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    Hi Peeps

    I miss Cass. And I miss you all too. /highjack
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    The Forum Ban Game!

    /banned for saying girl instead of woman
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    BBQ this summer?

    I'll try to go :) have a friend in Cali I can crash with....if she's anywhere near you lol. We'll see.
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    Team Brizle

    LOL you guys use your powers appropriately.
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    Dragon Soul Preperation

    He is so creepy.
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    Team Fierce 4.3 update

    Thanks Dos! And I guess I do like the attention of the raid leader. Especially when I'm not in vent to hear him yell :D
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    Team Fierce 4.3 update

    I don't like watching videos :( takes the fun out of it.
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    In true redeemed style

    haha that pic is great!
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    You weren't supposed to like it, Flame :( now I'm all sadface.
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    This made me lol in my very quiet computer lab room. Got some looks :P
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    Raid tonight

    11-16 - won't be able to make it tonight. I want to come but work made me close tonight....the stinkers. They leave my wed nights open for months and suddenly I'm scheduled. And no one will close for me waaaa
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    I'll see what I can do ;)
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    haha and i don't like the sound of that loot system :P glad it worked for ya'll
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    Team Fierce

    Awesome job last night guys :) I had a LOT of fun.....Rag is going down soon!
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    To be honest I like losing rolls to a's when it's to a new person who doesn't raid often that it gets to me. Either system has it's up and downs.....and some people just have terrible luck :P I think it should be up to the team for what system to use :) which is what i think has...