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    Blagora's Grandfather passed away

    Gods_peon, Blagora and myself appreciate your prayers. Thank you :-)
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    Missing Poll

    Sexist female role models, like Mom!
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    Anyone for WoW?

    Stonemaul, in general is a server in declining population which makes it harder to find groups and most guilds are very quiet. The top guild on the server just transfered off sadly. Child of Aslan is the most active Christian guild on the server at the moment or pst me (Chalice) ingame to find...
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    Gaming on Macs

    Stick to PC if you want to be able to play everything imo. but there is a fun debate in the subject that is ongoing in my WoW guild, as the guild leader swears by his apple, and the rest of us raz him about wow burning out his graphics card on him 3 times in 6 years. Of course then he gives us...
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    Fractured Wrist and Hand Surgery

    I know you are looking forward to setting off all the metal detectors in airports and shopping malls, and then there is the teasing about having a screw loose.....or a loose screw...but seriously, you are too young to be falling apart! Take care, praying the surgery goes well.
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    Ultimate! NY LAN Party - July 6-8, 2012

    Icthus BBQ, Meli's treats I keep seeing pics of, and great peeps.....anyone have a transporter...its so far away! Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast though :-)
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    Guild Launch Photo - Dec 20th, 20:30 PST

    Can you pencil me in....I am not getting the game until Christmas lol
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    List of WOW Guilds and Servers

    There is a complied list of Christian Wow servers in the general CGA forums stickies here
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    The Gaming Christian

    They are there just have to look for them :-) 4 of the officers in my guild are TOJ members and others are also Christians and we are in a nonChristian guild. I can think of many others in the guild who are also just have to get to know peeps which takes time.
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    Come to the Dark Side...

    I've been hearing really good things about this game...I likely will want to check it out :-)
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    Internet outage

    you are.
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    Ewoks had a baby!

    Aw.....she is beautiful Ewoks :-) Congratulations to you both!
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    Yay! Elihu and wife at hospital

    Praise be for small miracles!....oi I always want to spell that wrong...I blame Ewoks.
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    Grandma died

    Praying sir.
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    Busy.... like wow busy.

    While camping in the library, refrain from making your campfire under the sprinkler system k thx Have fun at your exams :-)