Arcade Stick recommendations for XBox 360?


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Just wondering if anybody had any recommendations for arcade-style controllers, specifically for the XBox 360? I have a 360 and picked up the SF2 Anniversary Edition that was released on the original XBox, and it just ain't the same with the default controller.

Did some googling and came across a few options (X-Arcade, Arcade in a Box, HORI EX2, and apparently Mad Catz) but wanted to know if anybody has experience with any of these or other arcade style sticks and had some recommendations.

I know HORI is a very well respected name, and the price is right on that EX2...which makes me wonder when you compare it to the prices for the others. :p


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I've actually been looking into getting their PS3 stick. Would love to have one for Soul Calibur 4, and they're actually cheaper than buying a Dualshock 3. Might be nice to try using it in some other games too :p