Get To Know Your Guildies!

Name: Rachel
Age: 31
Position: New Guild Member
Main Character: Norn Necromancer - Soulartist/ Human Engineer - Tripwire Davis
Playstyle: PvE with a splash of WvW
Occupation: Clean a church for a living.
Location: Evansville, IN
Other: Artist, mostly watercolor and digital.
Name: Erin (Possum)
Position: New Guild Member
Main Character: Norn Guardian Screaming Possum and a Human Engineer Tough Nerd
Playstyle: PvE looking at PvP and WvW
Occupation: Community Rehabilitation Provider (I help those with disabilities get back into the workplace)
Location: Seguin TX
Other: Eclectic nerd, I mostly street longboard and am fully embedded in our church worship team A/V and perform.
Name: Lauren (Lingenedil)
Age: 19
Position: New Member
Main Character: Lorna Gearforge
Playstyle: A bit of everything; PvE, SPvP and WvW
Occupation: Student
Location: Virginia
Other: My old screen name (and current GW2 display name carried over from Beta) was/is Liknvi. I don't like to go by that anymore now that I've been Saved, so I prefer to go by Lingenedil. Other than that, I'm an avid gamer. I've mostly played Warhammer Online, LotRO, GW1 and now GW2, although I do occasionally log on GW1 to work on my Hall of Monuments. I start college this fall, so my play schedule might change up then.
Name: Darryl
Age: 47
Position: New Guild Member
Main Character: Belorin Arroway (Sylvari Ranger)
Playstyle: PVE & WvW
Occupation: IT Support / Student
Location: Georgia
Other: Been married to the same lovely wife for 22 years and father of two teenage children. I am a long time player of DAoC back in the days. Currently in my last semester earning a degree in Database Management. Above all things, thankful for the grace of God!
Name: Tj
Age: 26
Position: New Guild Member
Main Character: Waphelz (Asura Guardian)
Playstyle: PVE but looking to finally get into PVP
Occupation: Active Duty Air Force
Location: Florida (deployed right now)
Other: I'm a father of two and husband to a lovely preacher's daughter :) she brought me back to Christ and I thank God everyday for it. I enjoy playing games with friends, came across this guild a while back and thought what better group of people to make friends with than these folks. Currently not on the server with you guys but within the next week I should be.
Name: Scott - Rev in game
Age: 40 (ouch, that hurt)
Position: Member
Main Character: Char Guardian - 80 tank build, RevLuth
Alt: Asuran Warrior - close to 40 ranged dps for wvw is the plan, RevLaw
Playstyle: Poorly :), mainly pve. Working on world completion with the Char. 98%, need wvw areas we don't occupy.
Occupation: Application Administrator Purdue University
Location: Indiana
Other: I'm a member of Lions of Judah, but their presence is waning. Myself and at least one other (Mako) are on most every night and just want people to run some dungeons and fractals with.
I was playing SWTOR, but LoJ also declined on the game and I couldn't pay the subscription anymore. Free to play is too painful after subscription play.
Name: Tim
Age: 34
Main Character: Atm highest level is an 80 engineer and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to main him for long.
Location: Arizona
Other:I've been around the forums for a bit, since 2008 started with Redeemed back when WAR was the next big thing. Then I was going to begin a new chapter with Called from Darkness in SWTOR, but unfortunately that game, during beta, lost my support. I'm a father of 3, prior military and have been married to the greatest wife ever for 13 years.
Not invited in game yet, but I will toss in my two bits:

Name: Jon
Age: 35
Position: New Guild Member
Main Character: Human Mesmer - Ezra Sarona
Playstyle: PvE mainly, I am interested in WvW, not terribly interested in PvP
Occupation: IT Support for the city
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Other: I have four kids and a beautiful wife of five years. I own a rental house and a blueberry farm (the latter with 3 other couples). I am a relatively new Christian (since 2010) thanks to the loving community I am a part of. I am grateful for the blessings and opportunities the Lord has provided to us and I hunger to see Him move in and through our lives.
Hello all and God Bless. Been a member of LoE for several months now, just getting on the CGA forums for the first time.

Name: Kryle (prefer keeping it in-game)
Age: 30+
Position:Guild Member
Main Character: Kryle Odalyn - Human thief
Playstyle: PVE/WVW
Occupation: Husband/Father/ComputerStuff
Location: Pennsylvania
Other: Falqyn and I are on regularly. We love the Christian and simple family friendliness of LoE.
Your bear is fantastic Ursen! lol As a current member, friend based in the Appalachians and GuildWars 1 & 2, the honor is mine to get to know ya over the years.
Name: Brian
Age: 31
Position: Member
Main Character: Human Guardian, Polar Mutex
Playstyle: PvE
Occupation: Software Engineer
Location: Ohio