Get To Know Your Guildies!

Name: Orry
Age: 20
Position: Member
Main Character: Human Mesmer, Orry De Rellor
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: Student
Location: Nova Scotia
Other: Montreal Canadiens are clearly the superior hockey team here.
Name: Eric
Age: 17
Location: Minnesota
Occupation: Student
Main Characters: Engris (Thief) / Aela Wolfborn (Ranger)
Playstyle: Mostly PvE, though I do enjoy a bit of PvP from time to time
Other: I played with the ToJ WoW guild Redeemed for about a year until August of 2011. I enjoy almost everything having to do with medieval or fantasy themes, and also have an interest in engineering I hope to pursue. So basically, I'm a nerd, but the 'cool' kind :p
Name: Derk
Age: 37
Location: Michigan
Occupation: Engineer
Main Characters: too soon to tell, mostly on my Ranger so far - Derk Black
Playstyle: Mostly PvE, looking forward to getting back into PvP and trying WvW
Other: Parent of 4 kids... that's about all that there's time for aside from work
Name: Taran
Age: 45
Location: Ascalon Settlement
Occupation: Bible Teacher / Adjunct Professor
Main Characters: Warrior / Ranger
Playstyle: Mostly PvE, looking forward to trying out WvW (once Anet has the queue issues solved)
Name: Chris
Age: 35
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Norn Ranger, Zaufe
Playstyle: PvE
Occupation: Information Tech
Location: Michigan
Other: Newbie Guild Wars player. I've tried to play GW1, but the limited walking/no jumping is what really got me to stop playing. But I'm liking this release a lot! I've WoW and Rift, and am just really looking for something different. Figured hooking up with a Christian guild would be the best way.
Name: Matt
Position: Guild Member
Age: 40
Main Character: Norn Warrior, Brynne Werehammer
Playstyle: PvE
Occupation: Software
Location: Atlanta, GA area
Other: Old GW1 player, no other MMO's....big XBox Live Call of Duty and Halo fan as well! :)
Please go ahead and introduce yourself and get to know your fellow guildies!! Do not feel pressured to give out any information you are uncomfortable with.

Name: Anthony
Age: 19
Position: Guild Leader
Main Character: Human Guardian, Khiran Ranik
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: Student, 2nd semester Junior at William Jessup University
Location: California
Other: I'm an avid San Jose Sharks fan (hockey) and you'll be forcibly inundated of that fact come playoff time. I am taking a semester abroad this semester at Oxford, University. I am studying History and am planning on pursuing a Masters and Doctorate degree in the near future.

Hey Anthony - I graduated from WJU in 2006! I live about an hour away from the campus...

Info about me:

Name: Patrick
Age: 34
Main Character: Feldegast (Ranger)
Occupation: Technology Director at Twin Cities Church
Location: California
Other: Huge 49ers fan, and am also enjoying the SF Giants. Have a wife and two small kiddos at home. Have worked in ministry for 15 years now and feel called to be in ministry for the foreseeable future.
Oh man! Small world!! That's awesome! If you haven't yet, you should definitely come back since we just expanded, adding a new basketball stadium and 5 star cafeteria! But you should come back next semester when I return from England. :)

Glad to see our WJU alum doing well in the area and to have you here as well! Ahh! I love our God! :D
Name: Stephen
Age: 55+
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Norn Warrior Klaatu when my wife Biblica (Sandra) is not up to playing..., (Past cancer & back surgeries); when she is on, I am on Bick my Human Guardian!
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: I retired early to care for my wife. (Health, Safety & Environmental Management for Petrochemical refineries & Power Plants)
Location: Northern CA
Other. Love God, Family, MMOs & Photography

(have to take wife to eye doc.. wbl)
Name: Allen
Age: 50
Position: Guild member
Main Character: Human Ranger ( Boomstick GoBoom ) I plan on leveling my Mesmer next ( Three of Me )
Playstyle: PvE
Occupation: Rural mail carrier for the USPS
Location: Alabama
Other: HUGE Crimson Tide fan (Roll Tide Roll)
Name: Brett
Age: 21
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Human Engineer (ThERevelationS)
Playstyle: Currently PVE
Occupation: Student/Aircraft Painter/Aircraft Mechanic
Location: Spokane, WA
Name: Keith
Age: 27
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Human Ranger, Malchiel
Playstyle: PvX
Occupation: Information Technology
Location: Ohio
Marital Status: Happily Married since 07/21/2007
Church: Church of Christ
Interests/Likes: Jesus, Country Music, Hunting, Fishing, West Virginia Mountaineers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Microsoft
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Name: Kevin
Age: 41
Position: Brand spankin new member
Main Character: Lathren Exagorazo (Ranger) / Soteria Exagorazo (Elementalist)
Playstyle: Casual / PvE / Would like to get some PvP/WvWvW in
Ocupation: Information Technology
Location: New Orleans, LA
Other: Newish Christian (13Feb2011), Taking classes towards an Associates in Biblical Studies and expecting to take my education much further.
Have been playing MMOs since '99 to include - Asheron's Call, Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, GW1, Lord of the Rings Online, Global Agenda, and now GW2. (Played mostly DAoC, GW1, LotRO, and now GW2 occupies my gaming with the occasional pop into GW1)
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Name: Doug
Age: 57
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Asura Guardian, Gigabit
Playstyle: PvE (Primarily); PvP (stink at this... REALLY bad)
Occupation: Systems Engineering Senior Manager
Location: Georgia
Marital Status: Happily Married to Cathy (Widget in GW2) since 12/8/1993
Church: Christian attending Southern Baptist Church
Interests/Likes: Jesus, Family, Teaching Sunday School, Prison/Jail Ministry, Computers (SW/HW), Movies & TV Shows, Reading (Audio Books primarily), Cruises with Friends
It's awesome to get to know all of you! I've only read the first page so far but I plan on going through every post to see who everyone is :)

Name: Stephen
Age: 24
Position: Member of LoE
Main character: Charr Engineer - Cairn Bloodpaw
Playstyle: PvAnything. I have generally been more of a PvE oriented player in previous MMOs but that style has led me to giving more of my time to gaming than I should, so I'm excited to hook up with brothers and sisters in great PvP battles in Gw2 as time permits! :)
Occupation: Senior Teller at Austin Telco Federal Credit Union
Location: Austin, Texas
Other: I love the Lord, plain and simple. Every day I'm working toward a simpler devotion of all of myself to him; I've been a wretched human for a long time and his grace is overwhelming when I consider that. I've been married for two years to an amazing gift from the Lord who will also soon become a member of LoE, and who I met during a dark period of my life several years ago while playing World of Warcraft. I've only been a professing Christian for a few years, and it's only in the past year or so that I've truly begun to follow Christ in the way that he set out for me to do so in his word--with all of myself, growing daily in submissive love and joy and becoming more thankful for his discipline as a Father! I love the outdoors, and have a blast whenever my wife and I have a chance to go spend a day soaking in the detail of the Lord's creation! Singing, dancing, reading, writing; it's all gravy! If you want to get me going in a conversation good subjects are Creation, Photography, Scripture, Marriage (we have a special place in our hearts to see healthy marriages within the body), Hiking/Biking/Anything involving the outdoors, and much more.

Oh, and I'm long-winded. But don't worry; I'm working on it!
Name: Justin
Age: 30
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Charr Engineer, Creo Mortis
Playstyle: PvE
Occupation: Kinde Teacher
Location: Malaysia

An English person, living in Malaysia (got saved there too!) and playing on an American server. Great fun playing with like minded people.
Name: Jason
Age: 30
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Norm Ranger, Diat
Playstyle: PvE
Occupation: Health, Safety and Environmental for Weatherford International
Location: California
Other: I am a married father of 5. I don't have a lot of time for games but both my wife and I do enjoy playing together.
Name: Stephen
Age: 21
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Still picking I will edit when I decide I ahve a Nron Guardian a Human Mesmer and a Char Warrior and I am trying to decide between the 3
Playstyle: PvE but I like some PvP too
Occupation: Student in between colleges I went to Elon University but I am transfering to Liberty. At Elon I majored in Music Technology and at Liberty I will major in Worship
Location: North Carolina
Other: I play Guitar, and Mandolin I also sing some
Age: 38
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Bat Thorn(for now) Jet Storm, Velvet Thorn...married to Valin Storm (Talli Thorn)
Playstyle: PVX...if you speak in chat to me by typing, I may miss what you said. I do not multi task very well LOL. So I don't make the best player but I try. :) But I love to play. And one of these days will set up TS :)
Occupation: Left a career of ten years in I.T. to be a stay at home mom.
Location: Idaho -Thank you God for giving us a beautiful place to live! Plus I love potatoes!
Name: Steve
Age: 31
Position: Guild Member
Main Character: Sylvari Mesmer, Vyktor Everhardt (possibly changing to Norn guardian, Aberforth Everhardt later)
Playstyle: PvE and curious about WvW
Occupation: Traditional and Contemporary Worship Leader
Location: Illinois
Other: I'm married with an almost 2-year-old son. My work hours are a bit strange, so I may be online at weird times, but I am working hard to reach 80. Can't wait to do more dungeons, etc as time permits.