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    So what are you all playing on the PC these days?

    I can't stop playing Dungeon Warfare (pretty unique Tower Defense game)

    Whatcha Reading these days?

    Helsinki White by James Thompson

    Thread Game: What Song Is In Your Head?

    Regency Solitare raffle on ChristCenteredGamer

    Hi thanks for making this raffle! Sure! would love some points. I am the same name on CCG. Thanks!

    Gee, Thanks a lot Steam

    The only discount I have seen on Fallout 4 so far is GMG's 23% off ($46.20) with voucher code 23PERC-ENTOFF-48HOUR That's about as good as it gets for a recently announced title. I would jump on that. :D Code has a short life.

    Hello all...

    Hi there! WELCOME!!! Primarily a PC gamer here, but will eventually get a PS4. Will look ya up when I do. :)

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Warlords of Draenor....garrisons are extremely fun! So far, an excellent recovery from Pandaria. :D

    Update your wishlist please

    Accepted, thanks. Just in case we ever do something like that here, the gift train I belong to does a $5 minimum, and anything beyond that is up to the giver's discretion. People can jump in and out as they wish, but I do see your point that times can be tight on some people's wallet who wish to...

    Update your wishlist please

    Thanks, Wolfeman, that's really cool of you to do! Been participating in a Christmas gift train on another site and updated it today:
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    I was able to login just now, so it's still up for at least a little bit longer. EDIT: Beta just ended at 1PM EST / 10AM PST
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    Arche Age Online

    I tend to stay away from official forums. What debacle? People in an uproar about 2 max characters?
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    Return to Neverwinter

    I hear the leveling non-endgame content is phenomenal, but the endgame has a staggering paywall/grind. Love the idea of player-created content though. Very smart move to keep things fresh.
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    Dragons? Are they of the devil?

    Yeah, I am not sure how I feel about it other than it's a "loose possibility." I was only offering up that interpretation as a way of saying that the term "dragon" may not be as literal in its definition like the "giant locusts" aren't a literal interpretation in Revelations when Paul describes...
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    Arche Age Online

    Firran have one of the more useful racial abilities regarding PvP with their "Safe Fall" that reduces damage when falling from heights (especially handy regarding the glider systems of travel and dropping from higher distances)