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    This is not the Shagz you're looking for...

    Hey there, Just a general FYI to the WoW chapter leadership and it's various members, I am not Shagz, or at least I'm not the Shagz you think I am. :) I keep getting PMs sent to me from people thinking I'm one of the staff members running the WoW chapter. I gather there's another Shagz in...
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    Request to Join SoE/SOE thread

    Back to Tyria, after a few years away... Hey guys/gals, I used to be a member of the SoE/SOE guild way way way back, and then kind of fell off and lost interest in the game. Mucking around with the Torchlight demo left me wanting more strategy and tactics in my fantasy RPG gaming, so...
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    Huzzahs are in order

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    Could a staff member from Redeemed flip me a PM?

    Yes, I'm not in WoW, just ToJ staff. I'm guessing none of you are WoW staff though, right?
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    What Class are you?

    Personality wise I might be an engie...but in game I'm a demo. :) (Or a solly, or a medic, or ...)
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    The Gerbil makes the Big time :p

    Wow....I was watching the vid, watching the vid, wondering what the heck you guys were talking about, 'cuz I can't read a single name through the compression...and then right there at the end. :) You *are* a rock star!
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    Arcade Stick recommendations for XBox 360?

    Just wondering if anybody had any recommendations for arcade-style controllers, specifically for the XBox 360? I have a 360 and picked up the SF2 Anniversary Edition that was released on the original XBox, and it just ain't the same with the default controller. Did some googling and came...
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    UT Chapter Closing

    I'm really sorry to hear this, definitely a sad day. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks to all the community members, past and present, who made playing UT and my experience with ToJ so much fun. It was a great run with a great game. Hopefully the series will evolve and come back with...
  9. Shagz tag in Danger?

    Hey Gerbil, I think it must have been the server itself, an admin was watching or something. I didn't have time to try the servers you mentioned, will give it a go tomorrow.
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    Halloween Costumes...

    Well, I wanted to dress up as the Medic - I even had a hacksaw - but I just got way too busy in the last few weeks, so I'm recycling my Pee Wee Herman costume from a few years ago. :P
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    Out of commission

    Ooh, I'm back from Moose Jaw too, so that's 3. :)
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    Neat Tech Demo for Unfinished Swan The mood kind of reminds me of Portal, which prompted a friend of mine to say "Sure, if Jackson Pollack designed it". :) Neat stuff. Not sure if there's a game here, but definitely an intriguing idea.
  13. Shagz tag in Danger?

    Yeeks! This does not sound good. I'll give this a whirl when I get home later today. What are the ips of the servers you were on, Gerbil?
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    Left 4 Dead

    I'm very interested in it, but I'm waiting for the clock speed might not be enough. :P