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    Guild Wars: Nightfall

    sundering? thats like vampiric but sucky. It would be so much more with something cooler than sundering on it. I don't have nightfall yet but y'all should add me to your GW friends, acct = Sir Pabmeister see you on the flip side :P
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    New CS Co-Leader

    Congrats. If you need more adminpower you know who's allways willing :P
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    i'm alive and playing cs everyday. starcraft too
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    Going to court.

    Some driving incident. Thankfully, the Jetta wasn't hurt, but my lisence may be *poofing* Lets hope it doesn't.
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    Hey everyone.

    I play aoe3. I have it anyways. If you want to play a few rounds catch me on Xfire or MSN. pabmeistertaipan
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    CS:1.6 players post here

    bleh. Well...4 hours after my triumphant return to Christian CS it seems the server died. Guess its karma or something? :P
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    CS:1.6 players post here

    Pabby is back. You can find me on the ToJ Temp Server.
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    Server yes or no?

    I'm in the same post as DeadAim. I though the chapter was dead! :( But, knowing it isnt, i'm back on cs. Come get some. <3 pabby edit : Oh, and while you're writing up an admin list ... ;) *see siggy*
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    Server down

    Boo. Thanks for all your hard work Talon, sorry to hear about this.
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    Admin challenge is back!

    * Puts "no-reg!" nob to 11 * (ohhh "Spinal Tap" reference right there, I win for sure) Come get some. If y'all can hit me :P Just remeber to stay outta my crosshairs.
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    fun night?

    Once a week would be cooler.
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    how good/bad are you

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    What about this guy. "Hey, hillbillies! Look at my new SUV! This baby so huge if I crash into your puny pickup, you get flat like pancake." He's the only reason I would ever watch that stuipid show :P
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    I'ts all about the FIRST Red Alert and Starcraft :P Who needs fancy graphics when you've got solid gameplay?
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    So does my new siggie. c-c-checkitout!