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Series of 3. He's Platinum.

Good series, first game I underestimated him, and did my usual Wax on Wax off, to draw the game out so he wouldn't feel bad. Plus my macro pas pretty bad. My muta micro was terrible. I need to work on that. 2nd and 3rd game I got more serious. Game 2 was a @$%@ (Frustrating Match) Hardest Turtle I've ever played against)

Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:


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dude that is so awesome haha! is he going to put this up on
I'm not sure. I was just watching on and he was doing monobattles with subscribed viewers. So I spammed my name and I got in! I was pretty stoked.


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I can look at them today but I'm not a zerg expert :) I actually play a good race.


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Gabebasher vs DedCatBounce

0430 Send your zerglings out to scout. Cover the opponent’s expansion, 3rd base, and xel naga towers.
Have better overlord placement. At roughly 0515 your overlord gets killed in toss’ base by a stalker – I suggest having a 2nd overlord in the area and gently poke his head in at about the 6 minute mark, so you know if he’s doing a 4 or a 5 gate push, and if he’s getting observers, immortals, or colossi (robotics facility). Basically, you want to know what he’s teching and when he’s expanding. On metalopolis it’s easy for zerg to scout all throughout the game, but it’s all about overlord and zergling placement!

0730 – overreaction to his prodding attack. He had only 2 zealots and 1 stalker, and you reacted to the prod by making 6 roaches (in addition to the 3 spine crawlers you already had. You also made 4 more roaches after the 6 completed). I recommend watching July and NesTea for fantastic zerg reaction to these types of inquisital prods. Instead of reacting by producing units (of any type), consider investing in upgrades and research, throwing down another production building (bling nest, lair > hydra den, spire), or perhaps doing a small harass attack to prevent him from expanding.

1500 – your 3rd expansion is a little late , although it’s good that you went for the back one and not for the gold. You’re clearly a talented player to not rush to the gold like that, especially with just 2 hatcheries.

1630 – you scouted with your overseer – why no spawn changling? It’s a far more effective and cheaper scout!

1700 – excellent contamination!!

1800 – good unit mix. I especially like the infestors, and you have a goo dnumber of zerglings and roaches. I also recommend a 4th unit like mutalisks or hydras. Excellent hotkeys btw

1845 – you did great at defending this push, but your attacking units weren’t coordinated. Your roaches went first, anddied. Then your lings, while your infestors sat at the back. Timings are soo, so important in battles, and you would have been in a far greater lead if you had closed those timings. Still, great job defending

1945 – fantastic control of the roaches

2100 – this is the perfect time to expand to your 5th base (not the gold). After a successful defense like that, and when you have their army outnumbered and running back home, then expand. Also, get your gases up at your 4th, and consider making a macro hatchery somewhere to help you produce units

2130 – when retreating, kite the zealots with your roaches. You weren’t behind there, although retreating was a very good idea. Still, if you’re going to retreat and you’re not in a rush to get out then just kite and take a few of the zealots out.
One thing I just noticed, I recommend moving your spine crawlers forward; at least close the gap between the ramps to your main and 3rd base. Also, you still don’t’ know what expansions he has. (of course as I say this you send your lings to scout/harass)

2300 – fantastic job at upgrades.

2800 – great job at defending and not quiting. This is the perfect time to counterattack; just send out a small zergling force (8 lings or so) to each expansion he has, and try to kill off probes or pylons. It’s an incredibly annoying treat for any terran or protoss player to be defeated at the zerg’s front door, and then a few seconds later find their lings harassing your expos as you’re trying to recover!
Replace/extend your creep highway
When he’s psistorming your units like that then burrow all of your roaches. They’ll still take damage, but it’ll be mitigrated by their high rejuvenation rate while burrowed.

3330 – good game! It was really entertaining to watch; thanks for sharing!!