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    Resto Druid PvE Raiding

    Scrap all the gear stuff now and just: 1. Farm ToC Reg and H ToC. Do instances for conquest and triumph badges. 2. Go for gear score for the most part. 3. Get the best enchants. 4. Make every gem +23 spell power gem (or the jc spellpower class gem). 5. Profit.
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    Your eleventy-billionth druid is OTW!

    This was me last year, btw ;-)
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    Your worst nightmare

    you stole meh thundaar
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    Noobie MMO Pranks

    Mage putting up a darnasus portal right in front of the portal to WG right before it begins or in front of the Violet Cit right when WG ends. Mages putting up multiple portals to shatt, dal, and darnasus on top of each other
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    Vote for my daughter please :-)

    Right now its: 1. ChipenD.H.R. - 47 2. Red Riding Hood - 46 2. Graveyard Ghost - 46 Get your co-workers on it!
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    Vote for my daughter please :-)

    Ok -> voted for her. She's really cute. And so was that chicken baby, lol. But I think with the power of the internets gaming communities, your daughter should win!
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    Finish that sentence!

    ... or hearth home from work...
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    Noobie MMO Pranks

    The two I loved were: 1. Telling people in everquest one that they got bonus experience or that they could check their actual experience number if they typed "/ex bonus" or "/ex check" 2. Telling people in AV they they were reported afk and to type "/afk clear status" to remove the report...
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    Awesome Ash! Don't eat too much pineapple! It'll burn your stomach!
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    Scroll of Res?

    He was talking about a free account re-up.
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    Co-GL Election RESULTS

    GG Cass and GG Redeemed on getting such a good guy to take a turn as co-lead! Awesome :-)
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    Happy Birthday Goblit

    Happy belated birthday, Gobby!
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    Sometimes, I wish I had an extra 8 hours a day for WoW. For the last few days I've been like, "Hey, I wanna play WoW..." then I flash to the memory of Omegajet being deleted and I'm like, "THERE IS NO UNDO!!!" Lol. It's working pretty good I guess. Got another new client today. Back to work...
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    Hi guys, Well, I tried to take a break and that didn't work very well. I thought I was done for awhile. As of the September 2nd, I had my ToC 25 achievement including the beetle, then finished what I wanted to do with my full feral and resto pvp gear including some relentless, and had my...
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    Taking a break! bbs ;-)

    Thanks guys! Update... three days w/o WoW. Getting some work done, doing Bible study now every day, helping Kathyn a lot more, and gotten in a 1.5-2 hr work out each day, so I guess it's a good thing atm, but ... man ... I really really REALLY miss Redeemed and WoW. Wish there were 35 hrs in a...