Get To Know Your Guildies!


Tribe of Judah Guild Wars Chapter Leader
Please go ahead and introduce yourself and get to know your fellow guildies!! Do not feel pressured to give out any information you are uncomfortable with.

Name: Anthony
Age: 19
Position: Guild Leader
Main Character: Human Guardian, Khiran Ranik
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: Student, 2nd semester Junior at William Jessup University
Location: California
Other: I'm an avid San Jose Sharks fan (hockey) and you'll be forcibly inundated of that fact come playoff time. I am taking a semester abroad this semester at the University of Oxford in England. I am studying History and am planning on pursuing a Masters and Doctorate degree in the near future.
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Name: Tim
Age: 31
Position: Servant
Main Character: Human Thief, Koeril Poisondirk
Playstyle: PvE to 30 then PvX
Occupation: Missionary in Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Location: Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Other: Due to being a foreigner in Ukraine and it not exactly being the safest thing for me to be out at night, I've become an avid gamer and enjoy MMO's greatly. I'm a big socializer over text, but not so much voice so you'll see me write a lot, but seldom hear me in ts3. I love talking about doctrine/Bible study, but confess that I'm not the deepest when it comes to those issues so if you want to chat about that sort of stuff, don't be afraid to ask!
Nice to meet you Brother in the LORD;

here is a little about me.

Name: Wayne
Age: 37
Position: Guild member of SOE/LOE
Main Character: SOE "Waynos Sin"
LOE (To be announced when i am able to play)
Playstyle: PvE
Occupation: Disabled (degenerative spine disorder etc..)
Location: New Hampshire

I am a Baptist,
Firm believer that GOD's word is the final authority,
Christian Guitar Player,
Online Gamer of several MMORPG's,
Father of one,
and a Husband to beautiful-GOD loving woman.
Name: Al
Age: 60
Position: Guild Officer
Main Character: Human Elementalist - Abba Ben Lahav
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: Pastor
Location: Vallejo, California
Other: Besides GW1 and 2 - fly fishing - reading - Giants/Niners - feeding the hungry
Name: Does it matter? I have a saints name, Ursen.
Age: Old enough to remember $2000 cars (new), and B&W tvs with no remote.
Officer in both LoE and SOE
My characters talk to me and give me grief, the main being Cristeen.
Playstyle: PvE I'm allergic to PvP
Occupation: Retired/Disabled
Location: Up a hillside, in a holler, in the Appalachians.
Other: Two biological grandchildren, 2 other "grandchildren", I only play two mmos GW, and GW2. Been married to the same wonderful woman for more years than our Guild Leader has been alive. Favorite hymn line, "My dungeon flamed with light, my chains fell off, my heart was freed, I rose, went forth and followed Thee", first heard it at Asbury College Huges Auditorium. And yes I think Asbury University is one of the finest private schools going.:D
Name: Ben
Age: 33
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Sylvari Ranger, Alleran Dicrosi
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: Systems Administrator
Location: California
Other: Husband, and father to four. I am the Chapter Leader for the ToJ Minecraft chapter, and enjoy playing many styles of games. I also love the outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping..) :)
So im not supposed to spam or hijack my own thread.. but Ursen.. you're my favorite!! Never have laughed harder at an introduction post :p
Name: Levi
Age: Older than I feel, Younger than than others think.
Position: Servant.
Main Character: Asuran Necromancer - Elgcahl Maelthra ("The guy you can't pronounce" if you're on teamspeak :p )
Playstyle: PvEverything
Occupation: IT
Location: The land of fried chicken, bourbon, Corvettes, and the winning-est college basketball team of all time.
Other: I've got my flaws, I've got my problems, but I've got a God bigger than all those things. I'm currently praying for guidance, as I don't know what God has planned for me, but I'm here to serve, and that's what I do. I'm going hunting for the first time this year, and am big into discussing both politics and religion.
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Name: David
Age: 31
Position: member
Main Character: Ellie Asher - Norn Ranger
Playstyle: PvE (haven't tried PvP yet but don't usually like it)
Occupation: Internet Tech Support
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Other: Love watching and playing hockey, Go Leafs! Also like playing board games.
Name: Derek
Age: 23
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Norn Warrior, Erroris Rectus
Playstyle: PvE
Occupation: IT
Location: Pennsylvania
Other: GO PENS!!
Name: Brian
Age: 32
Position: member
Main Character: Zeatricksyuno, Asura mesmer (was supposed to be Tricksy Hobbitses, still put out about thieves...spineless cowards...(muffled grumblings)).
Playstyle: currently not much of one since all i seem to do is work. I hope to remedy that soon and get some play time with you guys.
Occupation: construction work, all types, too much work...
Location: Boone, NC. Home of Daniel Boone Inn and Tweetsie Railroad.
Other: Play guitar, love guns, build computers, veeerrry conservative christian (though I do try to be objective and respectful), I love to study deeply and enjoy critical thinking and 'quid pro qou' discussions. And I hope to see all of you in game.
Name: Danae
Age: 32
Position: member
Main Character: Suraiya Moondancer ts: kunkali
Playstyle: PvE/raid
Occupation: SAHM
Location: Colorado
Other: I have great interest in alternative medicine and spend a lot of time researching such things. I like fermenting stuff (sourdough, sauerkraut, kefir, beet kvass), making my own herbal medicines and tinctures. I also spend way too much time on the computer so with the inactivity and health stuff i try to do, i'm probably only breaking even. I also love animals, we have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 snakes.
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Name: Brent
Position: member
Main Character: Fizzleton
Alts: Kolbe, Anselm
Playstyle: PvE/WvW
Occupation: Programmer
Location: Idaho
Other: Father of three. I work for a big fitness website and enjoy lifting kettlebells. I am very happy to be a member of LoE!
Name: Mike
Age: 38
Position: member
Main Character: Throckmorten (Guardian)
Playstyle: PvE with lots of PVP
Occupation: Software engineer
Location: Oregon
Other: Fishing, hunting, anything that involves guns, and working out.
Name: Eric
Age: 32
Position: officer
Main Character: Bonwar Deathlock Charr warrior (and proud of it!!!)
Playstyle: PvE with a side of pvp
Occupation: Chemical sales and pressure washer service
Location: Texas
Other: Other then Guild wars i love disc golf, NHL 13 on the xbox and the DETROIT REDWINGS!!! I feel bad for any sharks fans. Maybe some day you'll win something!

Other then all that I am just enjoying playing with fellow believers. Being a gamer for many years it is amazing the groups of people you can get involved with online but this group is awesome!!!
Name: Skye will do!
Age: 40+
Position: Member
Main Character: Charr Guardian - Skye Soulmender
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: Social Worker
Location: Southwest USA
Other: I love Jesus, coffee, good movies, GW2 and making friends! :)
Name: Rob
Age: 22
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Sylvari Ranger, Katness Evergreen
Playstyle: PvX, heavily skewed to PvE
Occupation: Software Engineer
Location: NYC
Other: I've been a long time GW1 player and have been anticipating GW2 for a really long time. Everyone I know believes me to be obsessed with GW2, and now that the game is launched I see that it will be a large time sink for me. Anything that I spend so much time on I believe should involve my faith, so I wanted to join a guild that would be supportive and encouraging. Working a full-time job and being involved in ministry means I probably won't play too much, but I'll be on as much as I can.
Name: Steve
Age: 47
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Pedirn Christos - Norn Ranger (currently)
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: RN/IT - currently traveling consultant helping build Electronic Medical Records. Current assignment in Renton (Seattle), WA
Location: Pearland, TX (outside Houston)
Family: Wife, 6 kids (age 24 years - 16 months!), 1 dog, & 1 bearded dragon
Other: Love MMORPGs, but with traveling across the country nearly every Sunday - Thursday evening I don't have a lot of time to play...will try to connect from the hotel, but who knows how well that will go :(. Love going to church and volunteering in the kinder class. Wanting to get enough experience with GW2 to help my wife get into it...she likes MMORPGs also (used to play WoW together), but she's not very good...shhhhh ;)

--God Bless & hoping to meet ya soon!
Name: Enok
Age: 39
Main Character: Changes constantly, as I am apparently an altoholic. As of this posting my Sylvari Guardian, Aenoch, is getting most of my attention.
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: Artist, Theatrical Designer, Muralist, Digital Background Artist
Location: Michigan
Other: Married 17 years to an amazing woman. Father of a 6 year old boy and 3 year old girl. Organic gardener, bike rider, avid reader.
Name: John
Age: 43
Main Character: Arkrazor - warrior (for now... alts will get played)
Playstyle: casually all of it. Enjoy pvp and pve.
Occupation: Engineer
Location: Arkansas (lived first 40 yrs in Charlotte, saw NC represented here)
Other: Outside of church and family, I try to play GW2. Wife agro determines my playing time. :)
Casual type player, you will find me pretty quiet, but I am willing to do anything if I am on.