You will notice on many occasions I attacked and backed off a lot, but I also spent much time making his banelings blow up on single zerglings, which is the best way to handle the banelings in this case.